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Do you still get meth sores after quitting meth?

Do you still get meth sores after quitting meth?
I am sooo tired today so I'll make it quick.

My husband says he's clean over 2 weeks but he came over with a BIG new OOZY sore on his upper lip. He says it is his system cleaning out. Please tell me what the real score is.
Re: Do you still get meth sores after quitting meth?
I don't know about sores, but I broke out with pimples when I was clean. I guess all that SH!t is supposed to come out of your pores. I can't really say 4 sure.
Re: Do you still get meth sores after quitting meth?
In my personal experience,  I did not get sores after stopping meth use. Other people's systems might (produce sores after stopping use), I'm not sure.

I've written in a different post how--when I was using--I got these huge, painful blisters in my mouth and throat. Forget Suzzette said that it is a vitamin B deficiency. Maybe a vitamin B supplement would help your hubby with his lip sore.
Re: Do you still get meth sores after quitting meth?
The sore is not really a lip sore but more like where his mustache area is. Is vitamin B good for that?
Sfj Re: Do you still get meth sores after quitting meth?
Two weeks is too short a time to really be considered "clean" when it comes to toxins.
There are many other things besides meth that can cause "sores."
Some users, never get meth sores at all.
Re: Do you still get meth sores after quitting meth?
He got these last time he used daily. Said they were "ingrown hairs" wouldn't stop picking at them with tweezers.

What other things? Should I have other concerns?
Sfj Re: Do you still get meth sores after quitting meth?
yes, Maybe so,
Eating Snickers, Potato Chips, and greasy junk food can cause "other problems." Many people consider those types of problems less serious than meth addiction. (pimples)

"You are what you eat, if you eat fat and greasy food, you become a fat and greasy dude."
guest Re: Do you still get meth sores after quitting meth?
This is Vicky. I'm not home and can't seem to sign in, but SFJ is right. Even after not using meth for years, I still get them if I don't eat right. And its not a problem I ever had before my meth experience....just another example of the damage done.
still cates
Re: Do you still get meth sores after quitting meth?
This is what my doctor told me about mine:

The meth markedly lowered my immune system, making my skin extremely susceptible to infections that healthy people's bodies would fight off normally. He also said it does something to the chemical or molecular structure of the skin itself, which I still have a hard time understanding what he meant.

I have "Chronic Follicles", which ARE inflamed hair follicles. Not pimples exactly, but very similar.

What happened initially is I got a couple behind my knee, while I was using. I scratched them cuss they itched REALLY REALLY BADLY. When I did that, I spread the bacteria, and when I'd get a minor itch somewhere else, I spread the bacteria there.

In a "healthy" person, when this happens (and it does commonly), they get the one or two little bumps, they scratch it, but it usually goes away within days. Not so for me, being on meth. It just spread and they didn't heal - they got REALLY ugly.

I didn't "pick" them. They just itched, so I'd scratch without even thinking, even in my sleep. I never thought they were "bugs" or anything weird coming out of my skin.

So I got clean and they didn't go away. I'd get new ones, all over my body, usually in clusters. After 5 months clean, I went to my doctor and he told me what I just told you.

I asked why I still got them. He said once someone gets an outbreak like I did, they are more susceptible to repeat infections, and it's equally as hard to get rid of them.

So my choices are to take Keflex (an antibiotic) daily for possibly the rest of my life, or just take them when I get a really bad outbreak. He also prescribed an anti-itch cream that is 7 times stronger than over-the-counter hydrocortisone cream. It WORKS very well.

Sorry this is so long. I just didn't know any other way to explain it more condensed.

This may or may not be what's wrong with this person, I'm not a doctor. I had to go to a doctor myself to find out for sure.

Hope it helps some.
Re: Do you still get meth sores after quitting meth?
...in my first month I was getting fever blisters, and cysts
...like it was toxins spilling out.

Re: Do you still get meth sores after quitting meth?
I never got sores outside of my mouth and throat, & I was told by my Maker that it was from interaction from vaporizing it off of tin foil.

I know this one woman--can't call her a lady--who got pretty big sores (not like pimples). Maker said it was because she dipped into the batch before it was ready, but I don't know.

Still catest, thanks for your explanation. I've wondered the medical explanation behind meth sores.
Thanks for the info. He's looking better. Last night his eyes had a little soul behind them again. Maybe he is telling the truth.

Thanks again
Re: Do you still get meth sores after quitting meth?
vitamin B is good for tweakers in general.
......we burn thru it.

I have to take plenty of b complex for the adderrall.
....but it won't help a lip sore.
if its a fever blister, abreva is amazing.
....it's 16 dollars for a tiny tube.
when you get it, ...rub it, in a little circle, ALL THE WAY IN, UNTIL IT'S ABSORBED.
he'll feel it tingle and that's what you want.
...it'll dry that bytch up fast.
as a preventative...
....L-LYSINE is an amino acid...you have to get 1000 mgrm tablets.
even 2 500's are not the same.
....I don't know why.
if he takes 2 in the morning and 2 at night awhile it'll balance out his system.
B vitamins are for metabolism and nerve damage, and mops up impurities from the blood.
when you don't eat and sleep..
....it burns thru it...and leaves white bumps on your tongue...or like puckered bumps along the side of your tongue.
if you let it get bad, it moves down the back of your tongue.
taking b-12 or b complex gets rid of that within the hour.
if it's hives or rashes...
....benadryl is the answer.
sometimes speed makes antihistamines go nuts...
....and sometime stopping speed does.

I used to get welts.....on my face.
for years I didn't know what it was.

....one time, I got one damn near in my eye...
right under it...it started changing the shape of my eye.

I was scared and knocked on my neighbors door.
.....she said, its a hive...
take this benadryl and if it's not gone in 20 minutes, go to the hospital.
it was gone in 20 minutes.so I was so impressed.
...I started taking "preventative benadryl" when I am on speed.
speed speeds up your blood flow, benadryl constricts your
blood vessels.
it gave me some nice high blood pressure.  95/185
I went to a dr. got BP meds...and kept on going.
now I don't have high BP.
so kids... don't do speed w/ benedryl.
....unless you actually get hives, or rashes.
I never got any again after that.

....get a wash rag, make it hot with water, ring out the excess. put raw Epsom salt on the cloth.....hold the cloth on the cyst.
I always get them in exactly where your panty elastic goes around your leg...very uncomfy.
I sleep with the Epsom salt rag on it.......it busts by morning.
L- Lysine is good for that.
my uncle was an herbalist.
...I know a lot of cures for drug induced problems.
Re: Do you still get meth sores after quitting meth?
So That's why I still have a few sores that persist even after almost a year and a half since I quit using meth!

I have a few spots, around a hair follicle, where the skin around it is rough and flakes a little. I try to pick the flakes off, and the skin around the hair is very rough, dark, and the hair is also thicker and a different texture. It "erupts" every once in awhile. I have a few on my arms and one on my leg, in areas where I used to pick.

Gross gross gross. I used to have flawless skin.
Re: Do you still get meth sores after quitting meth?
grumps, use a warm wet wash cloth with raw Epsom salt and hold it on it while you sleep or watch TV......Epsom salt saves. hot baths with Epsom salt gets rid of bruises and cleans out your pores.

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