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Addiction - Can it be cured?


Addiction - Can it be cured?
I was watching A&E last night. I caught the tail end of a show about addiction. They made the statement that addiction could never be cured.

People get cured of cancer and other diseases. Does this mean if you are an addict that you will never not be and addict? Even if you stop using?

I've read discussions here about addiction being disease vs. not disease. If they are using the word "cured" would that not be indicating disease?

This is probably a stupid question. I don't know, when they said that it struck me and I was wondering what your thoughts might be.
Re: Addiction - Can it be cured?
My opinion, Addiction is a disease that can not be cured, but can be managed.
Sfj Re: Addiction - Can it be cured?
The most popular and widely accepted medical opinion is that addiction is a disease and that it is permanent due to genetic pre-disposition. There are many who disagree, but they are in the minority among treatment professionals, NIDA and other reputable organizations.

But there are many conditions that can be properly treated and dealt with. Addiction can be made virually inert. It can be placed in permanent remission and never present a problem to the addict ever again. Actually, this is more common than many realize. Fewer than ten per cent of Americans have an active problem with addiction. (chemical dependency)

I am no medical expert and have very little formal training in that area, but here's an example: My wife has hypothyroidism. She takes a small amout of thyroxin everyday. She leads a perfectly normal life in all other aspects. (Ok, I won't get into a debate about defining "Normal" because she has to live with me lol)

Diabetics can live a long productive life with prper amounts of insulin. My Sister has recovered from breast cancer. The list goes on. People can learn to live healthy lives with a disease in remission - permanent remission.
Re: Addiction - Can it be cured?
I quit 6 years, and picked up where I left off.
....lost everything, came home to my parents, to a speedless town...I have'nt used in 10 or five mos.
....I'm still an addict.

I'll never be "cured" ...nether will the rest of us, without digging that part of our brain out.
Penel0pe Re: Addiction - Can it be cured?
The only cure for addiction I know of is DEATH.

Addiction can be made virually inert. It can be placed in permanent remission and never present a problem to the addict ever again.
I agree with my friend Sfj 100% here. As long as the addict doesn't pick up drugs and "Awaken the Tiger," addiction can be kept in remission for a lifetime.
ian Re: Addiction - Can it be cured?
Personally I believe it is a psychological disorder that's very maladaptive. It will start for one or several reasons and continue for a whole wide variety of completly differant reasons.

I do believe it can be treated and cured. I don't believe I'm a recovering addict. I used to be a drug addict and a lot of other things but I'm not anymore, but that's just my take on it.

Re: Addiction - Can it be cured?
As long as you don't pick up Ian.

I am an addict. While I have absolutely no desire to ever use meth ,I am an addict.
I always will be.
I can't pop a hit of speed and not fien for another.
Even though I haven't touched real speed in 20 something years.
I know this.
If I get one black beauty, one real speed pill, I will lie cheat steal for another.
I am an addict. That will never go away.
All the recovery programs in the world, all the doctors in the world will never make that go away.
ian Re: Addiction - Can it be cured?
I just disagree with that.

I think the experts are still out on this one so lets just agree to disagree until they decide?

Personally, I know that I'm not going to go march in a gay parade (no offence to anyone), I know I'm not going base jumping and I know I'm not going to use again. I know this is not a popular opinion among the experts researching this topic but some people seem to think that way.

I think it personally helps me too in my daily life, but who knows really.

Re: Addiction - Can it be cured?
i thought the best way i could answer this question is with my description of addiction.
The disease of addiction in my opinion is a cunning,decietful,destructive illness that is incurable.A disease which lives on obsession and compulsion.A disease which lives with or without the use of drugs.A disease which is determined to kill me.The disease of addiction is something that i will always live with me,but one in which i can treat......

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