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Out of Control coming off Meth?


Behavior problems quitting meth

Cussing, screaming at everything, everybody, making no sense.If we are nice to him, he goes crazy.If we try to confront his bad behavior, he goes crazy. We decided the best thing to do was to not be around him. We would leave. He don't like that either. What is happening here? Is he high? Is there something we should do for him? Please, please help us.

Re: Behavior problems quitting meth
personaly i would say that he is suffering from some sought of psycosis due to the drugs...going crazy like dosent sound like any sought of high that ive ever seen....
i just wanna make it clear that if he has been using meth,and is goin "crazy"...you are not in a safe enviroment...
Re: Behavior problems quitting meth
Well when my husband is up on Ice, he dont do too much of anything except tweek...he doesnt yell or screem he hides out by himself watching for people he suspects are watching him, then when he comes down he sleeps...mostly he is up for days so he sleeps for days as well, ive seen him though sleep for a few hours and get up get high again the take downers to come back down..he says if he gets way down the high is even better...the only time ive seen him angry is when he dont have the dope at hand to do, but he's not mad at me he gets angry at his supplier....best to you there...i hope you find what is bothering him...look for the signs...look for the actual evidence...
nobody Re: Behavior problems quitting meth
I'm thinking that he has been high for a few days and maybe he doesn't have any now. Would that make him like this?

Eyesopen, psycosis? I don't understand. You have not seen a high like this. Would it be from no meth? From what I have read here I thought he should be sleeping if he don't have any.
Hemetchik Re: Behavior problems quitting meth
yeah...when i was high..i was quiet....looking out...tweaking..when i ran out of dope...THEN ALL HELL broke loose..i was QUEEN BIZITCH....a rabid dog...all in my way were screamed at...including my children...

probably out..needs rest...once he can get to the point of going to sleep...then move from there...when we are in this state of mind...well there is no reasoning..we are unreasonable.
JUSTCATS Re: Behavior problems quitting meth
It could be from not having any meth, but I would guess, that he has had no sleep in a long time too. It's hard to say... If the situation is out of control, please leave, for your own safety. He will not react, like a normal human being when he is tweaked out... He could do "anything" - especially if he is already paranoid.
nobody Out of control/Can you help us please
I think he must be paranoid. The screen door was locked and we could not get in. We never lock the screen. He became angry that we were home but we live there.

Hemetchik, thank you. I understand what you are saying. Rabid dog describes him good. I have not seen him like this. Leads me to so many other questions. I will have to do a lot more reading. I don't like to post alot. I can usually find what I need by reading.

Any chance that he would hurt himself? If he needs sleep, why is he still up? We tried to get him to lay down and rest. I think this is not good.
Hemetchik Re: Behavior problems quitting meth
um..hurt himself..well is he talking about hurting himself? there is always a possibility of him hurting you or himself..we are not in our right mind...paranoia is the worst...we believe what we hear and see to be real and if we tell people to "look" and they dont see it..then this can freak us out even more.

you cant make him sleep or rest...just try to get him to eat...and drink fluids...let him have his tantrums on his own...being around them will probably cause him to say nasty and hateful stuff to you...

i know you love him, just try to stay out of his way until he sleeps...it does no good to preach..lecture or tell him how wrong he is..he is in no condition to talk of recovery while angry...
nobody Re: Behavior problems quitting meth
Hemetchik, thank you so much. We will just leave him alone. He has not said he would hurt himself.I just didn't know if he might. He gets so angry if we say we will leave. And yes, he is saying horrible things. He has the whole family in tears. Everyone is upset. I'm thinking he cannot help this behavior right now. I am so grateful to all.
Hemetchik Re: Behavior problems quitting meth
PLEASE DONT FEEL SORRY FOR HIM...i feel for you and your family...as an addict myself, i have put many people through hell with my selfish behavior...

what are YOU GOING TO DO now..are you going to stand behind him and hope he gets well? you have to take care of you..yes he is sick, but this sickness has a cure...he has to want it..nothing you do or say will make him choose getting clean...it cant be forced.

but like i said, now is not the time...i suggest coda or some sort of support group...getting information is good..but you need a life too.
nobody Re: Behavior problems quitting meth
Okay, we got thru the night. He is sleeping now. I am a bit confused about what happened today.

Hemetchik, I do feel sorry for him. It is so sad. I think this is probably wrong but what is in my heart. I feel sorry (not pity) for people here. The struggles, the pain you go thur. ForgetSuzette makes me cry. I can't believe any of you asked to be where you are. I understand it was a choice made to do the drugs but had you been able to look into the future and see how bad it would mess up your life would you have done it anyway?

