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Male erection problem from meth

male erection problems from meth
My male friend has been using meth for probably over a year at least, how long will it be before he is able to have an erection again
Sfj Re: male erection problems from meth
How long til he gets free from speed?
Re: male erection problems from meth
SfJ is correct.
The meth has to go. Then it doesn't take long at all to get things back up and running.
Re: male erection problems from meth
You know, I don't know maybe never sad to say, he's supposed to go to detox in 2 days or so. that's if he goes
Re: male erection problems from meth
If he can get clean, it will return.
My husband went through that as well this last run.
It really didn't take long to feel again.

Is he going intreatment or out? His idea or yours?
We do get clean and we do recover- when we are ready to give up the meth.
Got to get where you can taste life more than the meth- or at least want to.
Re: male erection problems from meth
my fiancee' still has problems and it has been a couple of months.
Re: male erection problems from meth
Every time or just sometimes? using anything else or on any meds?
Has he checked with his doctor?

With my husband when he was using, it was an every time thing.
Really did a number on my self esteem.
Now once he got clean, it worked just fine.There may be a time or 2 when so-so but usually no problems.
Now if he is drinking, then it is numbed.If he takes any pain pils- when his hand was broken, it was numbed.
But no other than those few times, that part works fine.
He isn't on any meds btw.

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