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Positive uses for meth?

skibum Positive uses for meth?
Alright guys I'm ready to be flamed from beyond belief. However, I will continue...lol

Folks, we hear about all the negative stuff done during while using meth, but are there any positive things done while on the white powder? Projects accomplished? It would be neat if someone could publish a "meth project," or something.

Again, not trying to advocate the devil here... I will say this: I know that all users at least have some heart and have done something - they're not all out to jack your camera, radio and car.... that's why I'm asking.

Perhaps you met your soul mate while on meth? - hey it can happen.... Perhaps, you had a new life awakening and a new life philosophy as a result of meth? Hey, again... it can happen.

Please share folks...

Maybe you thought about getting money legitimate ways and it backfired? LOL any stories are appreciated. Thanks in advance.
cocojo Re: Positive uses for meth?
Positive and Meth in the same sentence????? Not here

Husband -7years in a Federal Prison (has now been clean for 10 years)
Our son still on meth
Husband's brother- getting ready to do 12-15 years federal time
Sister- Dead at 36
Sisters Boyfriend- 13 years in prison for Manufacturing 1 year after my sister died
Nephew 18 yrs old- Sentenced to 11 years for Manufacturing 2 years after his Mother died


Re: Positive uses for meth?

cocojo wrote:

Positive and Meth in the same sentence????? Not here
Lots of negatives though... lots of very painful and traumatic negatives. Just thinking about what I have lost through my addiction makes me instantly depressed.
xxaddict Re: Positive uses for meth?
Everything that seemed positive at one time or another eventually turned to @$*%.
Re: Positive uses for meth?
Hey Skibum,
I don't know if there are any positives regarding meth, but I get what you're asking. I'm a trim carpenter and cabinet maker by trade, but only as a hobby now. While I was doing meth I undertook some projects that I probabily shouldn't have, but looking back at the pictures that I took after they were completed I think they turned out amazing. I know meth brought out the creative side of me, BUT it also ruined my desire to possibly ever do these things again.
I also use to fabricate some wild things with metal. I have fabricated things from drag car frames, rock crawler bodies and frames, tools, dies, jigs, all the way to things as simple as yard art; but the same goes with this. METH has distroyed everything that I touched while I was using. It sucked all the fun and enjoyment out of everything. I haven't built or made anything sense I got clean 4 years ago. It sucks because I'm realy good at those thing and at one time I loved them. NO THERE ARN'T ANY POSITIVES.
Re: Positive uses for meth?
My former in-laws lost their oldest son a couple of years ago, complications due to AIDS, contracted while sharing needles doing meth IV.

My grandchildren have been profoundly affected by my oldest daughter's addiction. She served 9 months on felony drug charges-was caught running Sudafed into a meth lab. She's lost a great deal of her teeth, and the ones she has left are slowly rotting.

I miscarried as a result of being half dead from doing meth on an extended basis. I have permanent nerve damage in my fingers/hands.

My parents will never completely heal from the emotional damage I wrought while in the midst of my meth addiction.

I've had chronic stomach problems since my using days and had major stomach surgery over 3 years ago that left me with a zipper from breastbone to bellybutton.

Any questions?
Re: Positive uses for meth?
Skibum you sure now how to stir the pot.. Nothing positive. From my perspective as a loved one it is a selfish destructive drug. Currently, I have an 18 year marriage down the tubes because my loved one decided he felt "positive" about meth. He left us with a mountain of debt, no vehicle, a crappy apartment and heartache. He left four kids behind, his first soon to be born grandchild, and my son who has downs syndrome. He left me to run my family, work, and raise these kids, plus manage the day to days of dealling with my sons condition. He never calls. He left me struggling to put food on the table, a table that should have food everyday because he and I had these kids.

On a positive note , my bootstraps are strong, my will is powerful and my motivation to make a better life without him is as powerful as kryptonite. There ya go you have your positve, and that positive is do not use meth.
Re: Positive uses for meth?
I think you have a very valid question;
I did alot of VERY creative things in the BEGINNING of my meth use.........I am an artist and did some of the most beautiful stuff
during the first year I used...........UNTIL IT USED ME UP!!! Then I had 1000 projects going, and nothing finished!!
The first year, my house looked like something right out of Better Homes and Gardens. It was beautiful. Hand painted borders, I custom
made benches and shelves for my dining room, Laid 800 sq ft of ceramic tile, Restored and built furniture. Everything I had was either some-
thing I made or restored. I had all these collections of chrystal, china, and art that I created, and I had a closet like Amelda Marcos.
But then I became an emotional wreck, and my husband a cold, calculated liar. In the end he tried to take my life, my children, and all
that stuff???............Gone!!! My ex took eveything I did and either sold it for shyt, or gave it to his girlfriend, even most of my cloths.
Some of the hardest lessons in life are the most important ones......My lesson?
I had lost sight of what was most important in life........I had to lose it ALL so that I could see what mattered most, my kids, my health and
I have pictures of things that I did..............I haven't painted, or made anything since I got clean. Maybe someday I will again, but for now
I am happy to be creative by doing hair.
My ex-husband was a painting contractor when we started doing meth........he was so good at it, a true craftsman. He learned from
his father growing up, and really did beautiful custom work. Vinyl too.......
His meth use destroyed his health, and in the last 5-6 years of his life he had to be on SSI because he COULDN'T work anymore.
Along with his failing health, he lost the will to live and alot of it was because he couldn't do the things he used to do.
He died in October.............his death was slow and very painful. Meth destroyed his heart and soul, literally.
phoenix Re: Positive uses for meth?
"they're not all out to jack your camera, radio and car"

That kind of goes without saying, don't you think?

