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Meth and Ecstasy - Similarities - Difference

Meth and Ecstasy - Similarities - Difference
For those of you who have done both, can you tell me what was the same about the two drugs? What is different? With regard to the "high" that it creates.

I know I shouldn't care, but I do (trying to understand the meth high). I used ecstasy a few times with my addict (2+ years ago) and I guess I'm curious how similar it is.

Everyone always says, "You'll never understand the high if you've never used it." I don't want to use it (EVER!) but I really want to try and understand it.
Re: Meth and Ecstasy - Similarities - Difference
for me...ice and X had the same eurphoric feeling...the only thing is with X you tend to be affectionate and social...happy...the inital high from was ICE was almost the same...but I never became affectionate or social...or happy...

I am going to add..i only had the same feeling from shooting dope, not lines..or smoking
Re: Meth and Ecstasy - Similarities - Difference
I hated extasy... ...it's for lightweights afraid to do speed and acid.
(I thought)
there was'nt enough of any of the drugs contained in it to keep me happy.
I just sat around till it passed.

for me? no comparison ....I did'nt even get euphoria.
Re: Meth and Ecstasy - Similarities - Difference
[quote]I have to ask SillyV... why'd you agree to try Ecstasy?[/quote]
I was waiting for that.

I guess to fit in, to better understand him and what he talked about (and I was curious). I had never used any drugs prior to dating him (I was 32 at the time). I drank on my off weekends from the kids, but that was it.

When I started dating him (re, we were friends since 15 years old) - he was very upfront about his "prior" drug use (steroids, meth, ecstasy, coke, pain killers - pretty much everything at one point or another). He said that X was the only drug he would ever do again, that it was "the best" to him. (I didn't know it, but he was already using X and steroids and meth ... but he didn't tell me - he made it sound like it was all in his past).

So he continued talking about X and how I should try it, how it would bring us closer, to a level I couldn't even imagine. We were out one night and he kissed me and passed a pill to me in my mouth. I just looked at him with the pill in my mouth and he told me to try it and I did.

I really liked it (liked it too well) - to the point that I wanted to do it all the time. The come down is HORRIBLE though and I felt suicidal and just all around bad.

Then he got in deep with it, getting the pure MDMA and making his own capsules (I tried one of them and it was great when I was high ... but also scary). I saw things I didn't want to see and felt things I didn't want to feel (even though at the time it all felt amazing). I can't really describe it, but it just scared me, I guess.

I'm sure that's more than what you wanted. I still think about how great it felt (and have thought many times about using again) - but I remind myself of how horrible the comedown is. I also picture the images that I had in my head the last time I used (can't even talk about it, it bothers me so much).

Using it went against everything I am, everything I believe in ... yet I was easily sucked in.
Re: Meth and Ecstasy - Similarities - Difference
The only difference I think is:

Meth - You get all paranoid of people waiting for you to turn your head, just so they can rob ya blind, so you become a guard dog, ready to pounce, just in case.

Ecstacy - You get all happy and overly caring for people around you, and you become a bleeding heart for the whole world, and give away whatever you think they need to make them happy, so they can feel just as happy as you do!
Re: Meth and Ecstasy - Similarities - Difference
Wow... I met my husband when I was around 15 also. I dunno if he's ever done Esctasy... my guess would be yes however he won't tell me now so I guess I'll never know.

The kiss and slip the pill sounds like something my husband would have done to me years back.

Prior to marriage I did try either coke or crank once with him. Snorted it.. I can't re which he told me it was. Anyway at the time I worked a night shift at a factory. I re my heart racing for hours. I felt like I was going to have a heartattack and being parinod that someone would know. I hated it and refused from that point on to ever try anything like that again. I was disappointed in myself for even agreeing to try it. I was trying to be cool about it all but I guess I wasn't. I had smoked pot several times and loved it. Loved to laugh, the way food tasted... way more fun then drinking in my book. No hangover for me anyway! After this experience I just decided that all of it wasn't for me.

Anyway I even wonder why I ever agreed to marry him... well I told him I hated it and that I decided that I didn't want any part of any of it. He told me he didn't do it very often and that he wanted to quit and settle down with me. Long story short I believed and the rest is history. I don't think he ever quit. I do re in those dating years him mentioning crank and knowing what I know now I think that's what he's been doing and hiding the entire time... 15 years.

Thinking back he talked me into trying it... worked his little butt off convincing me... I didn't ask... that should have told me plenty right there.

I dunno SillyV... I guess I've decided that I have values and morals that I don't want to compromise anymore. Children for me made me see that more then ever. I say this for my benefit probably more then yours... this guy just doesn't seem to fit.

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