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Missing veins, slamming meth

TWEAKER69 Missing veins, slamming meth
Does anyone knows what happens when you miss veins?
Re: Missing veins, slamming meth
It will hurt like hell and it can cause a lot of pain, even a trip to doctor... I was lucky, I learned the right way in the start. There is a website you can go to that teaches you the correct way and safe way, but there is really no safe way to using.(www.exchangesupplies.org) I'm not promoting using, but I know a lot about the subject and lots of info. Be safe... I was a slammer for alot of years, but I no longer use. Because of my method using meth I now have small cell lung cancer. In both lungs, I'm dying from it, all they can do is prolong my life for awhile. I would really like to talk to you. I won't preach to you. take care.

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