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Can you quit meth on your own?

clickmom Can you quit meth on your own?
Is the only way to quit meth successfully is by admitting yourself into an inpatient program? Is it possible to do it on your own by only going to NA meetings and possibly counseling? Has anyone does this successfully on their own?
Re: Can you quit meth on your own?
i have never been to rehab or detox centers...i believe you can quit without those things, however i don't believe you can recover on your own...
you can be abstinent on your own but recovery is something that requires support...
there are many people who have stayed clean and recovered without rehab... but the main key to my success so far in staying clean has been NA,i attend NA meetings everyday, except fridays. mondays i do 2 meetings...
i talk to people as much as possible, ringing other NA s, going out for coffee and dinner and breakfast with people who are older and cleaner than myself...
basically i go to NA and i do whatever NA s suggest i should do in order to stay clean....
Re: Can you quit meth on your own?
NA saved my life. I did not go to inpatient rehab, although I tried to. You can quit meth without inpatient rehab, but you cannot just abstain and expect to stay clean. There are reasons behind drug use/addiction, reasons that we began using in the first place.

New tools are necessary to learn in order to learn how to deal with life on life's terms, instead of turning to drugs.
clickmom Re: Can you quit meth on your own?
well that sounds hopeful. I thought the only way you could ever truely quit is to go into rehab. The only way his sister actually got clean was when she went to jail. She had the option of going to a program where she has to stay for a year and get clean or stay in jail. She says going to jail saved her life.

Would it even be wise for me to find an NA meeting in my area and suggest that we go to it?

Re: Can you quit meth on your own?
na website

you will be able to find them on that link
clickmom Re: Can you quit meth on your own?
thanks I found some places close to my house.
Loraura Re: Can you quit meth on your own?
Does he want to get clean? I mean really want to be done with it, not just appease you or get people off his back?

If he isn't ready to do the work required to stay clean, he won't stay clean. It's a lot of hard work to stay clean.
Re: Can you quit meth on your own?
i quit with the support of my boyfriend. i wanted to quit for us, so we could have a future together. i have only been to one NA meeting, i read this website a lot, and I rely heavily on the man I love for support. Without someone that loved me and to remind me everyday of why I want to be clean, then I may have not gotten through the worst of it.

It was not easy for either of us or our relationship, but we're still together, and I'm still clean and getting cleaner and better everyday.

I'm about 8 months clean. I don't want to go back down that road. I want to move forward for me and my future family.
Re: Can you quit meth on your own?

I quit using when my boyfriend (now husband) was arrested by the feds. They immediately sent him to inpatient rehabilitation for 30 days, then he came home until after his sentencing. I never went to rehab (in or outpatient). I've never been to meetings. I was on my own when he was in rehab. I've now been clean since January 2nd, 2002!!

Honestly, it wasn't that hard for me to quit because I'd been ready for sooooo long before the arrest, but it was always there. My boyfriend manufactured and as long as he was around, I was smack in the middle of it at all times. At the time I didn't have the strength to get rid of him to get clean. The day he was arrested was a huge relief to both of us. I think we were both getting sick of it, we just didn't know how to get out. Neither of us have used since.

One thing that is absolutely IMPERATIVE to getting clean and staying clean on your own is getting rid of all the "friends" that you use with. Even if that means having no friends at all, that's what needs to be done. The day my boyfriend got home from rehab, one of our user "friends" saw him at a gas station and said, "hey, let's go get high". Thank God he said no. What a freaking moron. Yeah, let's offer someone drugs when they're straight outta rehab.

Anyway, even though I don't go to meetings, I've always had a ton of support. I got my support from God. Fortunately, I found a church where the congregation was full of very accepting people. I started to focus on God's plan for my life and live my life for God. Now I'm excited about life. I really have begun to appreciate the "little things" in life. A sunny morning, spring rain, my son's laughter....

I pray for that kind of recovery for your loved one.

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