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What are the most disturbing meth behaviors?

What are the most disturbing meth behaviors?
Hi all,...
I need some input.

Aside from my "day job"...I'm an actor. It's my passion.
Right now, I am involved in helping someone write a screenplay which will become a short-film next year, about a woman who gets addicted to meth and goes from "completely-functional" to "completely in ruins".
It's my goal to deliver such a disturbing performance in the film that it shocks people and deters people from trying meth after they watch the film. Especially to keep kids from trying it.

I know from watching a loved one struggle with meth what some of the horrors of it are. But, as vivid as my bad memories are, my perspective is by no means the full scope of what users go through.
It would really help me to have input from all of you,...
.......what are the most disturbing meth behaviors you've seen? And if you have used it, what was the most horrible experience you had?......
I will keep all input anonymous and confidential, and it will help me to develop not only my character in the film, but also to be able to give the writers some suggestions about what to write in for my character.
Re: What are the most disturbing meth behaviors?
As a male being an addict the most disturbing thing I did was to almost kill someone, with a gun to their head over a car title that he wouldn't give me for a car I bought from him.

As a husband clean from meth, the most disturbing thing that my wife did was to trade her body to some pretty nasty people for drugs.
vctry7 Re: What are the most disturbing meth behaviors?
I used to pick at my face. I would stand in front of the mirror telling myself to just walk out, you need to leave this room, STOP, there is nothing there - but, I couldn't stop. I didn't think there were bugs or anything, I just couldn't stop even though I saw how my face was looking. That happened a few times.

I also had a compulsion of pulling my hair and scratching my head - constantly. I would scratch my head until my scalp hurt so bad I could barely take a shower. I still have the hair pulling, just not near as bad. My right arm could not be still at times. It would go right up over my head or I would reach my hand up shoulder level and make hand movements - kind of like some people do when they are talking. I could not stop it, though. I am sure I looked insane.

The most disturbing thing to me though, is the way I allowed myself to be treated. I didn't trade for sex, but I traded with blood and bruises. I knew every time I hit that pipe how the run would end - with me cowering in a corner after being beaten or being held at gunpoint with threats of being killed for "cheating". I knew it, yet I still did it.
Re: What are the most disturbing meth behaviors?
The most disturbing for me was the fascination with pornography and illicit sex acts. To me, it was a nightmare to see my boyfriend like that.
paceset Re: What are the most disturbing meth behaviors?
Hi Angel, how cool-I'm so glad you have a way to "act out" and help destroy meth. Ok, I am going to tell you of the girls that my addict bf had on his sad leash of destruction. I actually tried getting to know and care about some of them until I saw that they were basically as Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde as could be. Stealing from parents was so sick to see and I know that they felt horrible inside about it. Not one of them had their children in their custody-a few kept trying it but thank God, some family member would take the kids back shortly. I never saw them actually feel badly about losing the kids-the meth would lie to them and tell them they were fine. The ex-girlfriend turned into dopewhore was completely psycho-she would call me to tell me that she was screwing my bf along with every evil sick thing she could think of to tell me about him-all so that I would go to him and make him call her. I think the women go crazier than the men as they already have brain chemicals boiling with emotion and they have no remorse that shows-no embarrassment and they seem to enjoy wreaking havoc non-stop. I think of the women he has (they aren't sex friends-haven't been since the early stages of the addiction) on the string are the most evil, cruel and sick people I have ever seen and without the dope, I would like them-they would probably be my friends that I would admire and even look up-to. Think of yourself possessed by demons....
Re: What are the most disturbing meth behaviors?
facial ticks, bizarre repetitive behavior, constantly searching....got cigarette, can't find the lighter. find lighter, lost cigarettes while searching for the lighter...repeat. sweating ...strange expressions, inability to stay still, no attention span...
...strange choices of clothes, constantly changing clothes,
clothes all over the house, covering up the lighters.........either mono tone voice, steady emotionless rat a tat speech that runs together no rise and fall or pauses between words.
rock searching in the carpet
Re: What are the most disturbing meth behaviors?
Constant porn and masturbation (12 - 14 hours a day)
Penel0pe Re: What are the most disturbing meth behaviors?
rock searching in the carpet.


I saw this one guy smoke CAT LITTER when he was carpet surfing - we even TOLD HIM "dude, that's CAT LITTER, MAN!!"

We called him "Fresh Step" from that day forward....

Re: What are the most disturbing meth behaviors?
Rock searching with a COMB and FLASHLIGHT at my house! Geez!
vctry7 Re: What are the most disturbing meth behaviors?
Think of yourself possessed by demons....

Yep, that about covers it.

