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Signs of Slamming Meth

Signs of Slamming Meth
I asked the question before and think i remember this being one of the answers, but don't quite understand. What are Signs of Slamming Meth? Someone had mentioned look at their hands. Ok, my addict the other day had real red knuckles. He didn't appear to have poke marks from needles, but knuckles appeared red and raw. Maybe from working on the car? If red knuckles are Signs of Slamming Meth.....why? They don't shoot up their knuckles, do they? I know may be a silly question, but I'm dumb when it comes to it. I understand the smoking and snorting.
Re: Signs of Slamming Meth
I can't remember where I read it, but I remember reading something about a meth addicts hands being red...
CMR Re: Signs of Slamming Meth

My husband smoked meth. His hands were not red but they were very dry and cracked. Of course he was also helping to cook it. So the cracked hands could have been from chemicals. He said they wore gloves though.
Re: Signs of Slamming Meth
When i was slamming i don't ever remember my knuckles being red. But it does not mean it does not happen. It effect's everyone different. I had brusing on my arm's. But somepeople inject in different areas. Like between their toes or between their finger's. My husband's old connect used to inject into the back of his thigh's. Sorry i could not be more help.
Re: Signs of Slamming Meth
red knuckles - not a sign of slamming. could be a sign of use. It has something to do with the circulation, blood pressure etc.

Can't shoot up in knuckles - has to be a vein where you are shooting. There is one in the side of your knuckle but really to little to hit.

When I was slamming I would try to anywhere I could but knuckles? No
Re: Signs of Slamming Meth
people who use sometimes have red knuckles.
people who don't use sometimes have red knuckles.
It's ridiculous to try to determine if someone is using based on this.
lily Re: Signs of Slamming Meth
My brother slams meth and has red, dry skin on his swollen knuckles and hands.

He injects into the tops of his hands sometimes, but not near his knuckles.

I also think that the dry red knuckles are not related to slamming meth but more so to circulation problems associated with meth use.

Just my opinion.
Re: Signs of Slamming Meth
yeah...agree with ruby...and you cant slam in your knuckles.
Re: Signs of Slamming Meth
I have never noticed red knuckles. Let me just say that if I did not know how he used meth I would never have know he injects it at all....Very very rare does he EVER have marks on his arms or pretty much anywhere else. I have heard that the way he moves sometimes is a sign of slamming. Kinda that swimming around look but no water. I only noticed that when he has been up to long. He does not wear long shirts or anything like that. In fact just the opposite. So I would not go by the knuckles. In fact his hands are never red....
Comtux Re: Signs of Slamming Meth
The red swollen hands could be from circulation problems my uncles hands use to swell up when he used his nerves use to also burst on his arms i think you would be able to tell if someone was slamming quicker than someone smoking it.

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