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Is the "meth world" getting more dangerous?

Is the meth world getting more dangerous?
There seems to be so many more murders, shootings, car crashes/chases, violent fights, domestic violence etc.. in the news lately, so many I can pick out the meth addicts in the scenarios or in the witnesses.


I know that there have always been violence and weapons involved with meth, but is it getting worse or is meth getting more prevalent and mean violence just goes along with it?

3 top news stories on my local news have been about murders meth connected.

What do ya think?
deeeCA Re: Is the meth world getting more dangerous?
Just watch a new episode of Cops and you'll have your answer....

Absolutely YES
Re: Is the meth world getting more dangerous?
I think some have no boundaries or deliberately cross them for personal reasons.

I also think our government tends to let things escalate before they start really addressing issues.

Drugs do bring in money and it's not just the dealers getting those funds. MANY politicians have been busted for distributing in one sense or another. They do minimal time.

If we made our sentences stiffer, we'd have more politicians getting busted because then it'd be worth it to prosecute.

It's all about the Benjamin's.
Re: Is the meth world getting more dangerous?
I don't think the meth world is more dangerous than before, I think meth is just more prevalent, so there is more meth-related violence out there to be heard about.

I don't think stiffer sentences will do anything at all about the drug problem, or violence problem.

Also, crime has steadily, but slowly, declined since the early nineties. But we now have hundreds of 24/7 news channels that have to report something, so they talk about celebrities and a lot of other local stories that wouldn't have been covered ten years ago. So we always tend to think that there is more crime than there really is.

And I don't think stiffer sentences would do a drop of good to fight the problem. The war on drugs is a war on the lower class and minorities and has not decreased the amount of drug users since it was started in the seventies.
Re: Is the meth world getting more dangerous?
I'm wondering if there are more guns available to the meth addicts these days or if maybe the meth is getting stronger causing more way out wackos who would never have used a gun.

Regardless, I still think we ought to spend more money on treatment on the first offense.

Today they found a huge alligator in a meth lab house. The cops didn't know if it was a guard or just a pet....We are across the country from Florida
Flyf1sh3r Re: Is the meth world getting more dangerous?
I don't think the danger is increasing, just the epidemic is bigger, therefore more frequent.

Psychosis is a terrifying experience. It seems real, and the will to survive is strong.
writerjp Re: Is the meth world getting more dangerous?
I am with Dee, watching Cops shows how dangerous, deadly, and sad the meth world is. I am SO glad that I got better before I ended up doing something really stupid.
Re: Is the meth world getting more dangerous?
I was watching reruns of Cops the other day and low and behold I saw someone I used to know getting busted! The episode was from 2001 and I haven't talked to her since then so I would have no way to know she was on Cops until I saw her on there with my own two eyes last week! She got busted with a bunch of crack and heroin in a major drug area where she used to live and sell dope. It was weird to see someone I knew on Cops and made me realize how low my addiction took me that I actually associated with people that were so ghetto they get put on Cops. I'm thankful to be sober today. Take care.........
Re: Is the meth world getting more dangerous?
Luv, that alligator was probably a trade for dope. The barter system is alive and well in the drug world. Guns are a major bartering commodity. People will trade anything of value for dope.

I do not think the drug world is anymore dangerous than it has been in the past. It is just more publicized. With increased media exposure, comes increased awareness.
Re: Is the meth world getting more dangerous?
with people that were so ghetto
Never forget that these people too are sick. I hear what your saying about the depths that your addiction took. Yet we don't need to judge others that at one time we were running with. They are still sick.
Re: Is the meth world getting more dangerous?
How true. I was one pull-over away from a COPS episode myself!

Edited to say: I did not even live in the Ghetto, I lived out in the boonies! I wasn't any better than anyone else, I just never got caught.  
Re: Is the meth world getting more dangerous?
It seems that the meth world has been dangerous from the beginning.
World War 2 and the un-thinkable genocide waged not only by Hitler but by the armed forces of all nations provides a stark example of danger, and yes....even Uncle Sam's good 'ol boys were spun.
Today we see skinheads from Idaho, cults like Jonestown, a new wave of skid row derelicts who'd do anything for their next fix, unimaginable perversion and atrocities inflicted on the innocent.
It's hard to see the meth world as any more or less dangerous that it's ever been.
Insane *is* Insane.
Viet Nam epitomized meth madness, or "danger".
It appears our government thinks that meth is a pretty cool thing when we feed it to our troops and turn them into soul-less killing machines who can fight and kill for days without sleep or food.
Funny how, by definition, the first true "super labs" were owned and operated by our fearless world leaders....
we know how dangerous they are. 

I agree with Jason, it's the same insanity...or danger, just a helluva lot more of it.

IMO it's only a danger to us if we're anywhere near it or those that use it. 
Re: Is the meth world getting more dangerous?
IMO it's only a danger to us if we're anywhere near it or those that use it.
Yes Dan, it would help me to feel safer if I didn't have a TV...I hardly ever watch COPS-it's the news that seems to be stepping up the coverage or maybe it's really happening more in my area-killings, guns with meth.

It would also feel less dangerous to me if that DAMNED meth house down the street from the school would DISSOLVE in to NOTHINGNESS....I know, it would just be in someone else's neighborhood.

I seriously know that meth is death, but the shootings locally are new to my ears...I watched the news avidly and read the papers and the police blotters...spent lots of time in courtrooms listening to meth crime stories and really didn't hear much about guns (I know those cases go federal a lot of the time and I've only been in the county court) until recently.

Ya know, I'm all for the right to bear weapons-I don't have one (I'm too chicken) but I'm starting to really re-think that one. It almost seems like a drug test and letter of personal recommendation would be a good yearly thing for a gun owner to have to have-not that that would solve the problems, but a perfectly sane and safe person with a gun for hunting or personal protection can turn into a psycho killer when meth enters the picture.

Now for those of you recovering addicts that never got into guns, why do you thing there seems to be more gun crimes related to meth? Is the meth getting stronger?

Still pondering this one...
Re: Is the meth world getting more dangerous?
Any drug can become dangerous...when the addict wants it and can't afford it. Many will do whatever it takes to get their next high.
FSOAB Re: Is the meth world getting more dangerous?
Funny... The first time I really tried meth, I looked at the person I was with and said, "This is going to be bad" Low and behold, I have found out in so many years just how bad on my time...
FSOAB Re: Is the meth world getting more dangerous?
I've got a question. Am I seeing things or have I seen that meth is getting to be a epidemic? Is it really just on the TV. and News paper more because they are bored? It has always been bad like this in America?
vctry7 Re: Is the meth world getting more dangerous?
I think as meth becomes more prevalent, the violence that comes with it does, too.

From what I've read, meth was on the west coast 40 years ago and has gradually spread east. I recently watched a documentary from the California Dept. of Justice from the 80's. It was basically a warning of what was to come. Too bad no one outside of California cared to listen.
Re: Is the meth world getting more dangerous?
The meth world is certainly getting BIGGER.

jes78 Re: Is the meth world getting more dangerous?
last march i went to Washington to speak w/ the senators from RI on funding for drug treatment.  Their #1 concern was meth.

so yeah it is getting more dangerous. jes78

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