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Candle Wax while smoking Meth

Candle Wax while smoking meth?
This was a question posed on another site:

I recently was told people that smoke meth sometimes use candle wax to smoke with it. Has anyone else heard of this?
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Re: Candle Wax while smoking meth?
Not me, but if all our torches and lighters were out we used a candle.

Smoking candle wax? Never heard of that one.
Re: Candle Wax while smoking meth?
I've used candles for a heat source AND a lighting soucre as I smoked out of my last light bulb. The low light of the candles is kinda romantic and makes it hard for "them" to spy on ya.
Kinda messy and the pipe gets all black and waxy.

We havin' fun yet?
inkolb Re: Candle Wax while smoking meth?
never with candle wax but i used candles for a heat source. angie
Re: Candle Wax while smoking meth?
I never heard of smoking candle wax. but sometimes you just never know. Once i went to my connect's house when i was still using. He had just delivered some meth to one of his other regular customer's house. The guy had been up too many day's and was starting to put thing's in his pipe he had in his house. Like butter, jelly, peanut butter, syrup, and god know's what else. When my connect asked the guy why he was smoking all this stuff. He said he just wanted to see how it would burn and what would happen to it. So you just never know.

TnSkye Re: Candle Wax while smoking meth?
The people I knew who slammed seemed to prefer almost total darkness, only keeping a couple of tealight candles going.

For some reason, dumping the wax out was just fun, I think.
Rancid1 Re: Candle Wax while smoking meth?
Im with everyone else on this one. Where there is no flame. The kitchen stove plus a candle works wonders. Or light a piece of paper on the toaster then light the candle if you don't have a gas range.
Re: Candle Wax while smoking meth?
some of the "cut" they use on speed acts like candle wax.
....it just runs and doesn't smoke right.

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