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Seeing things, imagining, delusions after being clean from meth

   I received some very wonderful encouragement, but haven't received any answers to one specific question. If someone has been clean from meth about 2 weeks (forced into being clean after being readmitted into the state hospital for drug induced psychosis) and is still seeing things, imagining people running around under the deck, reporters taking pictures of her and writing things about her, and seeing "corpse" on the shampoo bottle, and on and on and on, will she ever get out of this? Sometimes she knows she is "crazy." She has even admitted that she doesn't know what is reality and what isn't, but sometimes doesn't know when she is being crazy at all. Does this make any sense? I know I have rambled a bit. Basically, I have read that these episodes can last up to a year. However, being clean, being okay for two days, being readmitted, doubling her dose of anti-psychotics....well, none of this has helped. Will she get better if she stays clean? Or, have we lost her for good? Oh...and she has recently been diagnosed as being bi-polar, which sucks in itself. But, as far as the delusional thinking, is this going to go away? Also, she was an IV meth user, does this make (and I am pretty sure I know the answer) recovery harder, and delusions worse?
- ANR79


bugs -
   ANR79~~First of all...I'm no expert...having said that...I'll tell you what I've heard here and there. My daughter was in rehab in 1/04 for 28 days and they would NOT address any mental health issues until the patient was completely detoxed and had completed treatment, because many times the symptoms of drug addiction are the same as certain mental illnesses. From personal experience...I have bi-polar disorder and what I have read on this site, heard in the chat room and studied on many various web sites, the highs and lows experienced by a person using meth are exactly the same as what I have experienced with the mood swings I have with bi-polar. And I've never done drugs and I don't drink alcohol. So, off the top of my head, I would say that (is it your friend?) should be in an INPATIENT rehab/treatment center equal to the time spent using, i.e.: if using 1yr. = 1yr. treatment. What I'm saying is, the bi-polar may be a misdiagnosis and the psychosis is merely a side effect from the meth. This is strictly only an opinion, but I would address the meth issue first before I address the mental health issue, and I would definitely go to a rehab place that specialized in meth, not one that was primarily alcohol and meth secondarily...there is a BIG difference. Best wishes

joshua -
   I do not have all the answers, I will start by that. But I have been an addict for over two years now, and been clean now for two months or so. And this very site helped me do it. And the major fact that I have given my life to Christ. I have a friend that is psychosis. And he has been that way for 3 years now and he has been clean for 2 years. And like you stated they do have their good days but they had their bad ones too! There are a lot people right now hurting because of this and I know that I can help. I am here to answer?' s. cause I have been there and I fight this everyday battle. I am 28 and been married for 8 of those and I have two kids. One being 8 and the other 3. And I about cashed it all in for it. Keep their spirits up and do not ever call them out on the shit they see. Let them come to you. cause Joe thought that he was Jesus Christ too until he was arrested in the middle of the freeway.... But if you want to hear a story about a family that almost went up in flames. and a man that about blew is brains out and to see where I am at now with out it. I call it "to meth and death & back". ask her does she want to talk to me, I would be more than welcomed..................

Diana AKA Beckysmom -
   I don't have all the answers and had I had known about this site before 8 months ago, I would probably have picked a different screen name, as 3 of my children have or are using meth. My 3rd son has drug-induced schizophrenia (sp) and after more than 2 years he still has his episodes. He called me several months ago to tell me he was Jesus... He confines himself, sees things and hears voices, shuffles when he walks, rarely looks anyone in the eye. He has good days, and on those good days he tells me he believes meth (which he chose to shoot in any place in his body he could find) really messed him up terribly. That he wishes he had never touched it. But, those times aren't often anymore. He moved to another town about 4 hours away, and didn't even tell me where he went or how to get a hold of him. This drug needs to be brought down!!! Each case is different they say.

Annette - 
   I know this has got to be very difficult for you…I'm not real sure, and I wish I had some answers for you... I do know that several years ago, when I was with my ex husband, I worked at a children's shelter, we would take in children that had been abused, or were taken away from there parents by the courts…and usually they were waiting for foster homes. I remember one little girl, who was waiting to be adopted out, because her mom, had, the meth induced psychosis, she had done meth mixed with acid. It was such a very sad situation, I remember reading the girls chart, and her mom was in a mental hospital, and she did not even know her name, her A, B, C's. I worked there for 2 years, and when I left she was still there. They did tell the girl, that if her mom got better she could go back to her, or go to foster home, whichever came first. I hope your friend gets better..Just keep the faith.

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