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Self help book recommendations about meth

Sfj Book recommendations about meth
I sometimes get requests via email for books. With that in mind, I’m going to make a few recommendations.

There are dozens of “meth books” on the market and I’ve read almost all of them.
Frankly, some of them are really not worth the effort. But some are very good. I’d be willing to write book reviews and post them here if anyone is interested. Amazon dot com has almost all of them. Doing a simple search will take you to the books.

The only book that concentrates on meth that I can highly recommend is
"Crystal Meth They Call It Ice” by Dr. Mary Holley, she is also the founder of "Mothers Against Meth."

It might be considered controversial by some. The first third of the book is very scientific and objective. That’s the third that Loraura liked the best. The middle third of the book is a bit more subjective and deals with parent-child relationships, the psychology of children turning to drugs, and very good explanations of why kids have some of the problems that they do. The last third is quite religious in content.

The next book is one I’m currently reading. The title is “Difficult Conversations
How to discuss what matters most, by Douglas Stone. I bought the paperback version for fifteen dollars retail. It is not about substance abuse but it is absolutely astonishing in the way it explains how conversations go bad and how to make them better. What was amazing is that it described my faults, shortcomings, blind spots and conversational errors perfectly. It was as if they hid in my closet or had a secret microphone every time I had an argument with my wife or other people.

Third is a book titled, “The Miracle Method” If you’re like me, I was very skeptical of the title. But the author, Scott D. Miller does an excellent job of using an imaginary miracle to demonstrate reality thinking and healing. It is substance abuse related.

The above books are mostly for family members and loved ones trying to figure out what to do with their addict.

For drug users, I recommend, “How to Quit Drugs for Good” by Jerry Dorsman.

Finally, for those who can handle much more intense, academic style reading, I highly recommend “Motivational Interviewing” by William Miller. It is a textbook for substance abuse counselors.

There are many more, but that’s enough for now. 
Re: Book recommendations about meth
Thanks for the reviews. I'm going to look into that "Motivational Interviewing". A book I read in treatment was called "Meth=Sorcery" by a Steve Box. It shared a lot of experience, strength, and hope.
Re: Book recommendations about meth
"Crystal Meth They Call It Ice” by Dr. Mary Holley is a good book for those parents before addiction- before drugs.
Yes it has extremely religious overtones but even for those non religious , she does make some very valid points before drugs alcohol come into play.
I really feel though for those parents that are already struggling with their child in addiction, it would be more of a source of guilt for them. All kinds of kicking themselves blaming themselves for what has gone wrong.

For addicts, for those like myself who are looking for more, who are wanting to do some self introspection, Life 101.
Suz was the first to mention Life 101 - it is an excellent self help self growth guide. I think anyway.

That is it for me on book recommendations as those are the only 2 I have -outside of murder, crime, and suspense novels.
Sfj Re: Book recommendations about meth

To Rizzay271,

I read The book by Steve Box and it is a good book for a select population. Those who embrace Christianity and its principles, dogmas and doctrines will benefit from "Meth = Sorcery." Others may not.

I seriously doubt if any of the books I mentioned would be in a local public library. I hope I'm wrong. Contrary to our experiences on this forum, most people still think that meth is not a serious problem and affects less than one per cent of the population.

Libraries usually carry more popular books.

vctry7 Re: Book recommendations about meth
I went to my local library last year looking for books about meth. They had one that was about twenty years old. It had one sentence about meth in it's section about speed.
I liked "Crystal Meth - They Call it Ice". It is my top pick. "Meth=Sorcery" was good, too. I'll have to order the others and read them as well.

See also:

Codependent books for reading, any suggestions?

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