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The Dopamine Pill

Sfj The Dopamine Pill. - I’m not kidding.
The Dopamine Pill.

I’m not kidding.

U.S. News and World Report, February 20, 2006. Page 56, article “Fixing Your Brain.”

“Previously, doctors treating disorders like Parkinson’s – which afflicts about 1.5 million people in the United States - had tried to intervene with a pill. Cells in a part of the brain called the substantia nigra produce dopamine, a chemical essential for movement.”

- - -

“But the pill, levodopa, can replenish dopamine and restore normality.”

Now then, as a recovering speedfreak, can’t you just imagine the huge black market for such a pill?

Ok, nevermind. Parkinson’s is serious. But, can’t help but wonder.

TnSkye Re: The Dopamine Pill. - I’m not kidding.
Parkinson's is serious, but you are right. In time, this drug will be a huge street drug.

But, since it replenishes dopamine, won't they be able to use it for recovery from meth addiction?

I suppose, therefore creating a new addiction...
Sfj Re: The Dopamine Pill. - I’m not kidding.

I dunno, this is the first I've heard, or read about it.

Anyone else know anything?

You can tell how exciting my life is when I'm reading two week old U.S. News and World Report on the first Friday Evening of the month.


Re: The Dopamine Pill. - I’m not kidding.

Thanks for posting this. This is really major or at least has the potential to be...

It is my understanding that speed addiction can be a precursor to Parkinson's. It would only make sense from an economic perspective to utilize this medication in treating meth addiction as a preventative to Parkinson's.

And of course to help meth addicts jump start their recoveries.

Definitely worthy of further research...

Where can I get some, I'd like to slip some into my addicts tea....
TnSkye Re: The Dopamine Pill. - I’m not kidding.

I'm flipping back and forth hoping that enough people have posted to keep my busy reading and replying for a while.

I'm about to make my kid go to bed and I'm going to watch either Sin City  or  XXX: State of the Union.

Here's  a little something I found on my first search.

Guene Re: The Dopamine Pill. - I?m not kidding.
Wow wouldn't that be great if this pill could help meth addicts out. B
Penelope Re: The Dopamine Pill. - I’m not kidding.
L-Dopa has been around for at least 50 years.

Ever seen a movie called "Awakenings" with Robin Williams and Robert DeNiro?

Thats the same drug they were using in that flick. It delays the symptoms of Parkinsons disease / parkinsonian tremors, but eventually the disease wins anyway. L- Dopa just gives people a little more time before the disease takes over...

I think your issue of US News and World Report might be older than 2 weeks.

I wonder what would happen, though, if a couple of burnt out tweekers (Like say, you and me) were to be given L - Dopa?

Maybe I'd be able to re where my keys were once in a while...
Re: The Dopamine Pill. - I’m not kidding.
The Problem With Levodopa

Herein lies the problem ….. Dopamine cannot cross the blood-brain barrier. So, it is useless to the Parkinson’s patient if it never gets into the brain !!

So….. the key is to keep levadopa as levadopa until it reaches the blood-brain barrier.

You have to combine levadopa with a dopa decarboxylase inhibitor to insure that levadopa gets to and can cross over the blood-brain barrier.

Carbidopa is the name of the dopa decarboxylase inhibitor that is combined with levadopa which enables levadopa to get to and cross over the blood-brain barrier

At the blood-brain barrier, carbidopa is cleaved from levadopa.

In the brain, levadopa is converted to dopamine where it exerts its inhibitory effects and calms the tremors, and other symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease.

(I've read articles where research was being done, to determine if levadopa may help restore normal function to brains damaged by methamphetamine.....but can't find them now....will keep looking....sounds promising to me!)
Sfj Re: The Dopamine Pill. - I’m not kidding.
Feb. 20, 2006?

Unless I'm missing something, that was less than two weeks ago.
TnSkye Re: The Dopamine Pill. - I’m not kidding.
I've been searching, too, nana. I have found other interesting things, places to buy 'legal highs' and such.
Penelope Re: The Dopamine Pill. - I’m not kidding.
I was pulling yer leg...

