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Can anyone tell me about hearing voices

JAN2006 Meth and hearing voices

Because I really do not understand about hearing voices.

Like can you explain what you heard? Would the voices tell you to do something?

Iam asking you this because, my first love Brian you might not remember but he was shooting up and my dogs found the needle, and from years of his drug use he is taking something for this .

We still are friends to this day, I asked Brian about the voices, he did not want to talk about it, he just said Jan I heard things that were not real.

Re: Meth and hearing voices
I heard conversations between my bf and a female when neither were in the room. I once heard ppl talking thru the vent in a hotel room, telling me to kill myself, noone was there. I heard ppl talk about me when they weren't. That's just a few things I heard. It's different for different ppl. I once thought my bf and this chic he was working with was trying to kill me!

If he don't wanna talk about, don't push him, it can bring back bad memories or anxiety.
JUSTCATS Re: Meth and hearing voices
I have a friend, Jason, that hears voices too. He was doing "acid" (and pot) big time. He had to take medication for this. He had to try several medications. We assume that he has done too much acid, since he was not born with this problem.

He used to hear the voices, telling him to hurt himself or kill his family... I'm not sure what else they told him. I just remember this. He was afraid to spend the night in his own home because he thought he would hurt his mom or brother.

Anyhow, he finally found a medication that was working for him. I saw him at the grocery store about 3 weeks ago, after not seeing him for over a year.

Jason told me that he is on crank which is pretty much meth. He said his mind has been in a fog for many months... I think he was telling me this, to reach out for help, and I tried to talk to him- but the choice was his.

The funny thing was my exbestfriend got hooked on meth too, and I saw both of the, the same day, in the same store. She looked like SH!T! I also think she is the one that got him interested in meth, and he told her to meet him in the parking lot. My opinion is that he was trying to get hooked up with some of that sh!t!
waiting on
the Lord
Re: Meth and hearing voices
I know there is "meth induced psychosis" which brings hallucinations, both auditory and visual. From what I have researched over the last couple of years, these hallucinations can hang on for quite a long time after cessation of methamphetamine. They can be controlled though through mood stabilizing drugs.
I have heard that the hallucinations seem to always be very negative in content as others have said. Self harm, suicide, harming of others and paranoia. I know my daughter experienced it a couple years ago and had to be hospitalized for 6 months and than placed on mood stabilizing drugs. She always heard a male voice and the voice wasn't IN her head, it was outside when she would hear it. Pretty dark when you consider the total dynamics of methamphetamine use and the concept of spiritual warfare.
God Bless
Re: Meth and hearing voices
I heard whispers, and things.

like a TV is on in the other room.
....but it's not.

it's crazy.
Re: Meth and hearing voices
I heard voices of my family and friend's. Of people i knew from my past. people were talking to me through the t.v.. I also experienced the hearing through the vent in a motel room. I heard all my neighbor's talking about me. So i thought. But it was all in my head. It was very magnafied. Like someone was on a loud speaker. I also had voices telling me to kill myself.
Hemetchik Re: Meth and hearing voices
im with suZ...mine were whispers...noises...could never tell what they were saying...it was freaky...or running up steps...or opening of doors...

it kind of freaks me out talking about it now...
Lisa Re: Meth and hearing voices
I never heard voices - I think it's because I always slept. Lack of sleep can cause auditory hallucinations, too.

I did, however, hear music playing softly when there was none playing. And damn, if it wasn't opera, which I hate!

My girlfriend DID hear voices...bigtime. Meth finally made her so paranoid (stemming from actual events in her life - these weren't made-up "stories"), she killed herself because she thought people were "coming to get her."

It didn't matter what I said, what the doctors said, she was convinced certain people were out to kill her and her loved ones. So she beat them to it.
cirogyra Re: Meth and hearing voices
Cory told me last year that she was hearing voices. We didn't talk about it much then, except that she did add that she had heard voices BEFORE she used meth. I would really like to get Cory some counseling, where she could feel safe in discussing this and the rest of her psychiatric health.
Re: Meth and hearing voices
I alway assumed others heard it too because of their paranoid behavior but never thought about it n shared til now. I would hear my bf having sex in the next room -he wasn't- but I still believed my ears n thoughts instead of reality. He accused me of that stuff too.
...Why the fuk did we take something that make us so crazy n scared? it just sounds like hell now. No wonder recovery is so hard, no wonder I still feel wacked sometimes!
Thank God I dont have to use today.
Hemetchik Re: Meth and hearing voices
the voices in my head are not heard anymore due to my risperdayl...but I heard them too...it is nothing to be ashamed of..the only things is...my dr. believes they were there before my addiction...that is why I tried to kill myself when I was 14....

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