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What are the signs of psychosis for meth addicts?

Signs of psychosis for meth addicts?
He's been hearing noises - for example last night he swore he heard a scream - he said it was scarey. He heard it twice. As far as I know he's been using since last spring-how long does it take to create permanent mental problems? When he crashes he's very nit picky about everything- it's like nothing in his world is ok and I hear about it. He's lost a lot of weight. He looks so bad. He's nice when he's high and when he crashes he sleeps for two days off and on and is just grouchy! Is it possible that someone can actually stop the addiction of meth? What are the chances? What is he up against? What kind of support should I or should I not offer  -I don't want to be enabling. Is my staying enabling him? I have so many questions and need so many answers. I have never been around drugs or experienced anything like this.
Re: Signs of psychosis for meth addicts?
There is really nothing you can do, except protect yourself at all cost. My ex-boyfriend really ran the gammit, he is/was a meth. addict for 15+ years, and before that it was Cocaine for 20+ .... when we got together, I had no knowledge of the Meth.

The only advise I can give you is this:

It will not stop, UNTIL YOU STOP IT!

I'm sorry, but that is the way it is. You didn't break it and you can't fix it.

Protect yourself at all cost.
Re: Signs of psychosis for meth addicts?
It's already happening. . .
Re: Signs of psychosis for meth addicts?
you are leaving?
.....or you are watching him become a monster, and flooding your memory with ugly, painful images and despair?

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