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What are the meth recovery stages?

What are the meth recovery stages?
Hi All.

I just read the "stimulant recovery stages" post. First I totally thought it was all true, than read Sfj's and Danimal's replies and now I'm all confused. I know my loved one relapsed at 4 month twice, so that part is right. But what can we expect?
He has been clean for about a week now, and I would really like to know what to expect, how to support, and how to not worry if shutting off is normal at some of the stages.
I know it's individual, but what are some of the stages you guys went through during recovery? Or going through right now.....

Thank you for any information. And again, thank you to all the addicts here for their unconditional help
Re: What are the meth recovery stages?
When you are high, it blocks out all the things that "normal" people are in tune with....What we've done is we escaped reality, as we'd hoped...but escaping reality, is insanity.

So you are sitting on a dung pile knitting for eternity like a happy idiot.
....when you come down.  Gravity, is apparent.  ...your mind is thick like dough.
it's so hard to shower, get your stuff together and see anyone.........you can't find what's clearly sitting in front of you...when you take a shower you can't really feel water hitting your skin...you really can't function....you can't "put on a happy face" and passably act like a person who is "with" the world.....a dud...for about 2 months.....................little by little it lightens up.  you start feeling so grateful to TEARS, that you can "feel" something again......and for brief moments..... that you weren't despairing.  you feel a grateful to god feeling, because, your SOUL, the real you that emerges from the wreckage to shine thru.......and the real you morns.  the realization hits.....you start remembering things, that happened when you were high.......that you translate into realistic terms, instead of meth illogical terms.......you begin to hurt emotionally....as physically throbs in the background like a kids car stereo with bass.  the tears, the regret, the remorse, the horror, the wasted time, the waste of your life, you weren't in your own life.  you stole, a sold, and hustled for this piece of hazardous waste.......the realization hits you that you are a piece of SH!T
Everyone has contempt for you, you are perpetually in the dog house, giving' the fish eye, tension...suspician, disappointment, hurt eyes all around you...you are an ASS....you were at LARGE ....an idiot........... a farrell human.....people think you are using, or going to relapse, and you aren't...or trying not to.
the heavy feelings.

the next phase?
...I don't belong here. I want to go back to the place with no pain...I destroyed my life, family, friends, bonds, trust.  all I got left is meth......at once.  the things you neglect...self, relationships, bills, times  (graduations, weddings, birthdays, xmas bla bla bla)
...............it all hurts so bad and is so overwhelming. ..We're wrong, and we know it. It's hard, and then it's ok.
repeat    forever more.
Sfj Re: What are the meth recovery stages?
That's almost like asking,  "what are the stages of falling in love?"

We all do it, but we all do it differently. (kinda)
Re: What are the meth recovery stages?
Suze, I hope you are keeping your posts in an album or online journal-they are exquisite!
Re: What are the meth recovery stages?
I believe posted this last year when I had first came on board.
I found this guide to be closer to what really occurred.
Everyone is different though and there is no blueprint -
WEEK 1: Depending on how much the person had been doing up until quitting time and how many nights they had been awake, if any, the first couple of days will be spent sleeping non-stop. After that, the person will still prefer sleep but will eat and go to the bathroom whereas before they probably didn't. They will be moody, cranky, lethargic and sometimes violent. After the fourth day, the meth will technically be out of their system. However, it's the damage that the meth has caused that is where the problem lies and the fact that your system is clean of it, does really mean a whole lot. Cravings will be setting in towards then end of the first week and will more than likely intensify. Anxiety will set in around the third day, which can be unbearable especially to a long time user who is trying to quit.

WEEK 2: The person will still be moody, cranky and sometimes violent. The cravings will be worse than week one and can become unbearable. They will have no energy to do anything, sleeping is still preferred unless they break down and get more dope. The second week is where a lot of people slip up.

NOTE: If the person was experiencing drug induced psychosis while doing meth, these episodes will start to subside during the second week, if not the first. If it doesn't and last any longer than four weeks, that could be a sign of a real mental disorder and the person should see a doctor as soon as possible.

