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What does Meth smell like?

micole What Does Meth Smell Like?
If someone is smoking meth, what does it smell like? Does the smoke linger like cigarette smoke?
Re: What Does Meth Smell Like?
It can, when the morons in my home smoked it. It smelled like a burnt sweet smell. Very noticeable, they all tried to convince me I am crazy. The crappoer the stuff the more burnt it smells.
Re: What Does Meth Smell Like?
I may be ignorant, and I'm not sure how much my ex smoked it in my house, but I never smelled anything. He was doing ice, if that makes any difference.
Re: What Does Meth Smell Like?
to me it smelt like a sweet, nasty chemical smell. He'd try to say it was probably sweat from the day or I was crazy, but I know what I smelt!
Re: What Does Meth Smell Like?
OMFG you guys..
...I don't know what you are smelling.

your speed freaks set something on fire besides the dope.

it's damn near odorless.
....it smells at best, like a shower curtin.

I've smoked in public bathrooms a million times and the issue is the lighter clicking..
....not the smell.

I've smoked in the bathroom at home...
...and someone else would walk in behind me...

and never notice anything.

it used to worry me that my drug free roomate would test positive one day.
he never smelled it.

he commented on lighter clicking, and tin foil noises ..
...never a smell.
Sfj Re: What Does Meth Smell Like?
Meth itself is odorless.

But often, there may be additional contaminants, or other crud in the mix.
Re: What Does Meth Smell Like?
I think there is a smell. There is less of a smell if it's "good" dope, though.

Good dope. Isn't that an oxymoron?? I am a moron!!
Re: What Does Meth Smell Like?
the issue is the lighter clicking......not the smell.
Exactly! It was the lighter clicking that made me open the bathroom door to check on my husband when I first caught him.

As for the smell... I've only ever smoked meth once, but I'd say 'shower curtain' is pretty darned close to what I remember.
The night I caught my husband, I didn't smell anything... and he was exhaling when I walked in.

IMO-- if the smell was really that noticeable, it wouldn't be so easy for our addicts to fool us.
Re: What Does Meth Smell Like?
It seems in my experience though that if you go to an area where meth is smoked a lot for a long time there is a smell like burnt plastic. That's how we found out a roommate was doing meth once. Get this, we were actually excited by that. But anyway. That smell is probably worse in the lower quality dope. But there was definitely a smell in the areas where it was smoked A LOT.
Re: What Does Meth Smell Like?
I never EVER smelled anything but I just saw him smoking the stuff all the time. Denied it every time too. I would see him with a pen casing hanging out of his mouth, a piece of foil in one hand and lighter underneath it. Yet, he told me how damn crazy I was all the time.

I DID smell it when he made it once though. It was acetone, and it was STRONG!

Yep, we're all crazy, at least they think we are.
micole Re: What Does Meth Smell Like?
Last Sunday, when my son came out of the BR after his shower, I smelled something when he walked by. I went into the bathroom and smelled it there also, but there was no smoke. His pupils never dilated and he never appeared anxious....can't describe the smell. What do ya think?
Re: What Does Meth Smell Like?
i always smoked ice and it didnt have a smell

thats why i started using it so heavily because i could smoke it anywhere and it had no smell...
Rancid1 Re: What Does Meth Smell Like?
The dope I smoked always had an odor to it. But the odor is so faint, and neither the smoke or the odor lingers for longer than a minute or two after smoking. You would only notice the odor if you walked in on someone smoking, or if they were having a party with a LOT of dope smoking goin on.

My parents still use, right across the hall from me. And I NEVER smell it unless I walk in on them moments after they were smoking.
Re: What Does Meth Smell Like?
I agree with forget suzette. I never had any problem's with someone smelling it. I also smoked in public bathroom's. We used to go to the single bathroom's at gas station's. I always wondered if the person that went in after us felt anything. Sometimes 3 or 4 of us would all come out of the bathroom together. Like we were not obvious. When i was able to I would use a lit candle to take care of the flicking lighter. I used to hold the button down on the lighter and then put the lighter to the candle.
Re: What Does Meth Smell Like?
OK, unless he was smoking some rank stuff, what else could leave a nasty smell on him? It was a sick sick smell.....kinda sweet, kinda chemical, kinda stomache turning......
Re: What Does Meth Smell Like?
I could tell a difference in the way my husband smelled when he was using. But the again I was pregnant and pregnant women smell is alot more sensitive.
Re: What Does Meth Smell Like?
I guess I was always used to having an average of 12 people smoking in the place I typically smoked a day, so there was very high traffic. I lived in I guess what you would call a tweaker pad. We had cops always watching the house, several various roommates who sold the @#%$, and those who didn't live there it seemed they lived there cause they always came over to sell, smoke, and eventually sleep.
micole Re: What Does Meth Smell Like?
blueeyez, it was sort of like a metallic smell.......
Re: What Does Meth Smell Like?
yeah, kind of metallic.....sick!
micole Re: What Does Meth Smell Like?

Wouldn't his pupils have been dilated if it was meth??? Please help, I'm trying to let it go, but I can't!

Re: What Does Meth Smell Like?
I sat within two chairs away from my husband and the girl smoking it. I never did smell anything and I don't even smoke cigs. But dang his breath %$@@$%#$ foul.

As far as his pupils changing, yes they were huge. But then again it could have been something else he did.
TnSkye Re: What Does Meth Smell Like?
micole, my husband's eyes did not always dilate when he was using.

Another thing about the smell, when I would wash clothes, I had the water running and would stick his clothes in. I would always be hit with a terrible smell. It was like cat urine and ammonia.
Re: What Does Meth Smell Like?
I used to smoke in the bathroom at work (alot) and I agree it didnt have a smell, and the smoke dissipates very quickly. And I agree with one of the previous posts that thinking about it causes cravings. I've been clean now for 10 months, does the cravings ever go away??

What does meth smell like when it is smoked?

Is there a smell when you use Meth?

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