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State and Legislative Laws about Selling Houses and Homes used for Cooking Methamphetamine

Because of the increasing number of individuals cooking and manufacturing meth in homes, many homebuyers are unaware of the dangers and liability in purchasing a meth house. Several states are finally beginning to tackle this problem and require the information be disclosed to potential buyers home-buyers and renters to check online for busted "meth houses" so they don't move into a former contaminated drug lab.

Meth Lab Contaminated Properties Online

Additional drug lab sites

Meth Site Cleanup by California's Department of Toxic Substances Control

Meth Lab Cleanup by Minnesota's Department of Health. See also Act 136

Arkansas Department of Health methamphetamine laboratory cleanup guidelines.


Meth Lab Cleanup by Colorado. See also Act 320

Meth Lab Cleanup by Arizona. 12-1000. Clandestine drug laboratories; notice; cleanup; residual contamination; civil penalty; immunity; restitution; violation; classification.

Hawaii toxic materials see Sec. 322-1, HRS.

In Oklahoma's law on Disclaimer and Disclosure Statements, the required disclosures include knowledge or information on the "existence of prior manufacturing of methamphetamine." Title 60 (Word document), sec. 60-833(B)(1)(h).

Oregon's law provides for Cleanup of Toxic Contamination From Illegal Drug Manufacturing, sections 453.855 through 453.912. Among its provisions: criteria for determination that property is not fit for use; allowing transfer of property not fit for use after full written disclosure, but property is still subject to aforementioned provisions; certification of decontamination of property.

South Dakota. South Dakota's law on Property Condition Disclosure Statement includes Production of Methamphetamines under section IV. Hazardous Conditions.

Tennessee. Tennessee's current law on Property Where Methamphetamine Manufactured has been amended by Act 347 (PDF, 28K, 3 pp., from the Tennessee General Assembly), 2005 session, which added two new sections, on recording of a meth lab quarantine and certificate of fitness of a quarantined property.

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