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Suspicious of Meth lab in apartment

RSpauld Suspicious of meth lab in neighbors apartment
Recently I have had suspicions that my neighbors (downstairs in a house with 2 apartments, me above them) are "cooking"

-Smoke alarm went off in the middle of the night, i checked my apt. nothing. walked into the stairway and smelled a "burnt Drano" or some chemically like smell. Could hear people in there but lights were ALL off.
-charcoal thrown on the ground right outside their bedroom window, no grills to be seen anywhere
-all their windows are covered with blankets
-their waking hours are very random, cant make sense of any sort of schedule they have, or who lives there and who doesnt.
-not exactly "high traffic" but very odd traffic.
-hear chronic coughing all the time
-hear torch lighters clicking a lot
-heard conversations about drug use, and meth itself
-heard a conversation about a local family (i recognized a last name they mentioned) who EVERYBODY in town knows, and they are known to be a BADDD bunch, at least one I know of deals meth (confirmed)

any input?

Re: Suspicious of meth lab in neighbors apartment
It sure sounds like they are cooking down there. My sister had somebody living in her apartment building under her apartment and you could smell it and had people going in and out... You need to so something for your own safety- but be careful!
Re: Suspicious of meth lab in neighbors apartment
I'd say your hunches are right on. Your list includes many of the tale tale indicators of cooking/dealing/using.
If/when you decide to do something about it, KEEP IT ANNONYMOUS!
Don't be surprized if LE plays it off, their hands are full. I'd say send a bottle rocket thru their window if you did'nt live above them. Is a move possible for you?
It may be your most viable option.
Bear in mind this is a Bevis & Butthead lab, they're most likely spun outta their gords and you stand a good chance of inhailing deadly fumes or having the roof blown off the place. VERY common. Not to mention the related insane criminal behavior that could be directed your way.
If they don't go, you should.
Re: Suspicious of meth lab in neighbors apartment
There are annonymous #'s that you can call to report them, in the phone book. We had a neighor across the street that was dealing and cooking.

All of the neighbors called in to the DEA and we noticed unmarked vans parked and watching their place... One night they got raided. That is a very scary situation- especially living above a possible meth lab.

You never know what will happen- especially if their brains are fried on that sh!t!

Please be very careful! If you can move, move.
Sfj Re: Suspicious of meth lab in neighbors apartment


lax2 Re: Suspicious of meth lab in neighbors apartment
If it5 smells like a duck, and walks like a duck, and goes quack quack... it's a Duck...

I wouldn't want to live above someone cooking meth... thats 4 sure...
RSpauld Re: Suspicious of meth lab in neighbors apartment
I've already talked to the Police about it, they said they can check it out, and they have been scoping it out a little, getting license plates and such. I don't know much about their progress, and they are a little limited because of the fact that I don't want the neighbors to know I "narked" 'em out.

To add to the situation... There is also an apartment upstairs right next to me that the landlord doen not rent out because of its condition. Well, after doing all this research about labs... I think this room might have been heavily cooked in:

-Walls, blinds, doors, everything is caked with a orangeish color residue
-I tossed out 5 empty cans of small Coleman propane tanks
-I tossed out about 20-30 coffee cans full of a oily, brownish substance. All the cans were just crammed in all the cupboards.
-The carpets are just filthy, as well as everything else, never ever been cleaned.

Im so dumb... I should have just left all that stuff there and called the police. But at the time I didnt know anything about this stuff.
Re: Suspicious of meth lab in neighbors apartment
If I were you... I'd move.

In all reality, you'll probably have to move anyway if there's an investigation.
The whole building would likely need to be vacated for clean-up.

Honestly, it wouldn't surprise me if your landlord is already aware that the vacant apartment was previously used as a meth lab.
It would cost BIG BUCKS to get the place cleaned back up to standards after that-- easier to leave the place empty to avoid suspicion.

You don't sound dumb to me; you sound like one smart cookie!

Keep pushing.
NO ONE needs to live where a meth lab is or has been!
It's just not safe.
Re: Suspicious of meth lab in neighbors apartment

Just my opinion here but it doesnt sound much like they're cooking meth to me. It doesnt sound like they arn't so much as nothing you mention makes it sound like a lab to me.

Smoke alarms get set off sometimes... but cooking meth doesnt involve lighting anything on fire really..

And Charcole isnt used, at least not big grilling charcole.. just the little stuff like you use in filters for fish tanks an stuff.

I'm sure you're right that they're using and possibly dealing but I'm not sure there's any evidence that they're cooking. You never know but that just what it sounds like to me.
Re: Suspicious of meth lab in neighbors apartment
If you didn't speak to the police anonymously, they can be required to reveal your name to the cooks' attorneys if the cooks are arrested.

The apartment that's not being rented is toxic and I would anonymously contact a government agency, perhaps the state's health and human services to make sure it isn't rented out until it's cleaned up properly. Some child could live there and get sick.

The police may be trying to build an investigation, but meanwhile you have to live in a dangerous place. I would give them some time, but let them know that you aren't going to wait months..you will go to county/state/federal authorities if you have to.

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