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Can anyone tell me about Meth withdrawal?

Can any one tell me about meth withdrawal
My ex is in jail, he was a heavy user of meth, and slamming .He got busted and sent to jail on 3/24/06 what do you know or think , he might be going through, like maybe very mean, I know him all to well, but I don't know about the withdraws.

In jail im sure they wont let him sleep it off, and there is no smoking in jail.
Re: Can any one tell me about meth withdrawal
When my husband was arrested this last time, which was Feb.2005, his withdrawal symptoms almost made me crazy. He went from being super nice, to really emotional, to really mean. His emotions were like a roller coaster and when I went and saw him or when he called home, I didn't know what I was going to get. For two or three months it was like that. It started to get better after he went to prison in June 2005, but even after a few months there, he went off the deep end. He told me that it took almost a year or longer for your brain to actually start thinking "normally" again, some it takes longer, some shorter. He has been clean, for over a year, and I know that in the last three months, there has been a significant change in his personality, etc.
Lisa Re: Can any one tell me about meth withdrawal
For some people it's a matter of sleeping for a week, being slightly depressed, and eating alot.

For me, it's hell on earth.

Everyone's different.
Re: Can any one tell me about meth withdrawal
he'll sleep every moment they let him for quite awhile.

then it's remorse, rebellion, frustration, isolation, despair, irritablity, crying,anger, screaming, despair, spirituality, despair....

....every emotion you usually bury with dope comes in full

.....that's why this place is so nutty.
Sfj Re: Can any one tell me about meth withdrawal
Slightly depressed?


Did you say slightly?
Lisa Re: Can any one tell me about meth withdrawal
I was just trying to describe withdrawal from one end of the spectrum to the other.

On one end (a "1" on the Withdrawal Scale) ya got yer person who kinda sails through withdrawal...sleeps, eats, gets depressed and upset for a week or two. I've known two people who were lucky enough to get through withdrawal that way.

On the other end of the spectrum (a "10" on the Withdrawal Scale) is me: every symptom and syndrome in the book, and then some. Long-lasting and severe.

Just wanted to paint the picture from "mildy icky" to "suicidal horror".
Re: Can any one tell me about meth withdrawal
YEAH..slightly depressed...shyt it has been almost 8 months and I still feel like crap..sugar cravings off the hook...happy one minute...totally chaos in my brain the next...

slammming..I dunno, to me...the needle you miss too.that high is hard to forget and let go...passion...comfort...I think intense therapy..medication is needed for him..if the prison or jail has it most likely not...they could care less...tell him not to eat the coffee for a rush..to stay away from all the dope that can be in jail...I dunno how long he is going to be there...sooo...

my ole man went to county and shoved pills up his butt to get some sort of respect  ...so dope is in the system...

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