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Hallucinations and Meth

amanda hallucinations and meth
hi, Im sure this has been posted and discussed before, however i wanted to get some feed back on this. My experiences with meth never kept me up for days on end. The longest i stayed up was for 24 hours, and the 6 months i was using i never hallucinated. My last binge was in november, i had slept the night before, 5 hours, that day i woke up, did my last line and went on about my day. That night, i took a few tylenol pms to try and fall asleep, but i couldnt. I lay in my bed and started seeing some very weird stuff. My ironing board started riseing off the ground, and my iron like morphed into a demon baby. I then looked over in my mirror and saw a demon in that. It freaked me out so bad i havent done meth since then. I guess what im asking, why on meth do most people tend to see evil things, and not halucinate and see like rainbows and happy things, like with acid? I am a spiritual person and thought maybe that doing this drug allowed me to see the dark side to show me what was in store for me If i continued on this path. I have never seen things like that before and I will never forget it. Any thoughts? Thanks
Re: hallucinations and meth
Even with acid, if you do it often enough and for a good amount of time, you will see the demons.

I have never done meth but I hated seeing those demons when I was trippin enough that I was not going back there.
Re: hallucinations and meth
This is gonna make me an official nut.

....I think it's the dark side of the universe showing itself to you because you have joined them.
......like it raises it's head and looks right at you.
and allows you to see with your "vampire eyes"

acid, and mushrooms allow you to glimpse the beauty of the universe on a spiritual level. (I think)
....you can't really abuse it, because you simply can't get off on it everyday.

mushrooms clear my mind.

everytime I held a bag of speed in my hand...
....even after being clean for six years.

I felt the universe hold it's breath.

Re: hallucinations and meth
I truly believe that meth is the devils drug. Like you said, you never see happy, pretty, good things- You always see evil. I think I would take that as a hint, and leave that sh!t alone.
Re: hallucinations and meth
rachel I beg to differ...I HAVE DONE alot of LSD...and not once did I see demons..ever..
Re: hallucinations and meth
I have done a lot of acid & shrooms. After steady continual use I saw demons, worse than anything I've ever seen.

Conclusion: everyone is different, every situation is different.
Re: hallucinations and meth
Hemet - I never did either!!

I dunno, I've heard stories about people seeing stuff like that but for whatever reason, I never saw anything 'evil.'

As far as taking tylenol PM, stay away from that stuff! That's more evil than anything... lol.

The craziest thing I ever saw was Mount Rushmore in the clouds at night on mushrooms. OMG, what a site it was. Hahha.
Re: hallucinations and meth
I'm glad neither of you ever had a bad trip. Not fun.

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