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Long Term Side Effects of Meth

iceire Long term side effects of meth
I've noticed of late that I'm having more memory loss than the norm, even short term memory and I was wondering if anyone else has had the same problem tho ye and I no longer indulge in meth?
Re: Long term side effects of meth
Yes, and I don't use meth. I do like my rum & cokes though. I think it's age too. It really sucks
iceire Re: Long term side effects of meth
Aye I be knowin wot ye mean but with me its Guinness,Killians or Celtic Crossing.
In fact it's my 1 yr anniversary tomorrow,my hubby and I are goin to my fav pub and celebrating
Re: Long term side effects of meth
um, do you still use meth?
Re: Long term side effects of meth
Happy Anniversary to ya! You sound Aussie, you down under? I have a brother-in-law from Australia - I love to hear him talk!
iceire Re: Long term side effects of meth
Nae I don't,not since Sept 2000,I don't want the muck anywhere near me not that I would relapse because I have a wonderful hubby who used to be a sustance abuse counseler and I've had no desire or inclination to try it again,it tore my world apart,even my oldest child(29) used to use as well but now she has been clean 3 yrs now,am most proud of her.
Why do ye ask?
catest Re: Long term side effects of meth
Memory loss?

You should see my desk at work - POST-IT NOTES EVERYWHERE!!!

My dayplanner - the only thing I don't write in there is, "inhale," and, "exhale."  

However...I still remember the phone number I had when I was 5 yrs old - 8 yrs old.  
Re: Long term side effects of meth
Unfortunatly this is one of the side effects of Meth use. Meth distroys the frontal lobes of the brain where memory and moter skills are. The good news is your brain is still producing new conntacts so to speak. So in time you will make a new connection for short term memory as your brain heals, although some of the memory that is now gone may never come back. To help your brain heal you might want to consider fish oil with DHA and EPA. These are omaga 3 type brain fat. Food's high in DHA are mainly fish. Anchoby, Bluefish, Herring, Mackerel, Sablefish, Salmon, Sardines, Lake trout, Tuna, bluefin, and Whitefish. DHA is unique in its fluidity, need to build and preserve pliable brain cell structures that can efficiently conduct the brain's business. Dha also increases supplies of acetylcholine (the memory chemical) in the brain. One othe thing an adult can to is to take a short-chaiin fatty acid called alpha-linolenic acid (LNA) which is converted in adualt's to DHA. You get alpha-linolenic acid in green leafy vegetables, flax seed and flax seed oil, conola oil, walnuts, Brazil nuts, seaweed, and algae.
EPA is also vital to the brain. Although normal brain cells contain very little EPA, a lack can bring on mental disorders, and replenishing EPA has improved brain function, especially in schizolphrenia. EPA can also be transformed in your body to DHA. Sorry don't know the food sorce for this besides fish oil and flex seed. The only Monunsaturated fat I know of that benefits memory is olive oil.
If posible stay away from other fats as they have been found to decress the fulency of the brain.
This is the latest researh I know of it seems to have good backing and in my book it is worth a try.
My best to you. I hope this helps.
I don't use and never have. But I know lot's of people who do. That is what started me searching for possible solutions to the medical damage they were doing through drugs. So I can't answer your oreginal question.
iceire Re: Long term side effects of meth
Thank ye for all the info, actually I eat fish 2 to 3 times a week or shell fish and will try the other stuff ye mentioned!

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