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In meth production, what does "bones" mean?

starr What does the term "bones" mean?
I am trying to find out what the term "bones" means in relation to meth production. I read a recent court case where this was mentioned, but they didn't say what it meant. Thank you for your help.
Re: What does the term "bones" mean?
When you manufacture the pills (sudophedrine) are soaked and then filtered to extract the ephedrine.

The "bones" are what is left of the pills that don't dissolve after the ephedrine is extracted. In other words pretty much trash.

They can be re-soaked and filtered but you really don't yield any product and if you do it is usually "nope" instead of "dope"
inkol Re: What does the term "bones" mean?

you are exactly right!!!! i used to pull more out of the bones by resoaking.


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