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Found Primatene mist in son's room, what for?

Found Primatene mist in son's room, what for?
I found, on my son's desk, a knife, a lighter and a bottle of primatene mist with the top off. I have found this before in his room.

What is it for? Can you make speed with this?

He stayed up all night the night before I found it.

He doesn't have asma.

Loraura Re: Found Primatene mist in son's room, what for?
More likely he's huffing the propellant.

Huffing is dangerous. Very. Google the term and read up on it.

I'm not away of any meth related use for an asthma enhaler.
Re: Found Primatene mist in son's room, what for?
Huffing IS very dangerous - and yes I agree with Loraura.
I too believe this is the case.

Seek out professional help - for both you and your son.
Huffing is a deadly game for sure.Do not take it lightly.
Good luck -
Re: Found Primatene mist in son's room, what for?
does he sound congested?
....I usta drink expectrant when I smoked speed because it clogs your lungs so bad.

you'd know by the HORRIFIC, loose phlemmy coughs, like a TB ward....it sounds BAD.

if he does'nt have that....maybe what lora said is true.
Thanks and...
Thanks for the replies. He has already had problems and is 27, living with us.

I thought he was clean now but apparently not.

My next step is to tell him he is out the door the next time he does it. I can always tell, he gets speed bumps, is impossible to talk to and stays up all night. Not too hard to tell.

Anyway, it is now a matter of self-protection; I'm not going to live with this. And I've been all through the helping him part, now I only have the option of throwing him out. And no, I don't care if he doesn't have anyplace to go.
Re: Thanks and...
good for you.

....as a drug addict, I know things won't get better before they get horrific.

in fact I apologise in his behalf, because he does'nt even know what he's doing.

good luck
inkolb Re: Thanks and...

I am asmathic (sp?) I know my inhalers (prescribed) give some folks a rush. He may be using them in that way. I don't know about primatene mist tho. I know they never worked very well for my asthma. I never used them to make meth tho and don't know of anyone that has. angie
What else can I do?
Well, I'm an ex heroine, ex speed, ex barbituate, ex freon inhaler, ex everything user...so I know, when someone decides they want to do meth, nothing and no one can stop them. So since I can't help, I have to get him away from me and my house.

One night a tall skinny guy knocked at our door and my other son answered. I told him not to open the door, just tell him my other son isn't here...of course, him being 21 and much smarter than I am, he said, "Oh, it's okay, I'm going out to talk to him. A few seconds later, two guys had him on the ground and were punching him. I ran outside and the two ran off. So now my son who is smarter than me, is a little smarter than he was.

And how did I quit, you may be asking? Well, after the first year in the Walls unit in Texas, a friend told me that, since this was my first time down, I could still change my life. This was as we discussed sharing some drug we were about to inject. (Yes, you can buy drugs in prison). It was his 4th time in prison and he convinced me right then. I was there two more years after that and, when I got out, managed to stay away from heroine, which was my drug of choice. Paroling to another town helped, I don't care what the drug councelors say. If I had run into any of my old buds, it may have turned out differently.

You have two choices, jail or death. And some people in jail told me about how they were going to do this crime or that drug or something, when they got out. So what I learned from that is that some people don't want to change. So they just keep going down. I wanted to change, and that made the difference.

I've seen what speed does...it makes you not care about anyone else. So I need to kick him out.


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