WEEK 3: Sleeping a lot should start to diminish although the user will not have a lot of energy and probably will not feel like doing anything. Depression sets in for the majority of the people around the third week, if not sooner. Anti-depressants really help if this happens. Cravings should be leveling off around this time.

WEEK 4: Every thing aside from the depression and feeling lethargic should start to subside a little. As time goes on from here if the user stays clean, eventually, all these thing will ultimately disappear.

It's important to note though, that different things can trigger cravings for years after the user has quit doing meth.


W+1-7 Days HIBERNATION: (Fatigue and Hunger) as your body detoxifies and violently downshifts from 10th gear to 1st - acute fatigue sets in. Periods of sleep ranging from 12-24 hours are not uncommon with brief periods of wakefulness still accompanied by lethargy and inability to perform the simplest of tasks.

W+8-21 Days - DEPRESSION: (Low and Lethargic)
you are indeed now much more awake, but you will find your current un-stimulated dopamine levels to be insufficient. Matter of fact, you could win the lottery tomorrow and still feel suicidal. Ride the storm out - this phase is short. Now might be a good time to schedule an appointment with a psychiatrist. Don't be ashamed. No one need know but you. One session costs no more than your average eight ball. And a psyche is still the only therapist that can prescribe medication if it is needed. Buproprion, Citralopram and Bromocriptine have all had good results in dealing with depression brought about via drug withdrawal from cocaine and amphetamines.

W+22-60??Days - FRUSTRATION: (Irritability & Anger) the length of this phase is somewhat proportional to how long and how much you've been using...But it is accompanied by irritability (at the slightest annoyances), "cravings", and absent-mindedness.
This period will be harder on those around you-than you! Be sure to remove anything in the way of visual "triggers" that can facilitate relapse.
If you find yourself tempted to use, go to NA meetings. Even if you just sit and listen and don't ever participate, you'll be surprised at what "rubs off".

W+60??-90??Days - READJUSTMENT: (Transition & Happiness) every day the cravings, depression and irritability lessen. But you're not "cured" yet. The use of meth carries with it a myriad of activities both mental and otherwise that may be loads of fun while you were on the drug but will seem about as exciting as watching grass grow while straight. Unless you replace these activities with productive and meaningful tasks, you are setting yourself up for relapse. Try and reinvigorate "pre-drug" hobbies, habits and activities. Try some new things as well. You were enough of a pioneering spirit to get into hard drugs. Be adventuresome and try some things you have never done before.
Re: What are the meth recovery stages?
Wow.....this is priceless knowledge!!!
Thank you....
With all that, at what time was the emotional support from your loved ones the most crucial and at which stage did you want to be left alone????

Thank you soo much.
Re: What are the meth recovery stages?
Juliett, when my hubby first got clean, those first 3 months or so he just needed me to listen. He needed me to remind him of the man he had been.
He needed someone to see past the meth addict and into the man.
My husband had been a good husband for many years. He had been a good father for many years. He forgot that man. He forgot life before meth. He got lost.

After that is when we got to the meat of things.
When we began addressing real issues more in depth.
Now when he first got clean, pieces of real issues came out and we dealt with them. But in small increments.
Too easy to be overwhelmed and side tracked- get lost in that I am such a shyt -the end.

The cravings for him hit hard at 2 months, at 6 months.
Very hard at 2 months- very hard. I was there when they hit.
We had gone down to the scrap hole, his smoking area, and all the gang had shown up wired for sound, huff puffing away.
He literally turned pale and shook.
We got through it by talking- by admitting- by my supporting him- together. that was a key turning point.
That is when it hit him that yes, he was addicted and no it wasn't going to be easy to quit.
That is when the work began.

It didn't happen overnight- it will not fix overnight.
It is a very long tedious frustrating process broken up by light bulb take my breath away moments.
It is work.

Whatever was there before meth is there after meth. It is hard.  But it is doable-
Fix you - heal you - focus on you -then you can be better at helping him.

There is a lot you will have to let go in you - spy extraordinaire, constant anxiety wondering if he, will he , did he-
It's work.
Everybody got lost - not just the addict.
My husband has not used meth in almost 2 years - and we are still working at recovering.  It is still work.

Help with my early stages of meth recovery

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