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Meth Bites / Skin Condition

jeninoz Meth Skin Condition - Bites?
Just wondering....when hubby was using (now 7 days clean!!), at the end of his use he got all these little "bites" come up on his skin that were REALLY itchy. He works outdoors, the doctor said they were bites but I just wonder..did anyone else get these things come up on your arms (he's an IV user).
Penel0pe Re: Meth Skin Condition - Bites?
Does the doctor know he is a meth user?
jeninoz Re: Meth Skin Condition - Bites?
Yes, but the doctor had NO idea about meth. My husband had to try and educate the doctor.

Meth is not as big here (Australia) as it is over there. There's no specific treatment programs at all. It's just really starting to make its presence known now.

I mean it's been here for a while, but the big drugs here were always heroin, coke etc.

To the layperson, if you asked them about meth (ice) they'd look at you blankly and wouldn't even know what you were referring to. That's all starting to change lately though. Finally starting to get some airplay here and danger signs are finally starting to go up.
Re: Meth Skin Condition - Bites?
i still to this day get alot of itchy sore that come up out of no where...weather that is meth related or not im not sure...i get them around my ankles and the lower part of my legs...
Re: Meth Skin Condition - Bites?
Suggest you put 'speed bumps' into a search engine and see if that checks out with your husband's symptoms.

My partner had hives all over when he was using IV. They sometimes come back now he's clean but he'd never had them before he started shooting up.

As to meth not being a problem in Oz...hmmm...maybe you haven't been paying a lot of attention for the last few years while your focus has been on the home front.

Mental health services overwhelmed and bursting at the seams by increased demand for services with speed users in psychosis. Police saying that 80% of serious crime in Oz in now speed-related. Those 20 or so gangland killings in Melbourne and Sydney all the result of a battle for control of the very lucrative amphetamine market.

So it's here alright and the authorities that deal with the end product sure know about it, but it's probably just the lapping of the wave compared to what's yet to come as all those 'recreational' and 'fucntional' users start to progress in their addiction.
Re: Meth Skin Condition - Bites?
And I used to think that the house my husband was staying at had fleas because I'd have these "bites" all over me.

I don't think they are.
Penel0pe Re: Meth Skin Condition - Bites?
Police saying that 80% of serious crime in Oz in now speed-related.
How sad. That sounds like an American statistic, which means it's probably just as bad there as it is here.

It's now officially pandemic!
Re: Meth Skin Condition - Bites?
hi, sorry this is a late reply but i have had this aswell. Im in qld and was using speed (iv). When i was about 7 days clean i had the rash you are talking about. i could not stop scratching for about 4 days and i had spots all over me..i thought i'd caught something...it was horrible but im 3 months clean and it never happened again. A friend has this also when he has not had any for a couple of days...i think it is part of withdrawls and getting gear out of your system...good luck...

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