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Meth and Cell Phone usage

Meth and cell phone usage
Hi, Lots of you have heard from me before. I just have a question I viewed my bf's cell phone bill online. There are ALOT of numbers I do not recognize. And 90% of the numbers are called when he is not here and at "work" alot of them on the way home. The calls are only a few minutes a piece and as I said alot are made on is way home. This seems a little odd and I am beginning to wonder if these are drug run calls. He told me be barely has used his cell phone.. Am I being paranoid or should I ask about it?
Re: Meth and cell phone usage
hum...well they dont take long to set up..deals..usually hey can i hook it up...and yes or no..end of discussion.
lily Re: Meth and cell phone usage
Sounds like a replica of my brothers phone bill.
How does he stay one step ahead? ..... now he owns 3 cell phones,
One number for his wife,
One for his girlfriend,
And one for his dealer
If he lies when u confront him about it, go with your gut instincts.
Rancid1 Re: Meth and cell phone usage
He could be ordering pizza, checking his voice mail, and seeing if they're still on for bowling on saturday. Seriously. I wouldn't base an acusation on someone's cell phone usage unless i had other evidence. But like lily said, go with your gut.
Re: Meth and cell phone usage
OK just so everyone understands. His bill says whether he is checking his voice mail or not. And he was the person who said "I barely use me cell phone". The only reason I have to believe that there is something suspicous is because these calls are usually made RIGHT after he leaves work. So I am going to ask but hopefully it is something work related but I find it odd since none of the numbers are from people he works with, I know I sound like a paranoid twit...But I AM THE one who bought the cell phone for him and I pay the bill. (that is the only reason I looked in the first place
Re: Meth and cell phone usage
Hi Love Met,
Your suspisions are probably correct, is probably why you are at this site in the first place. My husbands calls start occurring towards the end of the work day and are in fact only 2 to 3 min. long. I have never understood it either, but it can happen. I would watch it for a month or two so you can detect the pattern. If he is using he is using and will make the calls somehow. Good Luck with your investigation, it is a real fun life.
Re: Meth and cell phone usage
I am going to give it some time and just observe before I come out with guns a blazing at him. I no longer look through his things because it is not only worthless because I know he longer keeps his stuff at home. And also it made me crazy, honestly the only reason I saw this is because I am the one who pays the bill. I am going to just watch his behavior and his patterns and how late he gets home, eventually he gives himself away.
belle Re: Meth and cell phone usage
My addict had the same on his cell phone bill. Then he got another phone so 2 phones. I have been told that is a dealer thing to do.
Re: Meth and cell phone usage
My addict's phone charges looked the same except he also had these brief phone calls right before he went to work and also at lunch. I called some of the numbers (with my number blocked of course).
Some of the hook ups are so dumb! I would ask something like "Is this Todd?" The dealer would sometimes say, "No, this is Mike."
These numbers never belonged to anyone that would call our home phone.
WOW, am I ever glad to have him out of the house!
jeninoz Re: Meth and cell phone usage
Sorry, sounds like my husbands call registry too! And yes, being the detective I would also investigate and yes, they were dealers and other "undesirables".

HOWEVER, being the detective usually ends up me being one sick cooky myself.

Naranon suggests not looking!!

I'm trying but had a look today. Found some numbers at 12.02 and 12.04am. Usually these ones are when he's on meth and ringing XXX lines (which yes, do come as mobile phone numbers).
Re: Meth and cell phone usage .
Thanks for all the information. I love having you guys to help me through this.
Re: Meth and cell phone usage
Same/similar things noticed on my addicts phone bill. What about the same # being called like 10 times in a row, all show 1 minute??

I presume that to be the "OMG, answer the phone I'm fiening" call pattern.

Like it goes to dealer's /user's voicemail, and he hangs up and tries again...
Re: Meth and cell phone usage
Ahhh, the question about strange cellular calls!

I've asked this question before as well...

And I found out in the long run that the suspicious calls were indeed meth-related. As someone said above, (I think it was Hemet!) drug calls don't usually take long:

Paranoid tweaker in need + paranoid dealer = brief calls!

I am going to tell you this... if you confront him about the calls, be prepared for them to stop. It won't mean the calls have stopped, though... my hubby just smartened up & started either calling from work or using a pay phone.

Where there's a will, there's a way.
Re: Meth and cell phone usage
If you can't trust in him, do both of you a favor and give it up.

unless you don't mind being suspicious.

you could also let go of trying to track his every move, and stop worrying.
.....pay attention to what you are doing.

....if he's using it'll fall in your lap.

the truth has a way of coming out.
Re: Meth and cell phone usage
I am going to sit back and just try and observe him for awhile and see what happens. I have other things to worry about like my kids and myself. (I have a newborn and a 5 year old autistic son and I have health problems)
Re: Meth and cell phone usage
Yes! Worry about you & your kiddos.

In the long run, your life & your kids will always be there... No matter what!

Better to take care of ya'll NOW than put it off till later.

You can't fix or change him...

But you can fix yourself & change your line of thinking to what really matters.

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