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Is Erectile dysfunction from meth use permanent?

johno Erectile dysfunction from meth permanent?
This question is for anybody who think they have an answer. Is the erectile dysfunction from meth use permanent or does it go away after going sober for awhile??

Any help with this question would be greatly apreciated.
imlostinky Re: Erectile dysfunction from meth permanent?
Johno, my experience is it does go away after some sober time.
Now I can't speak for long long term heavy use - but I can speak for a man in his 40's that used 1/2 gram a week thereabouts for 3 years.

Maybe some of the others will know more.
Re: Erectile dysfunction from meth permanent?
That would depend on if the dysfunction is caused by permanent damage such as damage to blood vessels or temporary damage such as low dopamine levels in the brain. Meth can cause both kinds of damage.
Sfj Re: Erectile dysfunction from meth permanent?
Clean time will do wonders for restoring "Mr. Happy" and his ability to rise to the occasion.


Most of the time the condition is temporary.
johno Re: Erectile dysfunction from meth permanent?
Ive only been doin meth for about 1 - 1 1/2 years, about once a week, and now im trying to quit. My problems really bugging me out though.
imlostinky Re: Erectile dysfunction from meth permanent?
Yes Johno, it bothered my husband as well.
Really hit where he was vulnerable and it worried him as well.
Getting clean and staying clean did fix it though.

Try it and see- then if not improved, see a doctor.
What other problems are bugging you out?

If you are looking for help, you have come to a good place.
Are you clean now? Or wanting to be?

Stick around Johno, and ask away. Chances are someone will know the answer.
Good to have you on board.
johno Re: Erectile dysfunction from meth permanent?
Im trying to get clean but that @#%$ is everywhere. I always seem to do meth when ive had a couple of drinks and a buddy offers me some to "wake up". Im tired of it already though. Ready to quit.
imlostinky Re: Erectile dysfunction from meth permanent?
Yes, it is everywhere- it would be so nice just to wave a magic wand and make it all go away  

Doesn't work that way though.

So you say you are weakest when you have a few drinks?
That is often the case.
The best way to fix that is not drink- find another activity to do.
I know, easier said than done but hey! Got to begin somewhere.
That will do for a start.

Try just for today- make a commitment just for today I will not use.
There is another good starting point.

Johno, it won't be easy but it can be done and it is being done every day. We are all proof of that.
Want to start a new thread introducing yourself?

Welcome aboard again Johno- you have lots of support and good advice to be had here.
Good to see you.

Just for today I will not use- start there.Just one day at a time.
angieNcali Re: Erectile dysfunction from meth permanent?
Actually once you reach the stage in your meth usage that you experience erectile dysfunction ... if you dont get sober and stay sober ... there is a good chance it may never ever ever ever work again. it'll just sit there ... and sit there and sit there ... and dang it ... get sober .... so it can finally STAND for Something !!!!

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