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Bad Dreams from Meth

deezN bad dreams from meth
I have been off meth for 78 days after 3-4 years of pretty heavy use. The problem is i keep having very vivid dreams about getting high, people from the past, and past shitty situations. When i wake up my adrenalin is going and i end up pre ocupied about these things. It really sucks.

Just wondering if anyone else has similar experience when they got off the dope.

When i was using a lot and i would go more than a day or two with out dope i would have really vivid nightmares, so i knew I would have some shitty dreams but i didnt expect them to last this long. It seems like my past is haunting/taunting me.
Re: bad dreams from meth
User dreams are rather common i think...
Well im not sure if there common but i still have them sometimes and i have heard others here talk of them.
Hope ya keep coming back..
Re: bad dreams from meth
I have been clean for 3 years and I still have using dreams every now and then. Yeah, they suck, but they usually lessen over time.
Penelope Re: bad dreams from meth
Yep, that's par for the course. When I have using dreams I always feel guilty about using. I had one the other night, I felt totally gacked, and I HATED it.

My using dreams just remind me of where I don't ever want to be again.
Re: bad dreams from meth
Every one is different but in most of my user dreams I get real upset because I feel the stick and the shot go in but then I never can get high. About then I wake up with the knowledge reaffirmed of what powerless addict I am.
Re: bad dreams from meth
I think everytime you make a concious decision to get the ugly things out of your life, your concious either haunts you for the dirt you did or relives itself because your mind is reliving things that you've done.

I have horrible dreams everytime I do something to make my life better.
When I quit drugs, I had bad drug dreams.
When I severed ties, I had bad dreams about that person gettng hurt.
When I removed bad family from my life, they haunted me in my dreams.

So, I've come to the conclusion that it is just the past events haunting me. I believe once I find peace with my decisions, those dreams will go away as they've only happened with me as I keep growing.
Currently I'm addressing family stuff and I've had nightmares about them hurting me, my youngest, and my grandbaby - the most vulnerable.
I expect when I start addressing my child hood, those bad dreams will come as well.
Re: bad dreams from meth


I expect when I start addressing my child hood, those bad dreams will come as well.
They will Chris- and for me, they leave the most unpleasant , unsettled, lost feelings behind  
Re: bad dreams from meth
It's been almost 3 years and I still have them once in awhile....Just had one last night...woke up at 2am....didn't really want to go back to sleep...Had a dream I was back with my ex....well nightmare... It gets better
God Bless
deezN bad dreams from meth
yeah a lot of my dope dreams also involve an ex gf of mine who kind of @#%$ my head up. Never thought dreams could be so good at bringing back to life so many painfull memories.
Re: bad dreams from meth
OHHHHHHH YEAH !!!! I had those ... they suck.
But the good part is .....

..............they are only dreams ...............

Re: bad dreams from meth
These are all very common and I think I have heard they can even be part of PAW (post acute withdrawl)? In my earlier recovery I'd wake up and for a few seconds couldn't ascertain if it had happened or not. Then the guilt... Sometimes I'd even feel high for a few minutes after I woke up. I still have them every once in a great while, but the have tapered off quite a bit! Hang in there and congrats on the clean time!
Re: bad dreams from meth
I was an active meth addict for 13 years. I've been clean for 9 years, 6 months, 12 days, and I STILL have very vivid using dreams.

They are brutal, and I always wake up exhausted, yet relieved that my life is NOT that way anymore.

Glad you're here and glad you're clean.
chic941 Re: bad dreams from meth
i have using dreams from time to time and YES they suck! i always wake up feeling either terrified because i feel like i've used again or craving REALLY bad, then i spend 1/2 the morning thinking about it. i hate it. the good thing is i dont have them quite as often now.
Re: bad dreams from meth
Do you ever have nightmares that your ASS is orange!!!! Had to go there...your last post is still on my mind....still cracking up and emailing it to all.....You made my day...Big fat smile...Thanks for the humor... God Bless
To all....
Some times the dreams are so dang vivid it's hard to shake them after I wake. My husband said I act as if I'm in pain while sleeping...lol...he should have been there when I never slept.....I sleep with a night guard because I get so intense while sleeping....

My first year after quitting was the worst, I literally felt high when I woke up...and then after realizing I had no dope, I would Jones....
Needles to say, all gets better with time...The mind is healing and working through unresolved issues....As we create new memories the old dissipate and soon we are dreaming not reliving the past...God Bless us while we sleep

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