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Meth has touched our lives

Meth has touched our lives
This is my first posting. I stumbled upon this site. My daughter's boyfriend is currently in rehab for a meth addiction. He is going to an outpatient program. It's amazing the number of people I know that this drug meth has effected their lives. I am also a School Social Worker and see how this meth causes chaos is so many children's lives. Any words of encouragement would be appreciated. What's really sad is that Nathan graduates this week and his mother doesn't seem to care and his father doesn't know. They are from a wealthy family and continue to support Nathan financially but not emotionally.
Re: Meth has touched our lives
My husband is a meth addict currently incarcerated. He will be sentenced next week and I can only pray treatment is part of it.

I am glad Nathan is in rehab, its a start.

How is your daughter?
Re: Meth has touched our lives
Thanks for asking, Nathan & Chelsea are in MO. Chelsea is currently sick, with MONO. This experience has been awful on her. But she is rising to the occassion. I am so proud of her. Even if it doesn't work for her and Nathan what a growing experience for her. Although she is head over heels in love.


Re: Meth has touched our lives

I too "stumbled" on this site about 3 weeks ago and I'm so glad I did -- there a lot of really caring and understanding people here.

I'm a recovering meth addict - 3 years clean and sober. There are lots of folks here with much more clean time, but we all have one thing in common - IT CAN BE DONE!

I too went through treatment, but I'll have to be honest with you--it's the 12-step program that gave me my life back. Recovery for me is a spirtual thing and keeps it very real for me. You might mention to your daughter's boyfriend that he really needs to get involved - not just fake it till you make it.

This is a horrible addiction to beat, but it can be done. My prayers are with ALL of you.

Re: Meth has touched our lives
I'm sorry she's not feeling well.

Be there for her Robyn. Love can be blind, and the manipulation of a meth addicted loved one can intensify that blindness.

I hope Chelsea doesn't lose herself.
Re: Meth has touched our lives
I am familiar with Narcotics Anonymous. I've attended meetings with Nathan and Chelsea. Nathan has a sponsor but I don't think he's met with him yet. He still has his therapist. Nathan is not much of a talker so I only get bits and pieces. But he's been sober for 68 days. I wish his family could or would be part of his recovery. But apparently that is not possible for whatever reason. The sad part is we're from a small town. People know. It's like the elephant in the living room.
TnSkye Re: Meth has touched our lives
Welcome Robyn!

It sounds like he can really use your support. I think that people are brought up to believe that drugs are bad and that people who use drugs are bad.

It takes someone who has been affected by drugs to know that good people can become addicted. Meth seems to be in a world of its own.

Please keep learning. Maybe you'll be able to share what you learn, help educate a community.

I thought my husband and his friends and family were bad too. I blamed them for intentionally ruining everything around them. I now know different.

I have tremendous for the recovering addicts I've met here.

I think more people should be aware of this addiction and know that it will not go away by being ignored.
Guene Re: Meth has touched our lives
Hello and Welcome Robyn, I'm Bobbie and found this board last July when I was looking for answers, my daughter is a addict and I was at the end of my rope. Please keep coming back, I have learned alot and make alot of good friends here. You learn alot here and the support is great.

sounds Like your a good person, bless you for being there and taking care of them both. Hugs and Love
Re: Meth has touched our lives
Hello Robyn.. and WELCOME!!

I'm 44 and have like 13 years clean.
I smoked some pot, but that got ugly real quick, so no more of that either. Just being honest.

Don't worry about the elephant in the living room. Small towns have more meth in them than the community realizes.

Don't worry about the neighbors, they'll be coming around too, unfortunately.

Meth isn't like say acid, you have to go looking for it. Meth is made in batches and it doesn't take much to get high and hooked.

The young man you're talking about needs to continue in recovery, others from his "old" circle should start.

Address this addiction like it's nobody's business, because it isn't and it's nothing to be ashamed of.
Shame is when you do nothing or deliberately keep yourself in the dark about Meth.

Much luck and peace in your ordeal

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