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Bad dreams of using Meth again

bad dreams of using meth again
I have been clean now for 8 months. My partner and I quit at the same time and our lifes have never been better. My problem is, I keep having nightmares of using meth or my boyfrind using. I wake up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat. The dreams always seem so real. Is this normal? Does this demon ever go away?
vctry7 Re: bad dreams of using meth again
I had bad dreams every night for the first 3-4 months. After that it was about once a week until I had been clean for about one year. I would wake up in a panic. Now, they only happen about once every two or three months. They will get better, just hang on.
Re: bad dreams of using meth again
yep..I had them too..all the time for the first few months.after the first year they got better..now i seldom have them (22 mos clean) I think thats pretty typical.
Re: bad dreams of using meth again
Even after almost 16 years, I still have dreams like that occasionally. I always wake up feeling out of sorts, for lack of a better term. I used get really upset about it, but not as bad as I used to. My sponsor told me that was my brain's way of dealing with stress, and I do find that those dreams do occur for me when things just seem to be extra challenging for me. Better in a dream than in real life! ((((((hugs)))))

PS. I did have them a LOT the first couple of years!
Re: bad dreams of using meth again
I've been clean just a little over a year and I still have using dreams...to tell you the truth I welcome them and know that its a part of my recovery and to tell you the truth...I like them. I just love dreaming...PERIOD! heheh...cause I use to never dream before.
Re: bad dreams of using meth again
Its funny you say that because now that I think about it I cant remember dreaming when I was using, Is it that I dont remember or that I wasent dreaming?
Re: bad dreams of using meth again
Hi sweetheart, and congratulations on your clean time!!!!!

You know, I'll be clean 10 years in a month or so, and I STILL have the using dreams.

Mine aren't so much ME using, as they are my exhusband (who was my co-addict) using and flying into the violent rages that he was sooooo good at when we were together.

And mine have increased in frequency since I came to this board almost a year ago.

Just know that they are normal and in time, depending on each individual, they will subside.

They cannot hurt you, of this I'm sure.
Re: bad dreams of using meth again
I never considered using dreams bad dreams..
....I always thought they were freebees.

then, I got where, I'd never get to do any,I was just trying to do some all night, there was always a hole in the bag...or something.
...............very frustrating.

I quit 6 years.
...then the last relapse I had, brought me to new levels of wreched.

I was homeless, I lived like a cockroach..
.......I lost alot of things that matter to me.

it hurts so bad..
....the dreams I have now, are'nt about speed.

they are about how and where i was on speed, and what I left.

they are dark, and I'm wading thru speed freaks apts piled high with pieces and parts of crap that was disassembled..
....waiting for the new dope in a room full of crack whores and dope fiends...
.....me leaving my art and photos, and taking tiny clothes i can't even fit in now.


....you'll be OK.

just don't go back.

no the demon stays.
....it gets bigger if you feed it.

and stays the same if you don't.
Re: bad dreams of using meth again
In my dreams there is always huge ammounts of meth,and Im telling everyone I dont do it any more, But it keeps turning up every where. I try to hide it or get rid of it but more of it showes up.I never actually do the drug in my dreams.but I always wake up in relief that its only a dream.
Re: bad dreams of using meth again
Is this normal?
what is normal?i had those dreams every time i managed to sleep for the first 3 months,i hardly slept for the first t3 months and a big part of that were the dreams,i was scared to go to sleep because of them...

normal?some people have them some people dont...

i know they are awful but there only dreams,they will get less and less in time...hopefuly soon

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