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Husband uses meth occasionally

husband's meth addiction

My husband is using meth (low intensity user). He thinks he keeps it hidden from me. He is in such a good mood for days even 2 to 3 weeks. Then he gets down and out. Everything is doom and gloom.

I have two questions:
When someone is on meth, what makes them jump from the happy everything is wonderful stage to the doom and gloom? He is not actually going through a big crash and sleep stage these days.
He also acts as if he can't trust me. This makes me so mad. He is always accusing me of trying to meet someone or making plans to leave him.
Is this part using? Being paranoid?

lax2 Re: husband's meth addiction
Let me guess as to the answer of the second question first... perhaps from my own experience in my past.

2. He probably thinks you are going to leave him because he does not feel worthy of your love. Or possibly, but less likely IMO, because he may secretly think you can do much better than him. A third possibility is because he might be trying to meet someone, or secretly hopes to find a new lover. Fourth he could already be steppin out.

1. Now I think if hes out of dope he might get depressed. He might also resent you for, him having to stop the madness and try to act normal, especially when hes craving getting freaky. He also may get very down over the fact that it is so hard for him to keep his meth use under control. Staying a "low intensity-user" is for many addicts as hard as an alcoholic trying to stick to 'Just a couple". This type of use can be just as damaging cause it can go relatively unchecked for years... all the while slowly destroying the mind, body, and soul.

Please stick around and visit us in the KCI.org chatroom too. See ya round.
Re: husband's meth addiction
Yes, accusing you of being with someone else is totally part of his paranoid meth use. For some reason they start thinking you are cheating and it only gets worse.

When my BF would go through the down and out stage that was when he was coming down. Usually they sleep a lot too, but not always.

Do you know how he ingests it? Does he snort it or smoke it or inject it? That seems to make a difference as to how difficult it is to get off of.

I'm sorry you are having to deal with someone on meth. In my experience it just gets worse. Please keep reading here and learning.

Education is the key to this drug and how to handle someone on it.
Re: husband's meth addiction
YES! Paranoia is a huge part of using. Though it isn't a guaranteed sign of using. Typically the doom and gloom of using comes when the user starts coming down from their high and they need more to bring them back up. You say that he's in a good mood for days even weeks then he gets down. Well either he's hiding his coming down very well, or he's taking something to counter balance it. Usually the right combination of pills and alcohol will help a lot with coming down, unless he is simply continuing his high on meth. The gloom phase for me was typically when I'd run out and couldn't get more or when I'd try to quit. Something about the chemicals being all messed up in my brain and not having any of the good ones left. Though there were also times when I'd be half way to spun and appear to others to simply be paranoid and depressed.

Obviously I am no professional. I only know what I know from my own experiences. At any rate I hope this helps.

Re: husband's meth addiction
Hello, I am so sorry about your husband. I have found from experience with my son that if he is "high" he is happy....
If he does not have the drug then he is depressed, throws tantrums and crys and just wants to die....In the last week that I know about my son is working and doing fine...I went to take him a plate I cooked for him yesterday and low and behold who is there but one of the "drug buddies"...who knows anymore...
Re: husband's meth addiction
My husband is using meth (low intensity user)
What is your idea of low intensity?

Yes, what you described can go hand in hand with meth use.

So how are you doing? How are you today?
Or is your mind still reeling trying to adjust to the shock of it all?


Re: husband's meth addiction
my ex was a continual user, he had the cycles but the "crash for two days' thing was infrequent. Mostly he'd use all week, then stop on the weekend and be sleepy/cranky/tired/angry etc. Mine was also paranoid, he always thought I was hiding money from him somewhere and that I was cheating on him or going to cheat on him. (he was the one cheating)
Loraura Re: husband's meth addiction
Here is some info you might find helpful to understand how meth is effecting him while he is using, when he "comes down" and what is in store if he attempts any long term abstinance:

Dopamine, Methamphetamines, and You
Re: husband's meth addiction
My husband is addicted to meth too. It's a horrible thing to live with. When he's nice I know he's been using. There are also other signs, talks and talks and talks, hyper almost childlike behavior, sometimes loud and obnoxious behavior, his heart pounds like a race horse, He will stay up all night, sometimes for 2 days straight. He will want to fix things, organize or take things apart and then it stays that way for weeks. He cannot finish any projects. He also gets dry mouth and talks different. He sweats buckets in the night, sheets are soaked by morning. He will complain of intestinal problems. He looses his appetite and is constantly thirsty. Paranoia. He's lost weight. When the meth is wearing off, he sleeps A LOT. He gets MEAN. Not physically violent, but mean in his way of handling things, says mean things and I am the one with the problem, not him. When he's coming down its the WORST time for me. Sometimes I think I will break. Then he gets his fix again and it starts all over. I am so very sorry meth is touching your life. Meth HURTS!!! My advice seek counseling for yourself to help manage your anxiety and educate yourself about meth as much as you can. Understanding the addiction will help you cope. Always leave yourself a safe exit out. Keep yourself safe. Meth causes unpredictable behavior. My man is not the man I knew or married. Meth has made him different. We are here for you!

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