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My Addict Says - Meth Withdrawals "No Big Deal"

My Addict Says - Meth Withdrawals "No Big Deal"
So I was talking to my addict this weekend about a mutual friend who also used meth. He stopped cold turkey in January and is doing really well. I told my addict how well "Cory" was doing and his response was this ...

"Cold turkey, huh? You act like that's a big deal. Meth recovery is nothing ... I mean, it's not like it's pain meds, opiates or something where you have major withdrawals. There really aren't any withdrawals from meth."

What's your take on that? My addict has been through meth withdrawals and really struggled with it, so what - his memory is just lapsed all the sudden? Or he's afraid to give credit to someone who rightfully deserves it?

Just curious what your "take" is on his comment?
Re: My Addict Says - Meth Withdrawals "No Big Deal"
V.,it is possible. More possible if substituting one drug for another- ie: pot, booze.
Not everybody has a hard time quitting meth.If they had only used for a short time and relatively small amounts, it generally isn't all that.

Or that friend could be like me the first time I did meth years ago.It wasn't a big deal to do it every now and again.
Then the next go,it nailed me. Hooked me from hello.

It's possible. Alot of people do quit meth and don't have a problem with it.
It is the staying quit that is the hard part.
Lisa Re: My Addict Says - Meth Withdrawals "No Big Deal"

It sounds like he's acting like a little boy...."Oh, yeah? Well, that ain't no big deal! I could do that if I wanted! I just don't wanna!"

It's hard to hear how well someone you know is doing with the very thing you can't manage to do. Some people admit this, and say "God, that's so great. I wish I could do it that easily." Other people revert to (in my opinion), an immature attitude - "So What? It ain't no biggie!"

Very, very few people have no withdrawals, some people have mild withdrawals, most people have bad withdrawals, and some (like lucky, lucky me) have hideous, gut-wrenching, long-lasting, HORRIBLE withdrawals. I guess it all depends on how long you used, the method you used, your age, and your particular body chemistry.

Just my two.
Penel0pe Re: My Addict Says - Meth Withdrawals "No Big Deal"
Tell him to put his money where his meth is, and prove it by quitting himself - but here's the catch - he has to STAY clean.

See how that works for him.
Re: My Addict Says - Meth Withdrawals "No Big Deal"
Sounds like a he doesn't want to give credit where credit is due .. the male ego is a fragile thing.
Re: My Addict Says - Meth Withdrawals "No Big Deal"
I think he is correct that coming off Meth won't physically hurt you. There are some drugs (alcohol included) where you could die coming off the drugs and need to be monitored by a Doctor.

At least, this is what I have seen in some Rehab facilities.
Re: My Addict Says - Meth Withdrawals "No Big Deal"
I would say this to you so I could continue to use but tell you that I had quit. Just another ploy to confuse you. Don't believe it.
Re: My Addict Says - Meth Withdrawals "No Big Deal"
"No big deal"? ..........horseshyt!!!
It's less of a big deal if we pick up another drug or alcohol [another drug]. But to imply that walking away from chemical dependency is no big deal is absurd, and utter insanity! Denial at its best!
Meth withdrawl is the epitome of a "big deal", ask anyone who has quit...and STAYED quit.  It's a biggie!
Re: My Addict Says - Meth Withdrawals "No Big Deal"
We forget how bad it was.
............like child birth I guess.

When you start forgetting the bad stuff, the good stuff stands out saying......it was FUN ...remember?

I wanna feel good again!
......it was'nt all that bad.
Re: My Addict Says - Meth Withdrawals "No Big Deal"
I actually agree ... I pretty say exactly the same thing your addict said. I mean your tierd, emotional, irritated can get anxiety, and are hungry .....

Alot of the rest is all in our heads ... usually.

We have it easy compared to others. It isnt physcial and I havent ever known of anyone to die detoxing off of meth.
Re: My Addict Says - Meth Withdrawals "No Big Deal"
sounds like to me..if he stops he will be using something in place of it...opiates...pain meds...

then it is no big deal...cause your numb again..just in a different way...
Re: My Addict Says - Meth Withdrawals "No Big Deal"
Maybe guilt of not being clean himself. Which would result in not wanting to give credit to someone who deserves it.
Re: My Addict Says - Meth Withdrawals "No Big Deal"
Hi sweetheart. Hope you don't mind me saying this, but he's lying to you. His ego is getting in the way.

That's my take on it. If it weren't any big deal, then meth would not be able to wreak the havoc that it does on the person and all those around them.

If it weren't any big deal, we wouldn't all be here.

If it weren't any big deal, oh, you know, I could go on and on and on.

It IS a big deal, because we are giving up something that we believe in our sick minds actually HELPED us in some ways
Rancid1 Re: My Addict Says - Meth Withdrawals "No Big Deal"
Here's my take on it. Meth has very brief physical withdrawls. They last maybe a week or two. Lethargy, headaches, and an intense desire to use. Coupled with depression that made me want to blow my brains out for the first week.

After those acute withdrawls. The lasting withdrawls are severe depression. If one was to substitute with another drug. Then the depression is no big deal. Because they are still hiding from it.

But it sounds to me like he just doesn't want to admit that quiting meth is @#%$ hard. He doesn't want to give someone else credit. Thats typical addict thinking. It's denial. "I don't have a problem, I can quit easily. So im going to continue using."

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