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Relapse Warning Signs

Relapse Warning Signs
Relapse Warning Signs

1. Am I becoming less confident in my ability to stay Clean and Sober or handle lifes problems?

2. Am I becoming over confident in my ability to stay Clean and Sober?

3. Am I taking fewer steps to stay Clean & Sober (e.g., A.A. or N.A. Meetings, calling my sponsor, reading the Big Book or Basic Text, praying)?

4. Am I taking greater risks with my Sobriety (e.g., going to bars, hanging around "old people", "old places", doing "old things")?

5. Am I becoming defensive about my drinking or using problem or my recovery program?

6. Do I refuse to talk about them or try to keep the "heat" off by focusing on other areas of my life or on other peoples drinking or using problems?

7. Am I becoming overly rigid in my everyday routines (as in becoming a "workaholic", rigidly adhering to daily routines and schedules)?

8. Am I engaging in quick thoughtless behavior or over reacting to situations?

9. Am I becoming more and more lonely?

10. Am I withdrawing from or avoiding contact with loved ones, friends and associates?

11. Am I becoming more and more depressed?

12. Do I have an "I can't do it", or "Idon't care", or "poor me" attitude?

13. Am I becoming more disorganized and confused?

14. Is it becoming more and more difficult to make and carry out "good" plans?

15. Am I engaging more and more in wishful thinking?

16. Are concentration and good planning being replaced by fantasy (If only...)?

17. Am I becoming more and more irritable and easily angered?

18. Are conflicts with family and friends becoming more and more frequent?

19. Am I becoming more and more unstructured and erratic in my daily activities?

20. Have I been developing irregular eating and sleeping patterns?

21. Do periods of frantic activity alternate with periods of idle time?

22. Am I missing more and more A.A. or N.A. meetings or counseling sessions or dropping these activities entirely because of over confidance or hopelessness?

23. Am I beginning to think about alcohol or drugs in positive terms as a "friend", a relief or escape from problems, or a source of fun and excitememnt?

24. Are urges to drink or use becoming more frequent or more difficult to resist?

25. Am I beginning to have thoughts that I might be able to drink or use again occasionally without problems?

26. Have I started attempting to drink or use occasionally without getting drunk or stoned or developing problems?

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