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Addict ever accused you of using Meth?

LoveMet Addict ever accused YOU of using meth?
This weekend my fiancée' (addict) and I got in a big fight and he accused ME?!?! of using meth. I never even brought the subject up and all the sudden he said you are always thinking I am using MAYBE you are!

Is this an admission of his guilt or he is just being mean and crazy?
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TnSkye Re: Addict ever accused YOU of using meth?
It's just his way of turning the table and pointing the blame to you.

Typical addict behavior.
Re: Addict ever accused YOU of using meth?
My dh (addict) constantly accused me of lots of things, if it wasn't me being "shady", cheating, trying to get him busted, it was using. Anything to get the focus off of him and what he was doing. Good luck, I've learned from harsh experience that it will go on and on until they fix themselves, we can't do it, no matter how hard we try!
trish70 Re: Addict ever accused YOU of using meth?
Yup...heard that one!!! To take the blame off themselves and put it on you!!! My sis uses that one an me all the time and brings up all my past sh$$...back from my teens and I am uh well...36 now.

Sounds like he is not ready to admit a thing!!! The people who are still using seem to always follow the same script of words they choose....hmmm
Re: Addict ever accused YOU of using meth?
In my opinion...

An addict will accuse you of every damn thing under the sun...and some things could be utterly ridiculous...but in their state of mind...it doesn't matter does it?
Re: Addict ever accused YOU of using meth?
I also was accused of using as well as cheating on him (I just had a baby with an infected c-section incision), as well as planting the evidence on him to make it look like he was using, as well as making the stuff WITH him. Oh yes, he brought that up in the divorce, that I was making it with him and was also dealing the stuff.

I didn't even know what Meth was until after I left him LOL.

I'm still getting accused of stuff and this has been more than 3 yrs since I left him.

Good luck!

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