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What type of recovery program do you participate in?

mojo8888 What type of recovery program do you participate in?
I have seen other posts regarding 12 step programs and recovery programs in general. It made me reflect on the number of people I have met who have worked a variety of programs. The limited amount of programs I have been exposed to are as follows:
1. N.A.
2. A.A
3. C.A.
4. In-Patient
5. Out-Patient
6. Court-Ordered
7. T.A.S.C.
8. Teen Challenge
9. No-Program at all

A good friend of mine has 15 plus years free from heroin addiction using A.A. When my son was in the early stages of recovery he helped us understand addiction from the addicts perspective. His willingness to share gave us insight from a different point of view. He also spoke to my son and basically told him recovery was his responsibility.

My son speaks to groups and I have observed him and other speakers on the topic of sobriety and specifically what worked for them. My son went through three programs and found Teen Challenge suited his needs.

However, and I can't emphasize this enough, he uses everything he learned at a 30 day program, N.A. and Teen Challenge. It has shown me one absolute, if you are looking to get sober there is something out there for you. It takes a commitment to take that initial step and sometimes it requires exposure to more than one source for recovery.

To me the most successful people are growing in their personal lives and their recovery. I had a boss that would tell me, " You are either growing or you are dieing every day, what are you doing to grow?
Re: What type of recovery program do you participate in?
I went through a 30 day rehab, inpatient, in 1986. At that time, we were transported to several area meetings during the week, both AA and NA.

I am still active in AA to this day. This is a small town of approx 3000, and we've had NA here three different times if I remember correctly, but never enough support and it always folded. The one remaining AA group has been here since rocks were invented, I think

Meetings, working the steps, having a sponsor, sponsoring others, that is what has worked for me
Re: What type of recovery program do you participate in?
I'm on the "Addict to Island" program.

..... I arrested myself, and confined myself to this place, where there is NO SPEED.
....... my mother VERY close by, keeping an educated, stink eye on mE.

PLUS ...

.......I saw a shrink for damages...

in addition......
...I admitted I'm a METH ADDICT, shouted it from every rooftop from here to austrailia..

......Here at KCI and on my own website...and TSI

That ......I'm a Major HAZZARD TO MYSELF,
........I'm a SEVERELY progessed METH addict and that
I would do it givin the opportuny, till I was dead like a labratory rat.......
........and IF I DO METH, it will KILL ME next time.
(or the person I was)

............I informed the ENTIRE WORLD...

INCLUDING the people who live here, EVEN the cops.
(my boss is married to one, so they get free coffee.)

.....so that I can't just "sneak off" and disappear.
with out a phone ringing...

I painted myself in a corner and with much bitter resentment
.......simply abstained for a year and a half....

.....I am FINALLY actually RECOVERING...by FORCING MYSELF to see what REALLY happened to me.

......and try to keep others from doing it too.

and I get support, understanding, praise and empathy, on
my own board and at KCI.

......that's IMPORTANT.

I could not have held all that in, for a year and 8 months
............w/o SOMEONE who understands how I feel.

Re: What type of recovery program do you participate in?
I went to CDRP (Kaiser outpatient treatment for a year).

I was active in AA/NA for over 2 years then had a relapse

on alcohol and I am back again in the program.

I have over 3 years from all drugs and over 30 days clean from alcohol

The steps really helps me to stay clean and serene
Penel0pe Re: What type of recovery program do you participate in?
I haven't had to get high on anything for 1,148 days today by working the Narcotics Anonymous Program.
RIP recovery
I have recoverd through the use of Rational Recovery, Big Plan.
I have no need to participate in any other "programs", I have learned to live life and dont use dope.
Re: recovery
I go to CMA meetings. Crystal Meth annom. We practice the same principle as A.A. We have our own big book being written now but it is still in the works. Love the program and people. Doing my steps and gaining clean time. Feeling very spiritual as well. I have a Higher power in my life and the recovery is running along ok. A little bumpy at times but I am not using. Another day clean is a another day free from meth.,
Much love to all who suffer from the effects of addiction,
Re: recovery
12 step participation [lots] served as an excellent liferaft and kept me clean long enough to get both feet on the path of self discovery.
The open-mindedness that AA/NA strongly suggests inspired me to look at numerous other forms of recovery while trying to overcome notions of "Us & Them".
I especially like the concepts of 16 Step Recovery as well as personal development gurus like Wayne Dyer and Dr.David Hawkins.
Abraham-Hicks resonates with me also, the concept of going with the flow of what we truly want rather than pushing against that which we don't want makes perfect sense IMHO.
i.e. To construct a new self based on character assets rather than character "defects".
To "build on the positives".

I try and keep it simple and follow my Mothers good advice by keeping focused on my "spiritiual component/connection", gratitude, service, friendship,
and last but not least....music/rhythm therapy.
Not just a little
Re: What type of recovery program do you participate in?
I tried for years to do it by myself and failed over and over again. I finally went to AA. I went to step meetings from the very beginning and my second year did an AWOL. I continued going to my weekly meeting and a weekly step meeting for 5 years. My children were babies when I got clean. Five years later they were in school, we had little league and boy Scotts and the older one started CCD. I got involved with the church, was a den mom. I worked full time and then dedicated all my time to my children. It was great, I was very active in their life. However when they got older they didn't want me in their lives so much. I was extremely controlling and didn't let them out of my sight. The older son rebelled and we totally create what we fear. I had always feared that he would get into drugs, like I had. He got into drugs big time, they totally changed who he was. He became violent and had a tremoundous amount of anger. We had to put him in a private lock down boarding school. We sent him to the Academy at Ivy Ridge in Odgdensburg NY. This school had a program for parents as well as teens. I had gotten really derpessed and was having a lot of urges to use. What I learned about me is that I had defined myself thru my family and when it was falling apart I blamed myself. I had dealt with a lot of my issues when I active in the 12 steps but what this program showed me was how I let these issues run me. My son has graduated from the program I still run a support group for the program as well as staff seimnars. I learn so much about me every time I staff. I learned more in one weekend about how my crap ran me than I did in 5 years of AA. I just staffed the first weekend in March and learned that I need to stop talking and start listenting. When my kids are trying to tell me something I hear something I don't like and interupt and tell them what they "should do". I need to stop that. I need to hear them out and ask them "what they plan to do" rather than telling them what the have to do. Telling them what they have to do will just make them do the total oppsite. Before the I started this program June 2004 I was a total control freak. I tried to control everything around me. Today I have learned to let go. However the control thing still comes up a lot I just recognize it today and make new choices. The thing about making new choices is that it is uncomfortable. I was comfortable with the way things were, even if it wasn't working. However I have come to realize that changing is uncomfortable and we strech ourselves to get out of our comfort zone then real change will occur.
jes78 Re: What type of recovery program do you participate in?
i am on methadone so im not supposed to claim my clean time in na, but i found a womens na group that has a few women on methadone that lets us get our keychains. so i do na and ma, methadone anonymous.

i go to my regular na groups that i always went to too.

i have met so many good people over the yrs that i really love so much. i could call them at any time. and theres some really strong messages of hope there too.

and i do kci, this is part of my recovery. just being in contact w/ others effected by addiction helps me with my recovery. i see people i look up to and want to be like.
Re: What type of recovery program do you participate in?
My fiance participates in therapy/counseling (his doctor). He also takes meds for social anxiety disorder and narcalepsy.

These are the things he does to stay clean.

See also:

What is the difference between abstinence and recovery?

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