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Meth withdrawals - Toothache / headache

need2know Meth withdrawals
Hi, I am new to this forum but due to the fact that I found out that my wife had an addiction I am trying to help her through her withdraws and she keeps complaining of a headache and a really bad toothache and I was wondering if this is normal and is there anything we could do to help the pain other than Motrin.
Thanks for any advise you may have.
imlostinky Re: Meth withdrawals
Hi Jay and welcome to the forum.
I know a thing or 2 about headaches and teeth pain.
What I find to work best for teeth pain - even better than prescription pain reliever- is alternating between ibuprofen and Tylenol extra strength gel caps.
I save the Tylenol gel caps for bedtime as they work best.

For a headache, well sorry to say no cure yet for me.
Turn out lights, block all light, and no noise.
That will eventually ease it.

It does pass. It takes some time.
Earlier in the day she can try some Excedrin as it has caffeine in them. Sometimes they will work.

Good luck and welcome aboard.
need2know Re: Meth withdrawals
Thank you for your reply and I will get some gel caps as well. Hopefully this will ease the pain of the toothache it is really killing me to see her in this much pain.
Hope your headache gets better also.
imlostinky Re: Meth withdrawals
If you have a Kroger near by, they carry a round jar of cherry jel for teeth. I forget the name- but you apply it with a q-tip.It works well and doesn't taste nasty like orajel.
Tylenol extra strength gel caps are the bomb though.

I hate teeth pain. I suppose like us, no dental insurance huh?
If it doesn't get better, check with the school of dentistry in your area. A lot of times they will work out a payment arrangement on dental work.

Good luck Jay and please come in anytime.
Thanks for the good wishes. A good night's rest and remembering to take my allergy tablet tomorrow ,I'll be good as new.
eyesopen83 Re: Meth withdrawals
hello jay and welcome...
when i was first coming off meth i suffered both those symptoms...
the headache unfortunately lasted for 46 days in my case, no cure i found, i just learnt to deal with it..
as far as he tooth ache goes, because i was cleaning my system of all drugs i did not want to use any medication or pain relief, but what i found to work was a heat pack on the affected area...i heated it so it was so hot i could only just handle putting it on my skin and as long as that was on the toothache subsided...i would recommend taking her to see a dentist as soon as possible though because having been a meth addict it is almost certain she would have damaged her teeth in one way or another..covering the pain only lasts so long, finding out why its hurting and having the problem fixed is the best advice...
i hope she comes through this
imlostinky Re: Meth withdrawals
How is your wife feeling today? How are you today Jay?
Just wanted you to know I was thinking of you both.
Anytime Jay, you just need someone to listen- your wife needs support- anything at all, we are here for you both OK?

and yes, my headache is gone and I have taken my allergy tablet
Penel0pe Re: Meth withdrawals
even better than prescription pain reliever- is alternating between ibuprofen and tylenol extra strength gel caps.
- one of the psychiatrists I work with also told me this (He used to be an ER doc!)

I had the headache too - ibuprofen always works great for me - SLEEPING seemed to be instrumental.

As far as the toothache goes - I liked imlostinky's advice, and I have to tell you though that I hung onto my first toothache until it brought me to my knees in pain - and had to have the tooth pulled! Enter one year after that (The OTHER loose, sore tooth...)

Had to get that one pulled out too. If you can afford the dentist, take her there - hopefully she won't wait till it's too late (Like I did!)

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