I remember what Penelope said, about how when people felt sorry for her, she used them. I know this is right but can't help how my heart feels.

I do appreciate you all so much. It is good to have people help you when you don't know what to do or expect. I want to understand more about what he was going thru yesterday. I don't understand at all. If I can figure out the right questions to ask, I might post later. Thanks to all again.
Re: Behavior problems quitting meth
I'm thinking that he has been high for a few days and maybe he doesn't have any now. Would that make him like this?
THAT would make him like this. Been up for too many days, and now, no dope. Argh!

He probably does want to sleep, but not until he lines up (pun intended) his next score.

He's a full blown addict, or at least that what it sounds like to me from what little you told us. I remember being right where he is.

I'm sorry. I agree that you are not safe living in a home with someone that aggravated. Be careful sweetheart.
Lisa Re: Behavior problems quitting meth
I think there's a difference between "feeling sorry" for someone and understanding what they're going through.

In my mind, compassion and pity are two completely different things. Pity won't and can't help anyone through bad times, but compassion for someone's plight goes a long way towards helping that person heal.

I never wanted nor needed pity or anyone "feeling sorry" for me, but I did desperately want and need someone to understand why I was feeling and/or acting the way I did (and continue to do).

Sympathy never helped anyone.
Empathy makes a person feel like they're not alone in the world.

Just my two.
nobody Re: Behavior problems quitting meth
Lisa, that was so well said. I want, no I need, to understand what is going on with him. I want to understand the anger he felt. I want to understand why he does the things he does. I want to know what he is feeling when he is high. I want to know what he is feeling when he is not high. I want to understand.

I think I said it wrong when I said I felt sorry for him and people here. Compassion is a much better word. I read the stories and the comments and my heart breaks. I want to gather you all in my arms and love you to being clean and health. Silliness on my part but how I feel.

The struggles of not using, the pain you go thur. It is so sad to me. The ones that have beat the addiction but still feel damaged. I feel so bad for you. I feel so bad for the addict in my life.

No, not pity, not pity at all. Just love and a horrible sadness inside.

Thank you. Very well said.
Lisa Re: Behavior problems quitting meth
I understand how you feel.

I've been in love with two addicts in my life, and my heart went out to them because I've been there and know firsthand the brutality of addiction.

The good news is you don't have to sink to the depths of addiction to learn to understand what we go through. Just reading, learning and keeping an open mind and heart can accomplish the same thing (although for real, true compassion, nothing beats losing everything to a drug...LOL!)

You obviously have an extremely caring and loving nature; two wonderful qualities, in my opinion!

Just be careful not to let your addict take advantage of you (which they will do if they can; it's the nature of the addict). It's very easy to fall into the trap of becoming an enabler.

Either way, it's hell to be an addict, and it's hell to be the loved one of an addict.

I wish you all the best!!!!
Re: Behavior problems quitting meth
I've been in a similar situation with ex-boyffriend...

Indeed, it is difficult to stand by and watch someone turn into a stranger right before your eyes. Very confusing.

Gain all the knowledge that you can. From my experience, trying to "understand" and make sense of things just became more destructive to me. Until I realized that the person using the Meth. was not rational on any level, I could not find peace.

Once I accepted that he was "Outta' his mind", I removed him from my life. This does not mean that I do not love him, it does not mean I don't care about him, it does not mean that I don't pray for him. It means that I am powerless to do anything about his choices.

So, I let the concequences of HIS choices be just that....CONCEQUENCES. I haven't seen him in almost 6 months ... and have spoken to him once. It is a hard thing to do ... that's for sure. Really hard. But I assure you, that he will take you down with him as long as he is denying that he has a problem, and continues to use.

I got some books on Co-Dependence ...Co-Dependent No More by Melody Beattie as well as The Language of Letting Go were a start for me. Also I have attended a few CODA meetings - all of which have helped me to find a level of "understanding".

I wish you the best, and take care of yourself and kids. You can't take care of him. He needs to do that.
jacksmom Re: Behavior problems quitting meth
I agree with the 'feeling sorry for'... I feel 'sorry for' folks like this more out of empathy than anything. It's sad to see how some people have chosen to live their lives, or end up having been led in a wrong direction, when mine is so good.

Enabling is a whole other issue!

As far as the rabid dog syndrome...YEP! When Jack crashed is when she was horrible! That's when I'd test for drugs not knowing she was actually 'cool' when she was using.

And...good lord! When she went off for good we had to deal with an almost 3 month 'crash'!

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