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What is the policy for calls or visiting inpatient treatment?

shellknob Questions about inpatient treatment
My 44 yr old son has been addicted to drugs for 30 years. He has been using Meth for about 10 years. He is handsome, intelligent, has a great job (x-ray tech). For the first time in his life he has agreed to go into inpatient treatment. They can't take him until Monday. He is going to be in a small facility in the state of Washington (47 adult patients)... all are voluntary.. no court orders. He lives in Olympia WA and I live in Missouri. I am going spend the last 2 weeks of his treatment in Washington. Are there rules about phone calls and visitors? I worry about some of his dealer friends visiting and calling him or him calling them... What kind of policies are typical of this kind of facility?
TnSkye Re: Questions about inpatient treatment
Hi, I wanted to welcome you!

Wow, you've been dealing with drugs a long time! He is very lucky to have you.

I can't help with any of your questions. I wanted to let you know that weekends around here are always slow, but this weekend, alot of our members are at a meeting and probably won't be online.

Keep checking back. I'm sure someone can help you. Probably your best bet is to call the facility. Or, do they have a website you could read?

Best wishes to you both!
TnSkye Re: Questions about inpatient treatment
About 15 years ago, I had a boyfriend who went to a similiar place. For a certain amount of time, he was allowed no contact outside the facility.

He had to list people who could visit and call during assigned times.

Meanwhile, those on his list were recommended to attend AA. Back then, that's really all there was.

As I said, over the next couple of days, you should receive replies from people who have more information.
JUSTCATS Re: Questions about inpatient treatment
I believe, alot of places are stict, at least at first on contact issues. They usually have no contact for awhile. I guess every place is different though.
Hemetchik Re: Questions about inpatient treatment
after detox...you can usually make phone calls..in between group...or after a meal..or in the eve before bedtime...being that your his mother..some facilities allow you to meet their counselors.

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