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Changes in Pupils / eyes dilate with meth

ebilday Changes in Pupils / eye dilate with meth?
I know this is going to sound weird and I wont blame any of you here for thinkin Im a schitzo for some reason...but Ive been lookin into the mirror the last three days everytime I crawled out of bed, and noticed my eyes looked weird for some reason. I kept thinkin somethin about the pupils didnt seem right. Then a little while ago I noticed that my pupils were nothing but tiny pinpoints. I turned the light off and flicked on a lighter, and they wont even dialate to a normal size. I had my roomate double check (though he thought I was high on something) and agrees they're real small. Like little pinpoints, even in dim light...is that normal?

Is body numbness / tingling normal during acute withdrawals too? Sorry if it sounds weird..just curious...
Re: Changes in Pupils / eye dilate with meth?
Call your doctor tomorrow and let me give you a look over.

My eyes are dark brown, so I honestly couldn't answer that question.

Try not to get yourself over anxious, call your Doc and have him fill your meds and give you a look over.

Sounds to me like there might be some underlying things going on.
Re: Changes in Pupils / eye dilate with meth?
I agree, Ebi, get checked out by a doctor.Better safe than sorry.

My husband's pupils never changed when using.
Never changed when crashing.
I could never go by that.
The only numbness and tingling he had was when he slept wrong.
Re: Changes in Pupils / eye dilate with meth?
I'm not going to recomend against going to the doctor, it's always a good idea when detoxing from any drugs.

I never noticed any severe changes in my pupils. But my eyes when I wake up during acute withdrawl are extremely bloodshot. To the point of the white areas looking almost solid red.

I shake a lot, and feel numb from head to toe. The severity of the numbness varies depending on how much dope i've done before crashing. If i smoked a lot then passed out, I feel very numb to the point of barely being able to stumble out of bed.

I've also got what i belive is permenant nerve damage. I was still shaking and can't hold my hands steady after 50 days clean.
Re: Changes in Pupils / eye dilate with meth?

Hubby has this too. It may not be nerves, but low blood sugar. You need to get the shakiness checked out.

Hubby has nerve damage in his arm from blowing a vein, but began to get the shakes, dizzy when standing up too fast, etc.

He got checked out in medical as diabetes runs in his family, he was told he is borderline and just has very low blood sugar.

Get that checked out Matt.

Ebilday...not sure about the eyes. I mean, I could always tell when hubby was using because there was no color, always solid black, but I don't ever recall them getting pin sized. Getting that checked is a good idea too.

Love to both, glad you didn't use today.
Re: Changes in Pupils / eye dilate with meth?
maybe this could help... i use to iv speed and my pupils would often look tiny....when i was coming down or had not slept for a couple of days my pupils would be huge so the colour...mine being brown...were nearly gone and my eye colour looked black....dunno probably has something to do with the ingredients used in aus to make speed as i get the same effect when i used to trip on ecstacy...???
Penelope Re: Changes in Pupils / eye dilate with meth?
I would ABSOLUTELY go see a doctor, tell him the truth about substance abuse, and get checked out.

Pupils say a lot about a lot of different conditions, including neuroligical problems.

Pinpoint pupils are NOT normal.
Re: Changes in Pupils / eye dilate with meth?
Wow? Really? My eyes been messed up bad after a life time of straining them. After staring at the sun for a quite a few years I wasn't surprized to learn that I had problems with my retina & astigmatism. But I didn't know it could mean neurological problems! Wow, that's in my field too. How do you get that checked out? PET or CAT scan?

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