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Meth and Sleeping

   Can someone who is using meth sleep and get up like a normal person? I mean, if they go to bed and sleep then wake up in 6-8 hours and go to work then sleep the next night is that possible? I have wondered if someone could use and then take a sleeping pill or something to go to sleep. Or can they maybe just take a little bit of meth for their craving and then function half way normal?
- Jenn


S -
   It has a lot to do with quantity of consumption over a sustained period of time. If someone is relatively clean and takes a large dose, sleep is impossible. Once you've been using it daily for a while, though, you get more and more tolerant... and at the same time, more and more sleep deprived. You haven't slept in days, your body temperature is high, your heart rate is accelerated, and your muscles are getting regular use even when you aren't doing anything... this will tire you out beyond the ability of any stimulant to remedy. In the early stages of extreme addiction/tolerance, it becomes very easy to sleep and eat normally. As it progresses, you'll see the addict sleeping more and more often. Find out if he's falling asleep in meetings at work - even when high as a kite, when you are in a situation where you can't occupy yourself... your mind and body will try to shut down. Does he nod off during movies or watching TV? Fall asleep in front of the computer? Maybe not yet... but look for those things.

tm -
   I was very good at faking sleep. I used everyday and went to bed about 11pm most nights. I did this because I didn't want my husband to get suspicious. If this is what your husband is doing, I can tell you a sure fire way of knowing if he is using. The one thing you can't fake is the beating of your heart. All you have to do is put your arm or hand across his chest or your ear against his back. Listen for a rapid resting heart rate; 120-180bpm. You don't really need to count. It's quite obvious if he's using. I had a friend whose husband went to a flea market and picked up a cheap stethescope. She couldn't get away with anything. Good luck

bridgette -
   jenn, from what i know a lot of people can do that and eat as well i never could. i would take a ton of sleeping pills, cold medicine, drink night time theraflu like tea...and still not be able to sleep. what a trip (more like a nightmare) that was. i would just lay in bed...furious because i knew that i needed the sleep and just unable to get it. then i would eventually just get back up, smoke more (meth) and go to work. and i worked with the public!!! sorry...my little tangent...but yes - many people can do that. especially (i've heard) if they have been using for some time...hope that helps

Tammy - 
   Jenn, Yes they can. My husband did. After he died, and I found his stash...in it was a couple of different kinds of pills. One was a pain killer, the other a sleeping pill. When I first found them, I asked about them, and Ian told me they take these to take the edge off of their buzz. I believe that is what he was doing to be able to sleep, because I had told him that I knew he was using, because he had always been a "sleeper". Naps, sound sleeper at night, etc. Meth changed those sleeping habits, and the pills allowed him to fake his way through it for my benefit. Love, Tammy

bridgette -
   I hid my use from my husband for three years lied about the insomnia, mood swings, weight loss...i'm also bi-polar...very similiar characteristics. i loved him dearly, and when it occurred to me that i had crossed lines and broken trust to a point that i couldn't come back from i asked HIM for a divorce. because i loved him. if that makes sense. i let him go, told him the truth (about using throughout our marriage) and checked myself into treatment. i knew that i could never look him straight in the eye after he put the puzzle together. and i also didn't want to put him through my recovery process...i had put him through enough i'm rambling...keeping up appearances (to some) is of the utmost importance to an addict...like me. take care

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