I don't think it effects women worse than men. I just think that women get a worse reputation. Men do the same thing or would like to do the same things (like trading for sex), but it looks ten times worse when a woman does it. Men leave their kids all the time, but it seems like people make a bigger deal out of it when a woman loses her kids. Why don't people ever ask where the fathers were when the women lost the kids. Men are more physically dangerous. Women are more mentally dangerous.

Re: What are the most disturbing meth behaviors?
do some research on the mental condition known as bi-polar disorder we meth addicts have the same identical behavior as a person with this condition i once went and took a psych evaluation done by a psychologist who deals with this condition exclusively. I was high on meth while i did the evaluation and was diagnosed with bipolar condition. while in rehab we were told the actions which we exhibit mirror someone who is bi-polar. the symptoms and a meth addicts behavior are exactly the same. scary
Re: What are the most disturbing meth behaviors?
I am not a user nor have I ever tried meth but my ex of 10 years was/is an addict. His behavior while using, he tried to commit suicide, the paranoia was so severe he would write down tag numbers to cars in our neighborhood because he thought I was cheating on him with these people (there were pages of these, of course the porn (tons of magazines and movies). He would take a few things (clothing) from the closet and hide them and then blame me for letting someone take them. It made him literally go crazy.
Re: What are the most disturbing meth behaviors?
Suz - that third picture - change the hair to blonde and add a few pounds, that's my ex. He would gnaw on his thumb just like that 24/7, until it was a bloody mess, and then STILL gnaw.
Sfj Re: What are the most disturbing meth behaviors?
The top fifteen:
1. Lack of sleep, 2. Lack of appetite, 3. Nervous twitching, 4. Blaming others, 5. Grinding teeth, 6. Clenching jaw, 7. Seldom smile, 8. Avoid family and normal friends, 9. Unable to be responsible, 10. Dental and skin health gets worse. 11. Abnormally high amounts of energy, 12. Paranoia 13. Obsessive perverse sexual behavior, 14. Enlarged pupils, 15. Tweaking

But you can add some more:

Desperation, paranoia, STDs, hospitals, lost jobs, evictions, busted relationship, bills I can’t pay. Bill collectors, foreclosure, car repossessed, self-loathing, loss of dignity, loss of integrity, loss of friends, loss of self-respect, loss of self-control. Lawsuits, Fear. Sick thoughts of perverse sexual behavior. Thievery, hanging out with bottom dwellers, crawling through trash piles, dumpsters, and dumps, debauchery, getting ripped off by dealers and so-called friends, sickly skin, speed bump skin, dental disaster, pain and suffering, panic, hollow empty looking facial features, hiding from everyone and everything, ripping off those I love, urine in a jar or bottle, risk of liver and kidney failure, heart attack, stroke, riding to the hospital ER or morgue. Unable to think, unable to focus, horny as hell and unable to get laid, unattractive, ugly, smelly, looking weird, sick, deathly, putrid, premature aging, premature aches and pains, getting in debt to the connect, unable to cop, unable to get high because I’m too damned dirty, late for everything, dope really doesn't work much any more, people avoided me as much as I avoid them, long-time friends don’t want to see me or have anything to do with me, can’t go to the bathroom because my plumbing quit working due to meth addiction, more panic, more paranoia, hiding, turn off the lights so no one can see me, garbage hasn't been emptied in weeks, missing a vein and getting abscessed, lung disease, scars that won’t heal, sores that won’t heal but get worse, filthy living conditions, loss of humanity, strung out on porn, too scared to commit suicide and to too desperate not to. SICK. Neurological devastation. Unending remorse, shame, and guilt.

That's about all I can think of right now, there’s a lot more I’m sure, but it gets depressing just to look at this list.
TerryCa Re: What are the most disturbing meth behaviors?
Don't forget freakin' out cause the user sees bugs and feels them on him/herself.

Also, the physical aggression, violent outburst, and verbal (out of nowhere) rage.
Tirzah Re: What are the most disturbing meth behaviors?
They no longer care about things that were once important. No responsibility for bills, work, relationships. They lose all will to do the right thing!
Re: What are the most disturbing meth behaviors?
Suz, where are those pictures from? Obviously one is South Park and one is your art. The others look like movie clips. What are they?

Angel, this is a great topic. There are so many but here's a few I can add: Lying, having no conscience or remorse, and basically thinking you are the sole inhabitor of the universe and nothing anyone else says, does, thinks, or feels makes one @#$% bit of difference.
Re: What are the most disturbing meth behaviors?
The idea is a challenging one, as the behaviors chosen for the play will need to be very tangible and "out of their heads" so to speak.

Without of course, being pornographic.

I think that's why it's hard enough for the makers of Spun to pull off the behavior in a way that truly shows the intensity of the meth experience.

To be honest, I don't know how easy it would be to translate meth behavior onto the stage in an effective way.


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