And who are "they"? Do you mean "us"?

Do you know that as addicts, we have to live with these kind of stereotypes and discrimination day in and day out, no matter how hard it is?

Many of us have issues with self-worth, self-esteem.... Self-respect.

Do you understand that just because we quit using, that some of these issues don't just "get better"?

On the surface, you don't seem to be a very kind or supportive person.

I hope you start thinking about how you make others feel here, many (loved ones as well) have been thru hell and they deserve our empathy.

The effort and hard work, the time, the tears... that people here have endured to face their personnal demons head on, deserve our respect.

It's hard to be always thought of as "just another ex-tweaker".... Instead of who we are trying to become. It makes the battle much harder than it needs to be.

Re: Positive uses for meth?
.......one time at about 4 in the morning our chimney caught on fire
....and my husband noticed it because he was half awake.......
......... because he had done some meth earlier in the day and
.....could not sleep.....
..the floor was all cracking and was just about to really go up in flames..........

..........but then a few years later, the house really did burn down to the ground.....
.....after that last bust that sealed the deal for us..........
WHAT a Blessing in Disguise THAT was!!!!!!!!
Re: Positive uses for meth?
Meth is like, the best anti depressant on earth. So that's a positive.

Payday advances are also positive, if you need money right away. But it's that crazy finance charges that dip into your next paycheck that keep you coming back for more, and more and more just to stay afloat.

Meth is amazing and awesome! The lower doses that people take in the beginning are really beneficial to work productivity, and just productivity in general. I sure as hell benefitted from it. But the cumulative effects of meth (and it's really easy to keep accumulating them!) is what steals your life from you.

So yes, meth is good, any addict here could tell you that. It just doesn't know when to stop, and neither do we. So we have to stay away.
Re: Positive uses for meth?
Bottom line skibum;

we ALL pay a price when we get involved with meth....
I am an addict AND a loved one of many addicts. It is a vicious cycle NOBODY bennifits from it.

From the drug addict that I am I can tell you without a doubt that I have paid dearly for all that "creativity"

As a loved one,...........No amount of extra work done in the beginning of his meth use, is worth my kids losing
there dad.

Never in a million years did I believe my kids would lose there dad this soon, but they did.......so he could burn the mid-night oil.

Re: Positive uses for meth?

On the surface, you don't seem to be a very kind or supportive person.

I hope you start thinking about how you make others feel here, many (loved ones as well) have been thru hell and they deserve our empathy.

Thank you for saying what I continue to think, Phoenix.
FSOAB Re: Positive uses for meth?
Meth is amazing and awesome! The lower doses that people take in the beginning are really beneficial to work productivity, and just productivity in general. I sure as hell benefitted from it. But the cumulative effects of meth (and it's really easy to keep accumulating them!) is what steals your life from you.

Yep, I agree.. I remember getting a few rooms finally rearranged. It was like WOW.. This is what I needed to do it all and then some!

Then down the road I started feeling like meth should be made for a Indy car or something, NOT real human life. I was not the Energizer Bunny..
debs4321 Re: Positive uses for meth?
I agree with knownfear.....While I using I use to make absolutely beautiful handcrafted gemstone jewelry. I had 2 businesses going, with clients to die for. They took real good care of me. When I got clean I lost inerest in the jewelry and shut down my second business (cleaning houses) I have no desire to ever do any of those things again. I simply lost interest. I probably have several thousands of dollars worth of gemstones left over that just sit in boxes. I lost my creativity when I quit using dope.

I love the job I have now. Dont get me wrong. And I am good at what I do. Just sucks that I cant do the things that I once love to do.

I hate Meth. Nothing positve here.
Re: Positive uses for meth?
^co-sign what TenderheartsKS said.

I remember the first thing that went through my head the first time I did meth........WOW at the things I'll be able to do now with all this energy and creativity.

Shyt that lasted about a month. I turned to meth and it turned on me!
Re: Positive uses for meth?
You dont eat
you dont sleep
you go shopping at 300 am at walmart
you create the most bitchin crafts at the craft fair...BUT YET CANT DO IT SOBER...
you see shadow people
you have bugs crawling on you
you f*# k your best friends husband
you neglect your children
you sell your grandmothers jewlery
you sell you childrens video games or playstations
you steal money from your mother
you dont pay your car note
you dont pay rent
you keep your kids home from school cause your to paranoid to see people
your needles are dirty
your child brings you needles full of drugs
cps takes your kids
you contimplate suicide
your marraige fails
you go to jail
you go to prison
you got to a mental ward

that was my life on meth...

maybe the no eating was positive...lol
Re: Positive uses for meth?
Well , when on Meth the user THINKS there are positive uses of meth but trust me there are none , it is a drug that destroys the user from the inside out ... Now there are positive uses for speed , aka prescription speed but Crystal Meth ?? NO WAY
Re: Positive uses for meth?
"Well , when on Meth the user THINKS there are positive uses of meth...."

