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Hiding the truth about using meth and insomnia

Posted by: uncertain -
   Why do users take such measures to hide it from their loved ones? If this is the life they are choosing, why can't they just tell us that is what they want and let us begin healing sooner (set us free so to speak). No, I don't think that I mean that. I don't want others to choose to use drugs without thinking twice. There is just so much betrayal when living with and married to a user! I have spent years in so much pain for my husband because of what I thought was his suffering. Until learning of his drug use, I thought his insomnia was caused by too much anxiety. And I felt guilty for not being able to stay awake with him and keep him company throughout the night. Now that I realize it was his choices that led to all of this, I am so bitter. But still hurting too. Sorry...I'm just having a sad/mad moment.


Sarah -
   It's funny. I asked my bf (user) that same question. If you want to use why not just be with another user and not have to hide it or be with someone who is going to be hurt by it? His reply was that he would never be in a relationship with another user because then it would just be everyone saying "yes" and no one to say "no." I think deep down a lot of users know they need to quit. Maybe by being with those of us who don't use they are hoping they'll find the motivation to quit. I guess only they know.

Tammy -
   My husband hid it for all he was worth. But he knew when he married me, that I despised it. And he knew if he ever admitted to me what he was doing, that would be the end. So he lied (and lied and lied and lied :)

Lorrie -
   My husband tried to hide it from me to but I ALWAYS knew when he was using. I mean it was so obvious. Everything about him changed. I would confront him and he'd always deny it and then disappear for days. So yes people will try to convince you otherwise when they're using but trust your instincts they are usually right on.

Jenn -
   I found the proof lots of times. Each time I found it I would plan a different way to approach him, trying to find a way for him not to get out of it. Nothing worked. He always manipulated his way out. Whether he admitted or denied I still never felt satisfied. I never got what I wanted to hear from him. So, I still sit here wondering what next. I have just gotten off the phone with him thinking, Hmmmm, what will I do if I find it AGAIN? Call the police maybe?

tm -
   I lied because I was doing something I was horribly ashamed of doing. I lied because more than anything I wanted to be able to keep on doing it. I lied because didn't want to lose my husband or my family. But most of all, I lied because I knew that those close to me wanted to believe me more than anything and that I could get away with it. I lied because that's what addicts do. Don't believe the lies!

 jenn -
   I was looking for a sure sign. And was hoping that might be it. How come this damn drug is so confusing? I think he feels like it is okay as long as he looks like he is being "normal". That is why I asked the question. He knows I watch his sleeping habits. But meth users eventually realize it is hurting them right? I mean, I have read a lot about it, but does it really control your mind that much? I guess so.

Kathi -
   Jenn, you have seen something that so many of us have - my daughter and her husband spent so much energy to hide and "protect" their use -- funny how they separated family members who might be able to put 2 and 2 together -- they told me awful things about his family and his family awful things about me, now that we are all meeting each other, we are finding out the truth. It seems in Meth - that eventually, their world gets smaller and smaller of people that love them, but still buy their crap. I truly don't know if it is the paranoia that comes in or protecting the use... but it sure seems to be a pattern of behavior that is associated with meth use -- It seems like with Meth, users many times even believe their own lies... things that make you go hummmmm.

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