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Question about meth induced Nightmares

Question about meth induced Nightmares
My ex addict (is still in active meth addiction) told me that recently he has been having frequent nightmares for example
The ones where he is getting sucked into the sofa and cant get out and trying to get back onto a boat but is getting pulled down by sharks trying to eat him, stuff like that. Basically the theme is getting deeper and deeper in a hole that he cant get out of. He feels like his bottom is getting closer, he keeps thinking these are signs??

Sounds like a wee bottom doesnt it ?
To date: No source of income, lost his kids, Lost me, dealing stolen goods (could be dealing as well), sold his only asset (his car) to pay drug debts...what next

Just curious, does this sound familiar to anyone?
Also noted that all he feels lately are feelings of DESPAIR.
Sounds horrible way to be.
Re: Question about meth induced Nightmares
Yes, it sounds very familiar. I only had a very few dreams during the two years I used. That was the weird thing about meth. I never had dreams and I never had any recollection of falling asleep. I just eventually passed out.

One of the dreams I had I remember quite vividly. I was in the vehicle owned by the person I always used with and he was driving down the road. Suddenly, he was unable to steer the vehicle and the truck very slowly and deliberately drove srtaight into a lake. I could not get out. I could not roll down a window or open a door. I knew within seconds I would be underwater and inhaling water. It was the most overwhelming sense of panic, despair, helplessness, and fear. I felt so TRAPPED.

And then I woke up.

I have never forgotten that dream because it really scared me and spoke to me so clearly. The metaphor couldn't be more obvious. It wasn't too long after that I quit.
Re: Question about meth induced Nightmares
I had paralysis dreams...
...like I could'nt move but I was alive.

is he smoking?
....is he terrified to sleep w/o smoking?
Re: Question about meth induced Nightmares
Yes he is smoking it. Says just lately twice a week, not sure how much though. He can't afford it...good gawd.

I think he would smoke pot or drink to help sleep..who knows I really don't know, just assuming.
Re: Question about meth induced Nightmares
smoking it did some weird shyt to me...
...I was terrified as I said to go to sleep w/o it.

it's a hard place.
....and he's just gotta go thru it.

I lived (unfortunately)

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