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Quit Meth, teeth have taken a grayish-yellow color or stain

Yellow teeth, meth mouth?
My husband recently stopped smoking meth after doing so for about a year (or maybe two, I'm not entirely sure).

My question is this: His teeth have taken on a grayish-yellow color and I wonder if this is from him smoking it? I can look back at pictures to prove that his teeth used to be a lot whiter but he doesn't believe me. His teeth actually look pretty gross now! They're not rotting or anything like that, but just not so pearly white anymore. He says it takes many years of using before meth takes a toll on a person's teeth. Is that true? I mean, does it take a lot longer than just a year or two for his teeth to be damaged?

P.S. He has 2 months clean now. Yay!
TnSkye Re: Yellow teeth, meth mouth?
Congrats to him on 2 months!

I'm not sure as to how long it takes. My husband's teeth had a grayish look because they were rotting from the inside.
Re: Yellow teeth, meth mouth?
That depends. Meth only helps rot the teeth. A lot of it often has to do with a lost sense of time. If you don't wake up the morning do you still remember to brush your teeth daily? If you spend all night at a tweaker pad and never go home did you bring a toothbrush with you?

Not very likely.
Re: Yellow teeth, meth mouth?
Oh, and I forgot to add that he smoked it about 2 or 3 days a week for that whole time. So when I do the math it seems that he smoked meth about 200+ times! I think that's an awful big number. But he insists that his teeth are just fine!
imlostinky Re: Yellow teeth, meth mouth?
It may be in part to meth use but our teeth yellow over time for a lot of reasons.
Meth does damage the teeth- whether from not brushing or from depleting calcium or a combination of both.
But even without meth, teeth will yellow.

There are many products on the market that really do whiten teeth- Crest White Strips as well as Colgate nighttime are both real good products and do whiten teeth very well.
I had a problem though with both of these making my teeth sensitive.
My sister does not have any problems.
Both of us used meth.Her teeth will blind you, they are so white. Mine look pretty white too. I just have more cavities and such  

A product I do use now and find works just as well is the Colgate Simply White toothpaste- it is $3.22 at the Walmart here.
Works wonders when used - and does not make my teeth overly sensitive.

Another reason for graying teeth is antibiotics- especially if taken by mothers while pregnant.
Re: Yellow teeth, meth mouth?
To be honest, I think his hygiene might have been better when he was using than it is now! He was constantly paranoid that someone would be able to tell and thought that if he kept himself super clean that it could be his own little secret. So yes, he brushed his teeth probably MORE often during his using time. Don't know! I thought it was the chems that hurt his teeth more than hygiene.
macystiller Re: Yellow teeth, meth mouth?
Hey my boyfriend and his friends carried toothpaste and toothbrushes around. They were extra anal about their teeth. Anyway his teeth never had any problems (thank God).
Re: Yellow teeth, meth mouth?
Does he smoke regular cigarettes too? That will discolor and stain your teeth.
imlostinky Re: Yellow teeth, meth mouth?
Macy he may not.
I didn't either for awhile after I had quit.
Maybe a dentist can do xrays or something and find out?

Needinganswers, I was always funny about my teeth as well. Never could stand to have food on my teeth- even before meth.
I still have problems- my teeth are crap.
The toothpaste does whiten though - as does the other products I mentioned. Those I know work,I have tried them.

I also know it isn't just meth that yellows teeth. I have seen plenty of old people with yellow teeth that have never done meth- just smoked or drank coffee or tea or are just old.
It happens.
Whether that is the case with your boyfriend, I don't know.
Re: Yellow teeth, meth mouth?
I only used for a couple years and didn't always use on a daily basis. My teeth are yellow and very sensative, not to mention I have 3 more cavities that need to be filled and probably more than that now. I know many people who have no teeth left from 5 years of use. A lot of it as matt said has to do with not brushing your teeth while getting high. I think it also may have to do with the fact that your not eating right when you get high and have that lack of calcium in your diet.
25 years
but no
Re: Yellow teeth, meth mouth?
Here is a website that tells you EVERYTHING that you ever wanted to know about meth mouth and general tooth decay: www.doctorspiller.com/Tooth_Decay.htm#Meth_Mouth
Re: Yellow teeth, meth mouth?
I don't know how long it takes. I suspect there are many factors involved.

Was he brushing his teeth on a regular basis?

I suspect that not doing that would contribute to yellow teeth whether one is using meth or not.
Re: Yellow teeth, meth mouth?
meth is rather acidic, so when it comes in contact with you teeth it starts to eat away at them. wash you mouth out with water immediate after and brush.

your teeth are just the tip of the iceberg, lungs, heart, kidneys, brain... yikes


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