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Sweating = Sign of heavy Meth use?

Sweating a sign of meth use?
I just read something on another site that made a light come on in my head. It said profuse sweating is a sign of "heavy meth use". Is this true? My son has sweated bullets for years. Other people have even commented on how bad he sweated, especially when outside in the yard. Am I stupid or what? Can someone please answer my question? If this is true there has been a meth problem longer than I thought.
TnSkye Re: Sweating a sign of meth use?
Yes, but I wouldn't rely on that. I have never used meth yet sometimes I sweat tons too. If, when you washed his clothes, you noticed a cat urine smell, it would more than likely indicate meth use.

Re: Sweating a sign of meth use?
Thanks for your reply. I know that some people to sweat a great deal and it is normal for them. My son worked for awhile with my husband (a fantastic job that he quit because of temper tantrums) and my husband said he would be soaking wet in less than 30 minutes even when the weather was not hot. Just wondering.

lily Re: Sweating a sign of meth use?
Hi scaredma,

You havent really given us enough history to determine whether your son is sweating from meth use, but I can say that meth users often have sweaty, clammy looking skin.

My brother always looks sweaty even when he's sitting around doing absolutely nothing and he is a current user.

The only time he looks dry and fresh is right after a shower but he dosent stay that way for long.

lily Re: Sweating a sign of meth use?
Thank u scaredma, I just found your previous post.
(weight loss, pale, Meth sores on face),
I have to agree with u, it sounds like he's doing meth again.

Meth users can be brilliant liars. They will lie to suit themselves and to save their skin. After a while the lies get old, but this dosent stop them from continuing to pull the wool over our eyes.

U mentioned temper tantrums. Users can be moody, jumpy, paranoid and even aggressive.

Most heavy users cant hold down a job, but there are some who do. (how this is even possible is beyond me)

From my understanding, a user can only be committed for treatment if they are a harm to themselves or others. As far as a court order for rehab goes, Im not sure how that works in the states as I am in Australia.

But understand that forcing rehab on somebody is not the answer. Your son needs to want recovery. Does he WANT to get clean?

User friends are a huge drawback, he needs to lose them too.

Does he live with u?

You're in an extremely frustrating position, he's using meth and having the time of his life and your left watching him destroy what is left of it.

Just remember that with the good times, he's also experiencing the lowest of lows, which is often what draws the user back to the drug.

Continue to love him. Keep suggesting treatment/councelling. Users are stubborn but that stubborn wall can be broken and has been broken. The people u read about here are living proof of that.
Re: Sweating a sign of meth use?
My son does not live with me. His grandfather died and left him a nice brick home, free and clear. He has no mortgage or no rent. He lives beside his dad who pays his bills. He grips about it but he still does it. I do not and will not pay his bills, I have bills of my own. He doesn't hold down a job for long. He always finds some reason to throw a "temper tantrum and quit". I think he throws the tantrums when he is coming off the meth, myself.
He lived with me up until he was 17. He went to live with his dad because he did not like my RULES... His grandfather died about 1.5 years ago and he has been in his house since then. I don't know if he wants to quit. I really don't think his mind is functioning well enough right now to know himself. I think maybe if he went to rehab it would aleast help to clear his mind for a little while. I know he needs to lose the friends. They are bad news. He stayed away from them for awhile then went right back to them and to the meth. He has busted up the house several different times. Wrecked his truck, got a DUI, Failure to Appear, Drinking under age, Leaving the scene of an accident. This is what he is going to court for. This is when I plan to talk to the judge about rehab. By the way, I have never talked to someone in Australia before. I am from North Carolina, Little rinky dink town with one stop light.
lily Re: Sweating a sign of meth use?
I guess the advantage of having him live beside his father is that there is less likelihood of u guys losing contact with him and I see that as a good thing.

Meth can have a very strong hold on the user, and yes, as u say, his mind isnt functioning normally to be thinking about recovery.

A users main priority is usually their next fix.

Sometimes it takes the loss of alot more (be it financially, physically or emotionally) for the user to "wake up" to reality and seek help.

Have a look at this site www.crystalrecovery.com

It's full of useful links for users and their loved ones.

P.S. Nice to meet u too. And yea, meth is prominent in Australia too.
Re: Sweating a sign of meth use?
dear scaredma, since my son has been in prison i have been educating myself on meth.there are a lot of good websites on meth.just get on your search engine and type in methamphetimine and your state.one good one is www.mamasite.net.it is for moms against methamphetimines and was started by dr.holley,a local doctor here,whose brother commited suicide while on meth.she quit her practice to travel the country and educate people about this problem. she also has a couple of books out.and oh yes,my son was denieing that he had a drug problem right until he went to jail.and he has never failed a drug test!
Re: Sweating a sign of meth use?
Scaredma, first I want to thank you for your responses to my threads. Thank you for your offers of prayers. I will take those, all I can get.

Hon, I'm so sorry that we are facing what we are. I don't have any good advice for you as I'm in the same shoes. I think the best we can do is what we are doing. Seek help from the experts here and support each other with prayers, love, understanding and compassion.

In answer to your question about sweating. I can only tell you about my son. He freezes all the time. Always cold.

Take care darling.

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