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Meth Addicts Quitting - It gets worse before it gets better

Sfj Meth Addicts Quitting

Sometimes it gets worse before it gets better.

That doesn’t seem too encouraging does it?
But take heart, the good times will return – eventually.

Family s who think that as soon as an addict quits using must realize this. It will get worse, not better, for quite awhile. The only thing that will get better right away is the consistency of the problems. The problems will be there all day everyday and they will be severe, all day every day. When your addict was using, there were alternating periods of good and bad, up and down, energy and lethargy. But in recovery you won’t have to deal with the inconsistencies – it will be bad all the time. Constant chronic use of methamphetamine causes a biological change, a basic molecular change in the addict’s central nervous system and brain such that it requires meth to be anywhere normal. The brain becomes absolutely dependent on the stimulation that meth provides in order to function. When withdrawal occurs, serious problems are guaranteed to follow for a considerable amount of time.

Some people are concerned about things getting better instantly. In recovery, that is virtually impossible. Quitting using is barely the beginning. Just because someone quits, doesn't mean things are suddenly going to improve. Often it is just the opposite.

Stopping meth often results in:
1. Being Excessively Tired
2. Big Time Depressed
3. Overwhelmingly Lonely
4. Becoming Fat
5. Total Lack of Ambition and Motivation
6. No Sex Drive
7. Severe Feelings of Despair
8. Possible Suicidal Thoughts
9. Panic and Anxiety Attacks
10. Nightmares About Drugs and Drug Situations
11. Bizarre Sleep Patterns
12. Many more problems too numerous to mention.

Now you wonder why it is so difficult to quit? Meth users avoid all those and so the irony exists in wondering why things don't get better right away. Nevertheless, in time, things DO improve, but it takes much more time than people usually realize.

My sponsor said to me, “Do you know why recovery is so difficult?”
“Why?” I said.
He replied, “Because if it was easy, we’d be going back out all the time thinking, I can go through withdrawal and recovery anytime I want. It’s easy.” NOT.

Re: Meth Addicts Quitting

...recovery is not for sissys!

Re: Meth Addicts Quitting

all of that was what i was wondering in my previous post.

Guene Re: Meth Addicts Quitting

That was a good post and I gained some imformation from it too, but what can we do to help, like anything you can give us to encourage would be great. Guene

Re: Meth Addicts Quitting

thanks sfj, sometimes I am feeling like an alien around all these people...I start telling myself, nobody really knows what I AM GOING thru.

blah, blah

good kick in this girls azz

Re: Meth Addicts Quitting

Thanks SFJ!

My husband is having a hard time with feeling tired alot and he said has had some nightmares to about using. The sex thing isn't a problem and the fat thing won't be a problem because he is eating healthy and working out with me. He knows that this is just the begining and that it won't be easy but he would rather go thru feeling like crap then using again. Do you recommend ppl that want to quit to get on a antidepressant?

Re: Meth Addicts Quitting

Thank you Sjf. Excellent post.

I can tell you that it does get better. You do get your life back, and it's wonderful.

But there is no quick fix, no easy way around the harrowing ride of recovery, no magic cure.

Thanks again Pal.

Sfj Re: Meth Addicts Quitting

Regarding anti-depressants. I don't think anyone should give advice unless he/she is a qualified medical doctor.

I think its ok to state one's own experience but it should not be regarded as anything other than what it is. It is not advice.

My experience with anti-depressants was not good.

My experience with vigorous aerobic exercise has been very good.

le grumps Re: Meth Addicts Quitting

Thanks for the post, sfj.

I needed to be reminded of that these days!

Leilani, anti-depressants are certainly not a requirement for folks recovering from a meth addiction.

And at any rate, a person should be off of ANY drugs or psychoactive for at least a few months so that a psychiatrist can determine if there is a real need for any meds.

Excercise, when I can get off my lazy arse to do it, is great.

Penelope Re: Meth Addicts Quitting

I agree with grumps - I waited until I had been clean for a year before I decided to ask about antidepressants. I take wellbutrin and it has helped me a lot - but it isn't a cure by any means. I keep hearing from people that exercise seems to do a lot of good in early recovery - I wish I would have tried that!

Re: Meth Addicts Quitting

I also waited until I had over a year clean before I looked into anti-depressants. It was important to me to make sure that I had no drugs in my system and that my mind and body were in their "natural" state.

lax2 Re: Meth Addicts Quitting

Celexa helps me w/o in any way getting me high. I take it as directed...

coffeediva Re: Meth Addicts Quitting

Great post. This board has been such a help to me to understand what my husband is going through. The first couple of weeks before I found this board we were fighting like crazy because I just expected that he would quit using and then things were go back to how they used to be before the meth. Spelling it out...that it is going to take months of healing....has been invaluable to me. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!

djmom11 Re: Meth Addicts Quitting

Also to re, any problems one had prior to using meth will still be there, but may now be worse in some ways. The reasons why a person started all need worked out afterwards - recovery - it's a long process. Enjoyed the post.

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