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Can a person be a casual meth user?

mikie Addicted or casual meth user?
Can a person be a casual user of meth? In other words, should I be concerned about addiction? My man is successful in business and has a one credit. But at least two/three days of every week or sometimes alternating weeks he wants to smoke his pipe and lay around talking and smoking. He also loves having sex when he's high from smoking his pipe. He is supported financially by his wise investments, so there is no need for a 9-5 job.
Penel0pe Re: Addicted or casual meth user?
I was able to keep my life together while I was using - for a while.

It seems that sooner or later, meth takes over all reason and life becomes unmanageable. If things are going well now, my guess is that in time, life will take a turn and things won't be so great.

It happens slowly, over time... and as the addict, we rarely see it until our lives have completely unraveled...
Re: Addicted or casual meth user?
Yes, you need to worry! I have never heard of someone that is able to use meth casually. It all catches up to them. He will lose everything, down the road...
Re: Addicted or casual meth user?
His use sounds more than casual to me...

2-3 days a week adds up quickly, and it will most likely become more frequent with the passage of time.

As for the justification, addiction doesn't care if a person is rich or poor.
And the cost is far greater than money...
Re: Addicted or casual meth user?
Eventually it will catch up with you. So yeah he can be casual now but if he keeps using he wont be anymore and all those finances he has done great in well go away.
lax2 Re: Addicted or casual meth user?
Those 2-3 days every week or so gotta be making those other 4-5 days per week (when not using) pretty miserable for him,... my guess is that before long he will find more and more reason to use daily to escape terrible tuedays and the inevitable crash that comes with each 2 - 3 day binge of meth. ESPECIALLY if he has enough money to do so, and no where that he HAS to be.
It's gonna get worse before it gets better in my opinion.
isel Re: Addicted or casual meth user?
i don't think there is a such thing as a casual user i have people who have maintained their jobs for years and just partied on the weekends. but they still look like hell and feel like hell. and it's every week it's not like once a year or something i doubt that's good. don't start using with him so you can help or do something for yourself
Re: Addicted or casual meth user? 
Yeah how many times have we said or heard casual user, I agree with those who say, there is NO such thing as a casual user. We all know it only takes one line one hit one poke, whatever source you chose....and your life becomes so unmanageable from that point on. did we ever hear someone say and mean it, "I tried it once and didn't like it"? I never have. That devil makes sure you devour each and every second of pleasure...so he can real you in for more...
Re: Addicted or casual meth user? 
well i have commented on these soughts of topics a few times and im pretty sure ill get the same responses this time.....

yes! some people can use meth occasionally and not become addicted to it....

i have seen countless numbers of my friends use meth for a couple weeks,not use for a year....use for a couple weeks,or one weekend,and not use for a couple years or a couple months or whatever the case may have been....

im not sure why some people get addicted straight away and some dont....maybe its because we are already addicts before we have our first hit...

they arent....

point being.regardless of what anyone else says here,YES some people can use occasionally and not become addicted junkies......

im not promoting the use of meth for those people i think the stuff is pure evil just as most here do....but my point is not everyone that uses meth is an addict....
Re: Addicted or casual meth user?
To answer the question that titles the thread: addicted.

My husband denied addiction as a possibility while he was actively using. He never got to the point of using daily, but now acknowledges that his former habit of using 2-3 days per week was indeed more than a "habit".
He was addicted- plain & simple.

It's a whole lot easier to live in denial. To believe that it's just a phase, or that it's 'not that big of a deal' because it's not yet taking TOO MUCH of a toll...

But with continued meth use, things ALWAYS get worse.
That's the one thing you can count on!
Re: Addicted or casual meth user?
I have a hard time with this. Many people say you get hooked on meth the very first time, no matter what.

I think for me, it was the second time that did it. All of a sudden, I had discovered the "answer to all my problems". But I think this had to do with how I was before I started using. Partly, because I was an addict, period. I mean, I am a drug addict, pure and simple, doesn't matter what drug. Also, meth in particular because it was an "instant cure" for feeling depressed.

I would tend to say that it's not worth the risk to think you can do meth casually. I'd say the more times you do it, the more bullets you put into the chamber while play Russian Roullette.... It's possible it won't kill you, but who wants that gamble? Also, even if it doesn't kill you (from prolonged use, etc) I'm willing to bet it's doing damage you just don't want, every single time. And, you can get bad dope, and that shyt can kill you in just one hit. Addiction to meth isn't something I'd wager against some "good" sex or recreational "fun". The down side took me way too far down. The "fun" part just doesn't last long enough, in my opinion.
mikie addicted or casual meth user?
Thanks for all of the advise. Especially from you Kellhappy. I think that both my man and I are in denial. After reading this board and looking at other information, the signs of addiction are here in my relationship. I'm always being accused of sneaking around with other men even though I rarely go anywhere other than work. My man even lied on me and said that he saw me with someone at work in the office giving "him" head. I though that he was just bluffing to see if I'd confess, but now I don't know what to think. He think that I'm secrely using cocain, which is why men can tak advantage of me. I'm sick and tired of defending myself and trying to prove my love an loyalty. I have used cocain in the past with my former boyfried, but this was about four times in a period of one year, which I tild him. God forbid if I get a wrong number call - he dam near blows up with accusations of an affair. How could he be so insecure with all that he has accomplished.I keep assuring him that I'm not like that, and after two years he should know better. He talks about having it all together and being "blessed by God because he is an honest child of God." I am unsure of the addiction mostly because of this religious thing and he is on the ball in business. But he is pretty dam "paranoid" and nasty when he's smoking or coming down. I guess now I'm spending too much time going back and forth in this relationship on and then off. I cannot change what he believes about me or him. Is this paranoia really the result of addiction? Thanks
Re: Addicted or casual meth user?
Meth is like a black widow spider. It seduces it's mate into her web by what she has to offer then it kills her victim.
Re: Addicted or casual meth user?
Shane is not incorrect in his assertion that not everyone gets addicted. That is absolutely true. But for those who do, and that would be most who try it, life soon turns into a living nightmare for the addict and all those around the addict.

My point is this: why take that chance? Meth has highly addictive qualities, and is a bytch to kick. I see no positive outcome when it comes to meth use, even if the user doesn't become addicted.

Having said that, MY OPINION is this:
should I be concrned about addiction?
Re: Addicted or casual meth user?
I agree that some people can use any drug(s) occasionally and not get addicted.

However, how long has he been using 2-3 days every week?

If it's been a while i'd say he COULD be falling into the realm of a functioning user, or a maintenance user...

who knows. Only you can tell if this is a good situation for you. When it becomes unhealthy for you i'd suggest you get out.

Especially if you're already noticing signs of paranoia. What's next?

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