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Question about low-intensity Meth user

Question about low-intensity meth use
Low-intenisty user- If someone snorts meth and uses maybe daily or weekly are they not psycologically addicted?
If someone does not stay up for "days", does this mean they are not addicted?
Penel0pe Re: Question about low-intensity meth use
It means to me they are just getting set up to be addicted. I don't know (And never have) known too many "Low intensity" meth addicts who didn't become full blown tweekers given enough time. Give it some time. A few weekends, then weekends and monday, then a little bit to get through Tuesday... sooner or later, that seems to be the trend.

I suppose it could happen. I never met one during my 26 years of meth use, though.
Re: Question about low-intensity meth use
I never met one during my 26 years of meth use, though.

Well technically as we have never met face to face I guess that is an accurate statement.
If someone does not stay up for "days", does this mean they are not addicted?
I sure thought that was why I wasn't addicted- why I didn't have a problem - why everyone else but me was an addict.

Boy was I ever wrong on that one!

It may mean that for some, it didn't to me.
When I ran out and my fingers were doing the dialing at all hours of the night begging for dope- I think ,I really do, that meant I am an addict.
When an entire year of my life is nothing but a fog- no real memories of my own- yet I never stayed up for more than a night at a time, I think that says I am an addict.
When I was crying because I didn't have any, couldn't find any- when I would get so pissed if it was sh!tty sh!t-
when my daily life revolved around that next bump -
Yeah, I am an addict.

Considering the most I ever did that I can remember was a gram a week - that most times it stayed at half a gram- most but not all, I'd say that may be considered low use.
Considering I only snorted - period. Never used any other way, maybe that makes me less of an user in some people's eyes.

All I know is I lost a year of my life, time I can't get back, and all I thought about was that next baggie- when it was all said and done, I quit because I ran out-period.

I stayed quit because I saw what I had become and I didn't like the view.

I say Yes, I am an addict- I was an addict.

and yes Pen does know one. Very well.
Lisa Re: Question about low-intensity meth use
Don't most of us start out as "low-intensity users?"

I know I did.

I know my ex did.

It doesn't stay that way for long; not if you like the feeling. Meth has a sneaky way of ingratiating itself into your life, a little at a time, until you're a full-blown "high-intensity user", whether you stay up for days at a time, or you sleep every night (like I did).

Either way, it's probably best to be a "no-intensity user!"
Re: Question about low-intensity meth use
Yes. I was a "low intensity user." I put lines up my nose every few hours every day in order to maintain a "functional" lifestyle. I did this for over 20 years. I was very much an addict.


Re: Question about low-intensity meth use
just like little babies eat baby food, then they grow teeth and eat steak.

it takes time...
...but the budding addict will soon blossom and die.
Re: Question about low-intensity meth use
My motto is ..

If you do it once .. chances are you'll do it again ..

If you do it more than once .. that's a sign of trouble

If you do it twice .. double trouble

If you do it 3 times .. you're out ... and the rest is history ...
Re: Question about low-intensity meth use
Sounds like a low-intensity user and a functional addict are the same thing?... Freee63 did it for 20+ years ...
Re: Question about low-intensity meth use
I really hate the whole myth about functional users. I do, because meth addiction is PROGRESSIVE, even if you can't see it outwardly, it is damaging nonetheless.

I used for 13 years, and for all but the last five years, you could have labeled me a functional user. In truth, I was anything but.

Yes, I kept a great job, paid my mortgage, cooked dinner for my family every night, paid my bills, and was a respected member of my community.

But on the inside, I was dying, both physicall and mentally. I was deteriorating every single day, though you wouldn't have known by looking at me.

My exhusband divorced me when I got clean, and he continued to use for the subsequent 10 years, having started when he was 13. Then, a few months back, he suffered a massive heart attack at the age of 49, and had to undergo triple bypass surgery.

Even though he didn't hit his bottom the same way I did, he hit it nonetheless.

Make no mistake: meth is no joke. Meth wants all of you, and as long as you are willing to keep using, then you will eventually give all of you to your addiction. That's the way it works, and there are few exceptions, if any at all.

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