But L-Dopa has been around since "Way" long ago.

Rancid1 Re: The Dopamine Pill. - I’m not kidding.
Not exactly related, but some info on meth and parkinsons

Re: The Dopamine Pill. - I’m not kidding.
Yep, it's been around. My Grandpa took it for his Parkinson's and he died in 1974. After he took it, he wanted to be touchy/feely too, beyond just hugs!!!
ian Re: The Dopamine Pill. - I’m not kidding.
I don't know anything about this specific pill, never heard of it. What I do know is that there really is no easy cure for addiction.

I was on and off methadone for a while during my 'career' back there and at first I thought it was a wonder drug and that I found my cure, it turned me from a full blown junkie into a functioning human being instantly! It was a pretty high dose and I had to get to the clinic every morning but at the time it was worth it.

Until it was time to taper off, I never expirienced such severe withdrawals from any other drug, including heroin, morphine and hydromorphone (dilaudid), it's not so much the intensity of the WD symptoms, it's how long they lasted because of the long half life of the medication. So instead of a week or two initial WD period, it turns into a month or two.. I relapsed back on heroin not too long after that.

They just approved a new drug buprenorphine (subutex or suboxone which comes with naltrexon which is an opiate blocker, although some people choose to use an implant instead). It was only avilable in institutions until 2003, now doctors who have the proper medical training (and if you are looking for one, please let me know, it's very easy to fall on the wrong doctors who doesn't know much about addiction and it's your life on the line..)

So now this drug is more avilable to the general population in an office based setting but if you look at other countries which had this drug prescribed for longer periods of time (france especially) they have a HUGE problem with people abusing buprenorphine, it's very dangerous, it's very easy to die injecting it. Even though it's only a partial opiate and binds to the receptors and does a great job in preventing WD symptoms, most people stay on it for a long long time, just like with methadone.

Heck, I re when the brand name 'OxyContin' came out, they bragged about how this is such a non addictive opiate and could be easily used as a substitute to morphine or dilaudid (or heroin in other countries, like england). Now 60% of people in treatment for opiate dependancy are their because of oxycodone.

Like I said, I don't know anything about this drug, I just know from expirience, there is no silver bullet..
25 years
but no
Re: The Dopamine Pill. - I’m not kidding.
Sfj is right! My doctor and I have already been discussing this issue. Click on this link for more information about it. www.nida.nih.gov/NIDA_Notes/NNVol15N4/Pursues.html Maybe there is some hope for us yet.
Re: The Dopamine Pill. - I’m not kidding.
hey i want my dopa mine mine back,maybe some day the science guys will be able to fix us all with a simple pill or injection.
mkm Re: The Dopamine Pill. - I’m not kidding.
Doesn't sound good -
Amantadine, levodopa and apomorphine at lower doses potentiated (To promote or strengthen -a biochemical or physiological action or effect) the rage inducing effect of APT. Moreover, at higher doses amantadine or levodopa alone also evoked (To summon or call forth) rage reaction similar to that induced…

Re: The Dopamine Pill. - I’m not kidding.
I think the cure lies within us in the end. How happenin' would it be to have a meth fix?

Tyrosine (dopamine precursor), NAC (N-Acetyl Cysteine), Alpha Lipoic Acid, Silymarin (Milk Thistle), Liver X, and my cleansing pills seem to make me feel pretty normal. The NAC and milk thistle extract trigger glutathione development which helps crub cravings. (Sorry for the mispellings)

I started feeling pretty desperate when calling rehab centers and being told "there is no real detox treatment for cystal meth". Bummer! That is enough to make someone want to continue using. I fortunately had a week clean so I figured I'd gone through some of the roughest days.

Day 16 and still smiling!!

Peace ~ Don't pick up, no matter what! I won't pick up, no matter what!


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