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Meth using nightmares, dreams?

Juliett55 Meth using nightmares, dreams?
I have a question for the addicts on the site.

My addict was talking about having horrible meth using nightmares. I was trying to support him and talk about my experience. I've been working with a professional on my anxiety. I have a lot of intuitive and guiding dreams that are sometimes very scary. But somehow I don't think that's what he is talking about. I just want to understand so I can support him better.
Are there any nightmares that are actually helpful or guiding around meth use, or what is it addicts dream about?
Re: Meth using nightmares, dreams?
In the beginning when I got clean, the using dreams were very real and scary. I'd pray in my dreams... that's the only way I could handle them.

Later as I had more clean time, the dreams subsided.

Now and then, I'll have a using dream, for me.. it's more like a 'warning', like I"m venturing too close in the drug world for comfort.

That's my experience.
from hell
Re: Meth using nightmares, dreams?
I used meth for a long long time. It's what my brain knows.

In recovery; I have dreams "nightmares" about using. I wake up in terror that I've lost my sobriety. I wish I understood why but I don't.

I accept it as it is. A bad dream; it reinforces me.

I'm clean, I want to stay that way.

And I'll do anything to not go back again.
Juliett55 Re: Meth using nightmares, dreams?
Thank you Chris and paws from hell. Thisn is a really good info to have, I'll keep it in mind while trying to understand him.
Sfj Re: Meth using nightmares, dreams?
Using dreams, or using nightmares are somewhat common in early recovery. It seems to go with the territory. I've never heard or seen anything that I'd consider good coming from them other than the fact that they are not reality.

I've heard that a good way to deal with them is to do the following: Upon waking up from a using dream, try to get involved in some sort of mental activity right away, such as balancing a checkbook, writing a schedule for the day and week, or something that requires a bit of focus and mental activity.

Also, virtually without exception, the dreams diminish as clean time increases.
Re: Meth using nightmares, dreams?
to me it feels like ...

I never dreamed when I was using.
....I passed out in black sleep.

I think when you quit, your subconscious cuts loose with back data.
...it eventually empties out.
Juliett55 Re: Meth using nightmares, dreams?
Thanks guys, your advices are priceless.
I like the getting busy idea... When you guys describe your struggles it sounds like that is what he was talking about.
Thank you.

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