And that is really the crux of it. There are other ways to tap into creativity, productivity, svelte physique, feeling less depressed, sex, partying, and having fun other than using meth.

But once you start using it, you become rewired to think that meth is the BEST or the ONLY way to get these things. A meth addicted mind becomes dictated by the supposed "need" for meth.

The truth is, we need meth like we need a stingray barb in the heart.

A meth addicted mind can turn any negative into a positive as long as the meth supply keeps coming.
Re: Positive uses for meth?
Skibum , your interest in this drug really concerns me because you said before you want to know what it is like without trying it , well you CANNOT possibly know what something is like without trying it and please DO NOT try this drug , I wish I never had . It is AWFUL . I am concerned for you as you really do seem way too fascinated by this drug and it really is dangerous to be so.
Re: Positive uses for meth?
The only positive I can come up with is ........ I positively CAN'T do meth ever, ever,ever,ever,ever again!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Re: Positive uses for meth?

1) I destroyed my mind body and spirit, so I could be here to tell you all about it.
2) there's a reasonable excuse for hitler's behaivior.
3) speed freaks dumpster dive, and recycle, so, you don't have to.
4)dentists have job security
5) cops have something to do
6) we keep loved ones busy
7) the porn industry is thriving
we are so wretched,
..............we make almost anyone feel better about themselves to see our pathetic desperation.
9) no one can create a tragity like us.
10) oscar the grouch's lifestyle, is now an actual option, for kids who hate elmo.
Re: Positive uses for meth?
Oh man there's SO many cool things about METH!

....it's the PERFECT choice of acessory for pedifiles! ....and sex offenders, and even basic criminally
insane, wife beaters, cereal killers, or troubled folks who already had the tendency to be violent!

......................for ONE...it gives you the strenghth of 10 men!
and a giant erection that seemingly won't go away, no matter HOW many times you abuse your victims!
...so you can be sure....your rape victim's genitalia is DESTROYED...and insure internal bleeding...

and....what an IMPRESSION!
the terror stays with em forever! .....excellent choice for criminals....second to none.
Re: Positive uses for meth?
Meth is an excellent (but rather expensive) stain remover.

1. Fill up a pipe with meth
2. Heat pipe until contents melt
3. Spill contents onto stains on dirty clothing
4. Scrape the dried residue off clothing
5. Clothes should now be clean and without stains!

CAUTION: if you are still wearing the clothes while performing this procedure it may cause a burning sensation
Re: Positive uses for meth?
I positively know that meth has destroyed my daughter's life, and the life she could have had with her children.

I positively know that it's killed many of her "friends", and may someday do the same to her, and her brother (my son).

I positively know that I've wasted a lot of energy being concerned about my children.

I, as a loved one can not see any "positive use" for meth.
Sfj Re: Positive uses for meth?
Desperation, paranoia, insanity, STDs, hospitals, lost jobs, evictions, busted relationship, bills I can't pay.
Bill collectors, foreclosure, car repossessed, self-loathing, loss of dignity, loss of integrity, loss of friends, loss of self-respect, loss of self-control.

Lawsuits, Fear. Sick thoughts of perverse and depraved sexual behavior. SICK.

Thievery, hanging out with bottom dwellers, crawling through trash piles, dumpsters, and dumps, debauchery, getting ripped off by dealers and so-called friends, sickly skin, speed bump skin, dental disaster, pain and suffering, panic, hollow empty looking facial features, hiding from everyone and everything, ripping off those I love, urine in a jar and piss in a bottle, risk of liver and kidney failure, heart attack, stroke, riding to the hospital ER or morgue.

Unable to think, unable to focus, horny as hell and unable to get laid, unattractive, ugly, smelly, looking weird, sick, deathly, putrid, premature aging, premature aches and pains, getting in debt to the connect, unable to cop, unable to get high because I'm too damned dirty, late for everything, dope really doesn't work much any more.

People avoided me as much as I avoided them, long-time friends don't want to see me or have anything to do with me, can't go to the bathroom because my plumbing quit working due to meth addiction, more panic, more paranoia, hiding, turn off the lights so no one can see me, garbage hasn't been emptied in weeks, missing a vein and getting abscessed, lung disease, scars that won't heal, sores that won't heal but get worse, filthy living conditions, loss of humanity, strung out on porn, too scared to commit suicide and to too desperate not to.

SICK. Neurological devastation. Unending remorse, shame, and guilt. Did I say SICK?

That's enough for right now, there's a lot more. It gets depressing just to look at this list.

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