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How important is it to attend addiction meetings?

Loraura How important is it to attend meetings?
So I was thinking this morning, about an article I read about Weight Watcher's success rates, actually. And I found it interesting that when they followed participants of the weight watchers "Points" program over the course of 2 years that those who attended a minimum of 78% of meetings showed better results. I started wondering how this correllated with Addiction recovery meeting.


An analysis of data collected at the end of the two-year study found that Weight Watchers participants maintained a mean weight loss of 6 pounds whereas self-help participants had on average returned to their starting weight. Further, Weight Watchers participants who reported attending 78% or more group meetings during the last 1-1/2 years of the study achieved better results with a median weight loss of 10 pounds. (www.weightwatchers.com/ab...D=1002911)
So I wondered why that was. Is it the feeling of being accountable for your actions throughout the week? It would suck to go in and show a gain, even if it's just the person weighing you that knows. Or is it the actual program content? Does going to the meeting serve as a subconscious re-committment to a goal?

With Addiction recovery programs, those of you who attend regularly, how do you feel the act of just showing up on a regular basis efects your recovery?

Those of you who used to attend meetings, then stopped. Did you relapse only after you stopped?

I'm curious about what effect simply showing up to support meetings has on the success of any goal.
Sfj Re: How important is it to attend meetings?
How cool that you would post that.

My wife began weight watchers about a year ago after decades of struggling with weight problems.

She has FIVE Big red star banner type things taped to our refrigerator. Each Star Banner is a five pound weight loss. She goes EVERY saturday morning, then we go to aerobics class right after.

Going to meetings is an incredibly huge part of recovery for many of us. I know there are some people who claim to get little or nothing out of meetings and I respect that notion. But most of us, get a great deal of intangible support and encouragemnet.

I go to a number of meetings a week, sometimes more than seven, but usually fewer. Average four or five. The turnover is quite large. People come and go, something like this website. Do we really want to know what happened to them? One thing for sure, those who keep showing up - stay clean.
Re: How important is it to attend meetings?
Meetings give me accountability. In recovery, I seem to grow a concience - I don't want to let people down like I used to. So if someone expects me to be there or WANTS me to be there, I feel I should go.

I usually hear just what I needed to hear at meetings.

I meet people who KNOW what it is to be a drug addict. I don't feel like a freak as much.

When I stopped going, I relapsed (this 2nd time, which was on pot ). But I WANTED to use, and wanted to ditch the meetings, so I don't know if that counts.
Re: How important is it to attend meetings?
interesting topic ... I lost 55 pounds And have kept it off almost 2.5 years now ... I did not do weight watchers ..But I read Dr Phils book ."The Ultimate weight loss solution"... ANyhow to make a long story short ,I had to change everything I did . and everything I put in my mouth .. Food ,or say "feeding my empty heart " Was what I did ... I work a program . Daily ... I have a couple differant support systems via the internet ... (Like this room is for Me too).When I start slipping on the food end I get back at a food journal ... I exercise 6 days a week . My whole out look on life has changed ,More to it then just lossing weight ... Its been a sprital journey too .. I have grown in many ways and Finally at 44 years old I have a good body image ... Blah blah blah ... But its true I mean come on I must be a Food addict as I gained that weight to begin with and its been a battle my whole life up and down all the time ...If a person knew better they would of known when my life wasnt going good by my size !!! LOL no really its true ..I never felt very derserving .But Now I do ... I too think its helped me get through this terrible addiction of my hubbys meth use too ... I TRY real hard to foucus on ME ... Lots of work ..EVERYDAY ..Oh I havent eaten any Fast food in a little over 2.5 years ... !!! Part of my recovery !!!!! Love ya guys Mary
Re: How important is it to attend meetings?
hey merry...my mom did the same thing...she read...followed it to a t and made exercise five days a week part of the deal too...she would never go to a meeting...my mom IS VERY anti-social..she is trying more to interact, she recently lost my step father after 8 years of caring for him...and put the weight back on...she is now, back on the diet...but like anything...once you slip...you tend to go back to old ways....
Penelope Re: How important is it to attend meetings?
Meetings are my lifeline - the place I go to be with those who understand me, and a place where I often hear what it is I need to hear some days.

I may even try those weightwatchers meetings - god knows the NA meetings have saved my life!
danimal55 Re: How important is it to attend meetings?
What Pen said!
I love people, I love their experience, strength, and hope...without it I would'nt be here.
Or anywhere.
I NEED the meetings... and the meetings need me.
BUT! the meetings are only the tip of the iceberg...
the literature, a sponsor, and the STEPS are the pathway to freedom from addiction and the associated misery.
Sure people recover without meetings....I choose not to be one of them  
People are kewl...gotta love 'em! [step 12] When ya do, they love ya back.

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